Top Derek Jeter Quotes for Every Dedicated Baseball Fan

Derek Jeter is one of the most iconic baseball players of all time. He played for the New York Yankees from the late 1990s to the early 2010s and was famous for leading the team to victory in the World Series in 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2009.

Derek helped the team beat the Atlanta Braves and even became Rookie of the Year in the tournament. He had a Hall of Fame career and gained widespread popularity for his captaincy in 2003. He was named ‘The Captain’ for his stellar leadership skills and was ranked sixth with 3,645 hits in MLB history upon retirement.

After his retirement in 2014, he moved on to launch a website called The Player’s Tribune and invested in becoming a co-owner of the Miami Marlins. He has a true athlete’s spirit and excellent business acumen, so it is no surprise that Derek Jeter is the first baseball player to own a baseball team.

To help you learn more about the superstar baseball player, we have compiled a list of some of the best Derek Jeter quotes.

Here Are Some of the Wisest Derek Jeter Quotes about Baseball, Life, and Business

1. “You have to assume that everything you do is public knowledge. Everything. Because now everyone is a reporter. Everyone is a photographer.” – Derek Jeter

2. “This is why you play—to get an opportunity to play in the playoffs.” – Derek Jeter

3. “My heroes, my dreams, and my future lay in Yankee Stadium. And they can’t take that away from me.” – Derek Jeter

4. “God, I hope I wear this jersey forever.” – Derek Jeter

5. “The number one priority is playing baseball. There are so many people in New York trying to get you to do this and get you to do that, which is fine, but you have to take care of yourself.” – Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter Quotes on Baseball

6. “I’m a New Yorker now, and believe me; there’s no comparison between the Big Apple and Kalamazoo, no similarity at all. New York City’s hectic, always in fast-forward, and Kalamazoo’s more laid-back, smaller, slower.” – Derek Jeter

7. “I always appreciated the ex-players. Being a Yankee, you get spoiled. Old-Timers Day, all these guys coming back, spring training, being around them, you get a chance to get to know them. So I always think you learn a lot by listening.” – Derek Jeter

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8. “I’ve never been an actor on Broadway, but it feels like you’re on a stage when you play at Yankee Stadium. And that’s the feeling I’ve always had.” – Derek Jeter

9. “I attribute much of my success in New York to my ability to understand and avoid unnecessary distractions.” – Derek Jeter

10. “I remember going from rookie ball to A, to double-A, then to triple-A. At every level, it seemed like the game was faster. The bigger the situation, the more the game speeds up. That’s all mental. It messes people up.” – Derek Jeter

11. “The draft is a crapshoot, so I’ve been very fortunate to be drafted by the Yankees and to have spent my whole career here.” – Derek Jeter

12. “Any player that says they don’t want to go to an All-Star Game is lying to you. It’s something everyone wants to be a part of.” – Derek Jeter

13. “You gotta have fun. Regardless of how you look at it, we’re playing a game. It’s a business, it’s our job, but I don’t think you can do well unless you’re having fun.” – Derek Jeter

14. “I’ve always been very cautious with what I do. You know, that started at a young age. I always had the approach or the mentality that I never wanted to embarrass my parents.” – Derek Jeter

15. “You know what I want to do? Wake up one weekend and not have to go anywhere and do nothing.” – Derek Jeter

16. “If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else believe in you? We can be our own best friends or our own worst enemies. I have always vowed to be my own best friend by exhibiting a positive attitude.” – Derek Jeter

17. “That’s how you win—pitching and defense.” – Derek Jeter

18. “I think when things linger, that’s when they become a distraction. I don’t want any distractions.” – Derek Jeter

19. “I try to stay as private as possible; I know that’s difficult, especially playing here in New York, but I will make an attempt at it.” – Derek Jeter

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20. “I try to sign for as many kids as possible. Kids come first, and I’ll always sign for a kid before an adult. It’s funny because I was never big into autographs as a kid. The only player who I ever wanted an autograph from was Dave Winfield.” – Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter quotes

21. “You can’t be sensitive because you’re going to get criticized. I don’t care who you are; you’re going to get criticized.” – Derek Jeter

22. “Leadership is more about what you do, not what you say.” – Derek Jeter

23. “I’ve always had an interest in business, and my interest in business has really expanded over the years.” – Derek Jeter

24. “There’s feelings there, but I think I’ve just been pretty good at trying to hide my emotions throughout the years. I try to have the same demeanor each and every day.” – Derek Jeter

25. “For me, when I was a kid, volunteering was the last thing I was thinking about. When I see kids doing it now, it amazes me. It’s very impressive; it gives them something productive to do as opposed to getting in trouble. For them to take time out at such a young age is remarkable. I think all kids should take a little time out to volunteer.” – Derek Jeter

26. “I’ve always been very aware of what I’m saying, but I’m also aware of what you’re saying. I always want to make sure that my point is clear.” – Derek Jeter

27. “I think there’s something wrong with me—I like to win in everything I do, regardless of what it is.” – Derek Jeter

28. “I always take criticism as a challenge. It’s the way I’ve always looked at it.” – Derek Jeter

29. “Through time, you learn from your experiences. I think I’ve learned to deal with people a little bit better over time. That, in particular, has developed a little bit.” – Derek Jeter

30. “The longer you wait to decide what you want to do, the more time you’re wasting. It’s up to you to want something so badly that your passion shows through in your actions. Your actions, not your words, will do the shouting for you.” – Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter quotes about baseball

31. “It’s never over. You don’t want to be in the position to be down four runs in the ninth inning, but it’s not over until the last out.” – Derek Jeter

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32. “You’re playing a game, whether it’s Little League or Game 7 of the World Series. It’s impossible to do well unless you’re having a good time. People talk about pressure. Yeah, there’s pressure. But I just look at it as fun.” – Derek Jeter

33. “I wish I trusted people more. But when I meet someone, the first thing is, ‘What does this person want?’ And I put up a defense mechanism. But I’ve always been that way.” – Derek Jeter

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Derek Jeter is one of the most famous baseball players from the New York Yankees. He debuted in 1996 and went on to win the World Series in that year and in 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2009. He is admired by baseball fans and is widely known for his competitive and hardworking spirit. Derek Jeter’s achievements during his baseball career and after his retirement can easily be attributed to his excellent work ethic and talent. If you would like to read more inspirational sports-related quotes, click on any of the following links.

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