15 Memorable Quotes from Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown Christmas was released in 1965. It is an animated movie based on the Peanuts comic strip written by Charles M. Schultz. The movie was produced by Lee Mendelson. It’s a classic movie that has aired annually in the United States every December for many decades as it is a big family favorite with children and adults alike.

The movie focuses on Charlie Brown who is sad during the holiday season and needs to be cheered up. Charlie never gets what he wants for Christmas so he goes to see Lucy at her psychiatric booth and talks to her about what’s bothering him. Lucy can relate to his problem because she doesn’t get what she wants either. She gives him some unexpected advice and suggests he direct the Christmas play.

Charlie Brown takes Lucy’s advice and directs the play but it doesn’t go the way he hopes and the cast make fun of his direction. Charlie things he won’t be able to make the play work and the cast changes the play by making it more modern, including adding dancing and music to the play. Charlie Brown wants an authentic Christmas tree to set the mood for the play. Lucy sends Charlie and Linus to get an aluminum tree, and Charlie finds a different tree that he wants to use for the play. Linus questions his choice, but thinks they can make the tree work. When they bring the tree back, Lucy and the rest of the cast make fun of the tree.

Charlie’s even more discouraged and questioned what Christmas is really about. Linus tells him the true meaning of Christmas. After their conversation, Charlie takes the tree home to decorate it. He wants to prove it can work for the play. He gets discouraged when he decorates the tree and it messes up. The kids in the play who heard Linus’ true meaning of Christmas realize they gave Charlie a hard time. They all decide to fix Charlie’s tree. When Charlie sees it he’s ready to celebrate Christmas.

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Charlie Brown Christmas Quotes

Here are some quotes from Charlie Brown Christmas.

1. “Sally: Where have you been? I have been looking all over for you. Can you do me a favor? Can you write a letter to Santa Claus?

Charlie: I can’t do it right now because I don’t have any time. I’m supposed to be at school and direct the Christmas play.

Sally: You write the letter and I’ll tell you what to put in it.

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Charlie: Okay I can do that. I’m ready.

Sally: How are you Santa? How was your summer? How is your wife doing? I wanted you to know that I have been a good girl this year so I have a lot of things I want for Christmas.

Charlie: Good grief.

Sally: I want you to pay attention to the details of everything I want. Please send as much as you can. If it’s too hard for you, I have a solution for you. You can give me money. You can give me ten dollar bills or twenty dollar bills.

Charlie: Ten dollar bills and twenty dollar bills? Even my sister doesn’t appreciate Christmas.

Sally: I just want the things I deserve to get.”

2. “Lucy: I know you think I look good. Right Charlie? You didn’t answer my question. You needed to stop to think about your answer? If you thought I was beautiful, you would have told me right away. You don’t think I know when I’m being insulted?

Charlie: Oh brother.”

3. “Schroeder: This is what I came up with for the play.

Lucy: What kind of music is this?

Schroeder: It’s classical music.

Lucy: How does classical music fit in with Christmas? People say classical music is good, but I don’t think it’s that good.

Schroeder: Are you trying to say classical music isn’t that good?

Lucy: You will never see someone like Beethoven’s picture on bubble gum cards would you? Have you ever seen his picture on one? How can you think they’re good if their faces have never been on a bubble gum card?

Schroeder: Give me a break.”

4. “Charlie: I appreciate you giving me a card, Violet.

Violet: I didn’t get you a card.

Charlie: Couldn’t you tell I was being sarcastic?”

5. “Charlie: It looks like I shouldn’t have picked this tree after all. No matter what I do it ends in failure. I guess I know nothing about Christmas. Can anyone tell me what Christmas means?

Linus: I can tell you what Christmas means. Can someone turn on the lights? Shepherds were keeping watch over their flock at night. An angel showed up and the Lord’s light shined around them. They were scared, but the angel told them not to be afraid. The angel told the shepherds that he brought them joy that’s for everyone.”

6. “Lucy: I understand how you feel about Christmas. I could see why you get depressed. I feel that way all of the time. I never get the things I want for Christmas. I get the same things every year.

Charlie: What do you want for Christmas?

Lucy: I want real estate for Christmas.”

7. “Lucy: You need to get rid of the blanket and make sure you know your lines.

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Linus: I’m not going to be able to memorize all of this. This is crazy.

Lucy: You better know your lines and be able to say them when you’re supposed to say them.

Linus: I told you I can’t learn these lines that fast. I shouldn’t have to go through this pain. Why should I have to memorize this?

Lucy: I will tell you five reasons why you need to remember it.

Linus: You gave me some good reasons. Christmas is getting dangerous.

Lucy: I told you to lose the blanket. How are you going to look being a Christmas shepherd holding a blanket?

Linus: Well this shepherd will be keeping his blanket. You wouldn’t be willing to hurt a shepherd would you?”

8. “I always end up being stuck playing a shepherd every Christmas.” – by Shermy

9. “Lucy: What are you going to do with that blanket when you’re a grown up?

Linus: I will turn it into a sports jacket.”

10. “Patty: You should try catching snow on your tongue. It’s a fun thing to do.

Linus: It could use some sugar.

Lucy: I don’t eat snowflakes in December. I usually eat them in January.

Linus: They look ready to me.”

11. “Charlie: Why don’t we get started on the scene.

Frieda: I refuse to do it. There is too much dust in here. It will destroy my curly hair.

Charlie: Try not to think of it as dust. Think of it as soil from the past.

Pig Pen: I guess you wish you treated me better now, huh?

Frieda: You are so disgusting. Have you ever looked at yourself?

Pig Pen: I didn’t realize how good I looked.”

12. “It’s dead. I ruined everything.” – by Charlie

13. “Violet: You are really stupid, Charlie.

Patty: Is that supposed to be a tree?

Lucy: I told you to get a good tree. Can’t you tell the difference between a good tree and a bad tree?

Violet: I told you he was going to mess it up. He isn’t exactly someone you can rely on to get something right.

Patty: You’re a waste Charlie Brown.

Frieda: You are useless.

Lucy: You’ve messed up before, but you’ve really messed up this time.”

14. “Charlie: I think I have a problem, Linus. Christmas will be here and I’m depressed. I’m not feeling the way I should be feeling. I guess I don’t understand Christmas. I love getting gifts and sending out cards and decorating, but I’m still sad. I end up being depressed.

Linus: Only you can turn Christmas into a problem. Lucy might be right about you. You are such a downer.”

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15. “Charlie: My problem is with Christmas. I don’t get it. I know I’m supposed to be happy, but I feel depressed.

Lucy: You need to do something. You need to do a Christmas project. Why don’t you direct our Christmas play?

Charlie: You want me to direct the Christmas play?”

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Charlie Brown Summary

Charlie Brown Christmas is a classic American TV show that airs every December. It has become an American classic that kids and children and families look forward too. Originally it was written over several weeks with a small budget and kids were hired to do the voices of the characters.

The movie has a nostalgic and inspirational feel to it. It teaches you to never give up no matter what happens. The kids made fun of Charlie Brown, but he refused to give up and he becomes determined to make Christmas work despite being depressed about it. He forgot about his need for good gifts and wanted to focus on making the play work. It’s a movie for fans of all ages and you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this film. The movie received high ratings and good reviews and won several awards over the years. This movie paved the way for other Charlie Brown specials and movies. It also inspired other holiday themed Charlie Brown movies too.

Most of the movies continue to air every year. The quotes from this movie can help you relive the magic of Charlie Brown Christmas. They will remind you about the true meaning of the Christmas holiday. The quotes will also remind you not to give up no matter how bad things may look. Things can always get better. The movie may be targeted towards kids, but the quotes can be helpful for anyone regardless of your age. They will also put a smile on your face.

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