Marilyn Manson’s 48 Most Outrageous Quotes

Marilyn Manson was born on January 5, 1969. His real name is Brian Hugh Warner. He created his stage name in an unusual way – by combining two very different public figures to create his stage name. His name is derived from Marilyn Monroe and the killer Charles Manson. Marilyn Manson is a man of many talents – he’s a singer, songwriter, composer, author, painter and actor. Overall, he is considered to be one of the most controversial people in the music business.

In the late 80s, he started the band Manson. Several years after the band started, they released their debut album called Portrait Of An American Family. Manson is also known for his strange antics onstage. The things he did onstage made him a controversial singer in the business. At one time, he confessed to being a terrible influence on children.

His biggest hits with his band were called “Mechanical Animals” and “Antichrist Superstar.” The band has platinum and gold albums and two number one albums. They also have eight albums that debuted in the top 10 on Billboard. Mansion ranked 44 out of 100 heavy metal vocalists. He also acted in movies. His most famous role is in the movie The Lost Highway in 1997. He unveiled his artwork in 2010. Manson painted 20 paintings with director David Lynch.

Marilyn Manson has had quite a love life as well. He was once engaged to actress Rose McGowan in 1999-2001. He dated a model named Dita Von Tease in 2001 and later proposed to her in 2004. They married later that year, but were divorced by 2006. The singer dated actress Evan Rachel Wood in 2007 and they dated for several years. He proposed to her in 2010 and they broke up later that year.

Marilyn Manson Quotes

He has a lot of rebellious, outrageous and interesting quotes that he has said over the years.

1. “To find out who your real friends are, let them know that you are in trouble. The first friends who bail on you weren’t your friends in the first place.”

2. “Times haven’t changed. There are just more people around to see stuff happening.”

3. “I don’t want people copying me. I want you to be yourself and do something with your life.”

4. “We live in a world where people love to play the victim role. It’s so much easier to be a victim than it is to stand up for yourself.”

5. “The names I chose for my name aren’t their real names. I’m making it my real name. If you don’t like the truth, just find the best lie that you like.”

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6. “I suffer from attitude poisoning. I believe it’s because of the things I hate.”

7. “A lot of problems could be avoided if people stopped biting their tongues and said what they felt.”

8. “When you get everything you want, your dreams may suffer.”

9. “No matter how many drugs you take, you can’t save yourself.”

10. “Face your fears. As soon as you do that, they won’t frighten you.”

11. “A bad relationship is like a broken lamp. No matter how many times you try to fix it, it will never get back together.”

12. “When someone was willing to suffer with me, I didn’t want to suffer anymore.”

13. “The reason why you are depressed about something is because you’re not where you want to be in life.”

14. “People usually judge people who are different by assuming they are into something illegal or immoral.”

15. “It’s hard to get to know people because I know they are going to abandon me.”

16. “Love and hate can go hand and hand. Unfortunately, it can be easier to hate people you love than someone you never really cared about in the first place.”

17. “My pain and agony have no problem returning to me whether I want them or not.”

18. “I’m proud of my success because I feel like I made a difference to someone. It didn’t matter if it caused people to have bad dreams or a lifetime a therapy. I made a difference.”

19. “I love and hate at the same time. It’s not easy to hate everything and be loving at the same time.”

20. “It’s idealistic to believe you can make a difference when all you can really do is fix yourself.”

21. “If you want to make something people will appreciate, you need to listen to the people in order to create it.”

22. “People don’t want to be leaders. It’s easier to be a follower than a leader.”

23. “I ask myself this question all of the time. Do I believe I’m a man who is a saint or am I a saint who is a man?”

24. “Producers assume fans are too stupid to figure out what is funny on their shows so they have to add laughter to their scenes in order to let us know what’s funny. They believe we’re too stupid to figure it out.”

25. “Be mindful of the way you are raising your kids because your actions may backfire.”

26. “Having an active imagination is a precious gift. Try not to lose it. Don’t lose the innocence inside of you.”

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27. “No matter what anyone says, you are beautiful.”

28. “If you carry yourself as if you’re famous, people will treat you as if you are.”

29. “Deciding between what’s good and evil is the most important way to shape our personality.”

30. “Anyone who I have used in the past should be grateful I used them at all. It’s a better feeling than being useless to someone.”

31. “If you don’t fear dying, what’s the point of living?”

32. “Some people wear their morals like a badge of honor because it makes them feel good. People have no problem talking about their beliefs, but they are afraid to live up to their beliefs.”

33. “People have good and evil sides. They go hand and hand with each other.”

34. “A journal isn’t just for your own viewing. It’s like a secret you want to keep to yourself, but you have to tell someone.”

35. “The police scare me because even when I’m not committing a crime, I have thoughts about committing a crime.”

36. “Books are good weapons because you can hit someone with them.”

37. “People don’t confess to things just to do it. They want something in return. They want to be told they are doing the right thing.”

38. “In stories, the bad guys are the reason why things go wrong. The good guys won’t be the people who break the rules or fall from grace. They go out of their way to act one way. The bad guys are the people who will admit what they have done wrong and own it.”

39. “To admit you want to start your life over, you need to admit you weren’t where you wanted to be in the first place. You lowered yourself to get to where you were.”

40. “Man is defined by all of the deadly sins. They can have greed, hate, and lust inside of them. You need to know how to control all of these emotions. If someone makes you feel bad for living your life, you’re going to be stuck in a world you can’t get out of.”

41. “The good guy is never the true focus of the story.”

42. “You don’t have anything if you lose the person you are.”

43. “Always be willing to learn new things because they always teach you something.”

44. “People have trouble being original. They would rather be told what they should like, buy, and find funny.”

45. “When people have hate in their hearts, they are really hating themselves.”

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46. “In reality, people should choose to curse instead of hurting somebody.”

47. “In life, entertainment is the only thing that will make you feel like other people can relate to you.”

48. “Not only do I love the people I know, I focus on what strangers think of me and I want them to understand me to a certain extent. I don’t live my based on how others feel about me, but I do care what they think.”

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Marilyn Manson Video – “The Beautiful People”

This is one of the songs that brought Manson to global fame. As of the time of this writing, this video has over 190 Million views! This song was a huge hit in 1999. It was shocking for its lyrics, its imagery and its use of quasi-political imagery to cause intense negative emotions.

Let’s be honest – a lot of people HATE Marilyn Manson, especially parents. Watch this video to understand why.


Marilyn Manson is a very controversial and eccentric artist who has had quite a few interesting quotes over the years. He is no stranger to controversy and isn’t ashamed to admit it. He holds no punches when it concerns what he has to say about life as well as anything. His fans know how he is blunt about his life and not afraid to be different and speak his mind. These quotes will be helpful for people who want to speak their minds, but don’t know how to put their feelings into words.

Marilyn’s  fans know the types of things he wants to say in order to express himself. He has a different way of thinking, but his thoughts can be very deep and inspirational. Don’t let his persona fool you, he is much deeper than he appears. People who aren’t familiar with the things he has said over the years can be inspired, sometimes in a negative way,  by some of his quotes.

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