40 Interesting and Funny Quotes About Massage

Massage Quotes

Massage is the manipulation of your body’s soft tissues. Massage techniques are mostly applied with fingers, hands knees, forearms, elbows, feet, or a device. The main aim of having a massage is to treat pain and stress in your body. Massage specialists are known as massage therapists and they are licensed and certified

Massage is great and the benefits are more than relaxation. At the first touch during a massage, your heart rate slows down and the blood pressure lowers. The stress hormone lowers too. This leaves your body in a state of bliss and things get much better with the rise of the feel-good hormones like endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin.

Dopamine is responsible for your motivation and thus the saying massage can motivate too. Below is a collection of massage quotes that will motivate you to visit a massage therapist to relieve your stress and pain and feel re-energized again.

Our Favorite Quotes about Massage

1. “I don’t fear death because I don’t fear anything I don’t understand. When I start to think about it, I order a massage and it goes away.”– Hedy Lamarr

2. “Massage therapy has been shown to relieve depression, especially in people who have chronic fatigue syndrome; other studies also suggest benefit for other populations.”– Andrew Weil

3. “There are other ways I think of myself as spoiling myself … I … get a massage once a week. Other people can, I didn’t used to, and I can now.”– Steve Ballmer

4. “Never let stress shape your strategy. Most women think better after a brisk walk, a light meal, a massage and a nap.”– Barbara Taylor Bradford

5.” In this hectic life, we have no time to take care of ourselves, hence massage is needed for rejuvenation and stress reduction. A lot of people are looking for quick fixes: like, they are taking medications, and they are doing other things which are not healthy. But massage is very holistic and natural.”– Nargis Fakhri

6. “I should prefer to have a politician who regularly went to a massage parlour than one who promised a laptop computer for every teacher.”– A.N. Wilson

7. “Unfair and deceptive business practices have been illegal in most states for decades. Yet traffickers routinely use what appear to be legitimate businesses – massage parlors, bars, nail salons – as fronts for their illegal exploitation. It’s the ultimate business scam.”– Josh Hawley

8.” I’m the type of woman you might say is too good. I’ll massage a man’s feet, have dinner cooked when he gets home. But once they leave, the door is closed, and the locks are changed.”– Angie Stone

9. “I’ve realized that the most important thing I can do to look good is just treat myself well, whether it’s getting a nice, long massage or just lying low and not going out every single night.”– Kim Cattrall

10. “When I was living in Los Angeles, I always booked a moisturizing milk-and-honey massage the day before flying to Spain. It was heaven – I never got dry plane skin or felt stiff from sitting in one position.”– Carolina Herrera

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11. “I always think I look better after a yoga class. It’s the same as a massage. We look so amazing after a massage because we’re relaxed.”– Andie MacDowell

12. ” If the poor overweight jogger only knew how far he had to run to work off the calories in a crust of bread he might find it better in terms of pound per mile to go to a massage parlor.”– Christiaan Barnard

13. “The thought of a spa treatment is lovely, but I’d be lying there having a massage and worrying about how much I had to do. I’m not very good at relaxing! “– Louise Nurding

14. “One of my personal indulgences is getting a weekly massage – it helps to re-align my body. I usually feel so much less tense after I’ve gotten rid of some knots in my shoulders and back.”– Noureen DeWulf

15. “Some days you feel like you’ve had the greatest ego massage, then the next day you’ve been trampled on.”–Judy Woodruff

16. “Our own physical body possesses a wisdom which we who inhabit the body lack. We give it orders which make no sense.”– Henry Miller

17. “A car can massage organs which no masseur can reach. It is the one remedy for the disorders of the great sympathetic nervous system.”– Jean Cocteau

18. “Exercise stimulates your circulation, massages your internal organs, stretches and strengthens your muscles, and energizes you. Exercise is also a great way to discharge tension, work through emotional blocks, release anger, and gain self-esteem.”– Ellen Bass

19. “I like to have a massage therapist come to my house, get a massage, take a bath, go to bed. That’s a perfect night alone for me.”– Stacy Keibler

20. “I’m not worried about what part of their life they needed to massage in order to achieve something that I get to experience as transcendent. Because that’s the point of literature, I think: to connect.”– John D’Agata

21. “My smile has been my ticket to the world. Smiling releases the same feel-good hormones you get jogging. Caring for your lips and gums is important. I brush my teeth morning and night, alternating toothpaste brands. In addition to flossing, I use a Water Pik to massage my gums and remove food particles.”– Christie Brinkley

22. “At the age of 19, the day after I graduated high school, I moved to a place where it snowed, and I became a massage therapist. With this job, all I needed were my hands and my massage table by my side and I could go anywhere. For the first time in my life, I felt free, independent, and completely in control of my life.”– Amy Purdy

23. “It feels like getting a back massage from the Grim Reaper: one must get comfortable with the most horrifying things in the world.”– Gerald R. Ford

24. “My purpose as an artist is to heal the divided feminine in our culture. Well, okay wait, that sounds incredibly cheesy and like something a massage therapist might do at Esalen.”– Jill Soloway

25. “No one can ever heap enough insults upon me to suit my taste. I think we all really thrive on hostility, because it’s the most intense kind of massage the ego can undergo. Other people’s indifference is the only horror.”– Paul Bowles

26. “Massage is the only form of physical pleasure to which nature forgot to attach consequences.”– Robert Breault

27. “Yes – it’s the same in any other work – the more you massage your thinking the more capable I believe you are of expanding how you go about things and learning.”– Siobhan Davies

28. “I once stayed at a Ritz in D.C., paid for by a client, and when I asked to change rooms because mine smelled of smoke, the hotel immediately found me a better room, then paid for my dinner and drinks and even threw in a free massage to compensate me for the very minor inconvenience.”– Shawn Achor

29. “The last really expensive trip we took was so uncomfortable. It’s so lazy. I want somebody to give me a great $30 massage as opposed to a bad $265 massage.”– Josh Brolin

30. “If something stinks, I say it stinks. But I try to massage it a little and not be as cutting, come behind it with a joke: Hey, I cut you deep, but now let me put a couple of stitches in you.”– Wanda Sykes

31. “I love to get a massage but I’m quite a baby with it. I don’t like them too hard or anyone walking on me or anything. When it’s good, it’s the best thing ever. When it’s bad, it’s an hour of absolute agony.”– Lara Stone

32. “Nothing beats a really rough massage. I really hate a man who goes all limp when he’s doing a massage. Who needs a soft massage? Just get in there and rub me hard or don’t bother.”– Charisma Carpenter

33. “When I was 17, I had my first proper girlfriend, and on Valentine’s Day, I painted a canvas of her, bought her a massage, put flowers on the stairs, and ran a bath.”– Tom Cullen

34. “Painters should shut up and paint and when we stop painting we should dance or have sex or get a massage or take a shower and we shouldn’t be talking about painting.”– Chris Martin

35. “You dig deep beyond those scars and find that soft tissue again, and you massage and nurture it and bring it to life, little by little, through serving yourself well. I did it through hikes and vitamins and therapy and prayer and good friends.”– Katy Perry

35. “I love a massage. I’d go every day if I could. I don’t need to be wrapped in herbs like a salmon fillet, but I do love a massage.”– Jason Bateman

36. “I do work too hard sometimes, but my mom is such an inspiration. She tells me to ‘chill out’ and not take things so seriously. She will say: ‘Go and have a massage.”– Josh Peck

37. “After a grueling leg workout nothing feels better than a slow, deep massage on your quads.”– Robert Cheeke

38. “Every night my wife used to give me a foot massage. And my face would smell weird afterwards, but…”– Emo Philips

39. “I’m really old-fashioned. An Epsom salt bath, that’s genuinely better than any massage.”– Emilia Clarke

40. “That comes from most people having an American film model in their heads which is nothing but a total illusionary masturbatory massage.”– Peter Greenaway

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Massage is amazing and one of the best and recommended ways to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain. Massage has numerous benefits including increased blood flow, relaxing joints, and prevention of some diseases.

With that being said, it is important to get regular massage to replenish you and keep you active. The above quotes about massage will motivate you to get a massage occasionally.

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