23 of the Most Inspirational David Goggins Quotes

David Goggins was born on February 17, 1975. He is a very famous motivational speaker and inspirational icon to many around the world. He served in the Iraq war and is a retired United States Navy SEAL and former United States Air Force Tactical Control member.  His memoir, Can’t Hurt Me, was published in 2018.

David is the only member of the U.S. Armed forces to complete Navy SEAL training (including two “hell weeks”), the U.S. Army Ranger School (graduated as Enlisted Honor Man) and Air Force Tactical Air Control training.

Mr. Goggins is currently a motivational speaker and author and he consults with a wide range of public and private companies.

David Goggins Quotes

David  is famous for his inspirational quotes and fierce, hard core inspiring attitude.  If you want to kick-ass and win the day, these quotes are for you!

1. As humans, we’re reading books every day to try to figure out how to be someone else. What we don’t do is go inside, turn ourselves inside out, and read our own story. You have to look inside to find out what you really want.

2. Most of this generation quits the second they get talked to. It’s so easy to be great nowadays because most people are just weak; if you have any mental toughness, any fraction of self-discipline – the ability to not want to do it, but still do it – you’ll be successful.

3. The biggest thing is to stop thinking you deserve anything. You, me, or anyone else doesn’t deserve sh*t! So whenever you think you deserve a day off “just because”…rethink that sh*t! It’s that kind of attitude that makes you like most people.

4. Be true to whoever or whatever you are and wear it like a badge of honor. Fit in with one person and one person only: yourself.

5. On bad days it’s important to get your nose out of the problem! What does that mean? It means you can’t get a clear view of the problem if you are living in it. Pull yourself away from the problem and you will see how different the problem looks.

6. Get over whatever is stopping you from being your best self! Rather than use the obstacles and setbacks in your life as excuses, use them as the catalyst to get better and go further in life.

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7. We all need small sparks, small accomplishments in our lives to fuel the big ones. Think of your small accomplishments as kindling. When you want a bonfire, you don’t start by lighting a big log. You collect some witch’s hair—a small pile of hay or some dry, dead grass. You light that, and then add small sticks and bigger sticks before you feed your tree stump into the blaze. Because it’s the small sparks, which start small fires, that eventually build enough heat to burn the whole f*cking forest down.

8. From then on, I brainwashed myself into craving discomfort. If it was raining, I would go run. Whenever it started snowing, my mind would say, Get your f*cking running shoes on. Sometimes I wussed out and had to deal with it at the Accountability Mirror. But facing that mirror, facing myself, motivated me to fight through uncomfortable experiences, and, as a result, I became tougher. And being tough and resilient helped me meet my goals.

9. The reason it’s important to push hardest when you want to quit the most is because it helps you callous your mind. It’s the same reason why you have to do your best work when you are the least motivated. That’s why I loved PT in BUD/S and why I still love it today. Physical challenges strengthen my mind so I’m ready for whatever life throws at me, and it will do the same for you.

10. I don’t stop when I’m tired. I stop when I’m done.

11. The most important conversations you’ll ever have are the ones you’ll have with yourself. You wake up with them, you walk around with them, you go to bed with them, and eventually you act on them. Whether they be good or bad. We are all our own worst haters and doubters because self-doubt is a natural reaction to any bold attempt to change your life for the better. You can’t stop it from blooming in your brain, but you can neutralize it, and all the other external chatter by asking, What if?

12. We all waste so much time doing meaningless bullsh*t. We burn hours on social media and watching television, which by the end of the year would add up to entire days and weeks if you tabulated time like you do your taxes. You should, because if you knew the truth you’d deactivate your Facebook account STAT, and cut your cable. When you find yourself having frivolous conversations or becoming ensnared in activities that don’t better you in any way, move the f*ck on!

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13. Anyone who is of sound mind and body can sit down and think of twenty things in their life that could have gone differently. Where maybe they didn’t get a fair shake and where they took the path of least resistance. If you’re one of the few who acknowledge that, want to callous those wounds, and strengthen your character, its up to you to go back through your past and make peace with yourself by facing those incidents and all of your negative influences, and accepting them as weak spots in your own character. Only when you identify and accept your weaknesses will you finally stop running from your past. Then those incidents can be used more efficiently as fuel to become better and grow stronger.

14. Pain unlocks a secret doorway in the mind, one that leads to both peak performance, and beautiful silence.

15. We’re either getting better, or we’re getting worse.

16. We live in a world with a lot of insecure, jealous people. Some of them are our best friends. They are blood relatives. Failure terrifies them. So does our success. Because when we transcend what we once thought possible, push our limits, and become more, our light reflects off all the walls they’ve built up around them. Your light enables them to see the contours of their own prison, their own self-limitations. But if they are truly the great people you always believed them to be, their jealousy will evolve, and soon their imagination might hop its fence, and it will be their turn to change for the better.

17. Our culture has become hooked on the quick-fix, the life hack, efficiency. Everyone is on the hunt for that simple action algorithm that nets maximum profit with the least amount of effort. There’s no denying this attitude may get you some of the trappings of success, if you’re lucky, but it will not lead to a calloused mind or self-mastery. If you want to master the mind and remove your governor, you’ll have to become addicted to hard work. Because passion and obsession, even talent, are only useful tools if you have the work ethic to back them up.

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18. Everything in life is a mind game! Whenever we get swept under by life’s dramas, large and small, we are forgetting that no matter how bad the pain gets, no matter how harrowing the torture, all bad things end.

19. By the time I graduated, I knew that the confidence I’d managed to develop didn’t come from a perfect family or God-given talent. It came from personal accountability which brought me self-respect, and self-respect will always light a way forward.

20. Always be willing to embrace ignorance and become the dumb f*ck in the classroom again, because that is the only way to expand your body of knowledge and body of work. It’s the only way to expand your mind.

22. Every morning in our lives, we have a choice to make. You have the choice to stay in bed and say ‘Forget it, I’m not going to work out today.’ or ‘Forget it, I’m not going to work hard today.’ That’s your choice that you make every single day of your life. Make the right decision.

23. We like to live our lives on social media with lies about ourselves about how great we are. Get to the source! Fix the problem.

David Goggins Video – “The Most Eye Opening 10 Minutes of Your Life!”

Want to know why David Goggins is considered by many to be the “toughest man alive?” – watch this video for a fascinating profile.


David Goggins quotes is a beast of human being and a very wise individual. He is very intense and embodies the hard core, get-it-done military mindset.

If you need inspiration, his great quotes indicate that you can pursue and achieve anything you want in life.

Image Credit: U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Dominique Lasco / Public domain

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