The Most Delightful Mary Poppins Quotes

Mary Poppins is a much loved classic movie that is essential viewing for every family. Children and parents alike love the movie. And who doesn’t wish they had Mary Poppins as their babysitter while growing up?

The life portrayed in the movie is so much fun and brings back the joys of a lighter era.  Julie Andrews, as Mary Poppins, is an angelic baby sitter who can lighten the mood and sing amazing and fun songs.

Mary Poppins is full of beautiful lessons about life, friendship, family, and love.

Mary Poppins Quotes

1. “Everything is possible, even the impossible.” – Mary Poppins

This is perhaps the most memorable and inspiring quote from the movie. It sums up Mary Poppin’s inspiring mindset. She is telling us that we can believe in miracles. And who doesn’t find that inspirational!

Mary Poppins Movie Quotes

2. “Nothing. Such a useful word, isn’t it? It can mean anything and everything.” – Mary Poppins

This is another truism from Mary – how can you argue with this? Nothing is a word that can be empty or full of meaning. It’s another good example of how she can say things that seem simple for the children watching the movie, but the adults also watch might discover a deeper meaning.

3. “We’re on the brink of adventure, children. Don’t spoil it with questions.” – Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is polite and firm in telling the children to just basically enjoy the adventure and not over think things in this quote.

4. “Head up and feet beneath you.” – Mary Poppins

In this scene, Mary is actually speaking directly to the youngest Banks child, Georgie. She means it literally, but she is also telling us not to stumble over our own feet by over thinking things. When you need to feel more focused or grounded, just remember this quote!

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5. “A cover is not the book. So open it up and take a look.” – Mary Poppins

6. “After all, you can’t lose what you never lost.” – Mary Poppins

7. “Let the past take a bow. The forever is now.” – Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins Musical at New Amsterdam Theater in NYC

8. “Nothing is gone forever, only out of place.” – Mary Poppins

9. “Nothing. Such a useful word, isn’t it? It can mean anything and everything.”

10. “The man said, ‘I’d like to replace your cat.’ And the lady said, ‘That’s all right with me, but how are you with catching mice?’” – Mary Poppins

11. “There’s a different point of view awaiting you if you just look up.” – Mary Poppins

12.“There’s nowhere to go, but up.” – Mary Poppins

13. “There’s the whole world at your feet. And who gets to see it but the birds, the stars, and the chimney sweeps.” – Mary Poppins

14. “Today or never. That’s my motto.” – Mary Poppin

15. “Why complicate things that are really quite simple?” – Mary Poppins

16.  “Winds in the east, mist coming in. Like somethin’ is brewin’ and about to begin. Can’t put my finger on what lies in store, but I fear what’s to happen all happened before.” – Mary Poppins

17. “A cover is not the book. So, open it up and take a look.” – Mary Poppins

18. “After all, you can’t lose what you never lost.” – Mary Poppins

19. “Close your mouth please, Michael. We are not a codfish.” – Mary Poppins

20. “For when you dream, you’ll find all that’s lost, is found.” – Mary Poppins

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21.  “What do you get when you feed the birds? Fat birds.” – Mary Poppins

22. “When the world turns upside down, the best thing to do is turn right along with it.” – Mary Poppins

23.  “With your feet on the ground you’re a bird in flight with your fist holding tight to the string of your kite.” – Mary Poppins

24. “You know, you can say it backwards, which is docious-ali-expi-istic-fragil-cali-rupus, but that’s going a bit too far, don’t you think?” – Mary Poppins

25. Bert/Mr. Dawes Sr.: Winds in the east, there’s a mist coming in, like something is brewing, about to begin.

26. “Practically perfect in every way.” – Mary Poppins

27. “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.” – Mary Poppins

28. “Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious!”– Mary Poppins

29. “Just a spoon-ful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” –Mary Poppins (Be sure to watch the video of the whole song below!)

30. “You’re too focused on where you’ve been to pay attention to where you’re going.” – Mary Poppins

31. “Chim Chiminy, Chim Chiminy, Chim Chim Chiree! When you’re with a ‘sweep, you’re in glad company.” – Mary Poppins

32. “Everything is possible, even the impossible.” – Mary Poppins

33. “If you invest your tuppence wisely in the bank, safe and sound, soon that tuppence, safely invested in the bank, will compound!” – Mary Poppins

34. “If you won’t scold and dominate us, we will never give you cause to hate us. We won’t hide your spectacles so you can’t see, put toads in your bed, or pepper in your tea.” – Mary Poppins

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35.  “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.” – Mary Poppins

36. “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” – Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins - Spoonful of Sugar Movie Quotes

37. “People who get their feet wet must learn to take their medicine.” – Mary Poppins

38. “Practically perfect people never permit sentiment to muddle their thinking.” – Mary Poppins

39. “Sacked? Certainly not. I am never sacked!” – Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins Video – A Spoonful of Sugar

In this clip from 1964, Julie Andrews plays Mary Poppins. She is trying to inspire the two children she is looking after to clean their room. Her song is to inspire them that even a challenging task can be fun when done with the right attitude. This is a classic song from the movie that everyone will remember.


Mary Poppins is a delightful movie that appeals to kids and adults alike.

Which quote is your favorite?

Image Credit: Trailer screenshot, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


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