The 50 Most Encouraging Quotes About Growing Up

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Adulthood is without a doubt one of the hardest things to overcome. Each little milestone bringing with it a lifetime of fond memories to treasure in the future. From taking your first driving test to experiencing love for the very first time, these life lessons will always remain in your heart and mind.

These 50 quotes about growing up serve as little reminders of the awkwardness of youth and adolescent growing pains we mastered. Yet, through it all, we gain freedom, blossom, and grow into the ultimate loving being imaginable! And, someday when you have children of your own, the love and beauty will continue for generations ahead.

Quotes about Growing Up

1. “I saw my earlier selves as different people, acquaintances I had outgrown. I wondered how I could ever have been some of them.” — Roger Zelazny

2. “Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.” — Nina Dobrev

3. “Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.” — Walt Disney

4. “Growing up happens when you start having things you look back on and wish you could change.” — Cassandra Clare

5. “Everyone thinks you make mistakes when you’re young. But I don’t think we make any fewer when we’re grown up.” — Jodi Picoult

6. “Maturity is a high price to pay for growing up.” — Tom Stoppard

7. “I think people make their own faces, as they grow.” — Enid Blyton

8. “Doing all the little tricky things it takes to grow up, step by step, into an anxious and unsettling world.” — Sylvia Plath

9. “As long as you’re green, you’re growing. As soon as you’re ripe, you start to rot.” — Ray Kroc

10. “That’s one of the things we learn as we grow older, how to forgive. It comes easier at forty than it did at twenty.” — L.M. Montgomery

11. “Don’t try to make children grow up to be like you, or they may do it.” — Russell Baker

12. “The trick is growing up without growing old.” — Casey Stengel

13. “Sometimes you have to grow up before you appreciate how you grew up.” — Daniel Black

14. “For, after all, you do grow up, you do outgrow your ideals, which turn to dust and ashes, which are shattered into fragments; and if you have no other life, you just have to build one up out of these fragments.” — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

15. “Most people don’t grow up. Most people age. They find parking spaces, honor their credit cards, get married, have children, and call that maturity. What that is, is aging.” — Maya Angelou

16. “The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one.” — J.D. Salinger

17. “Growing up happens when you start having things you look back on and wish you could change.” — Cassandra Clare

18. “When they tell you to grow up, they mean stop growing.” — Tom Robbins

19. “I was so good at being a kid, and so terrible at being whatever I was now.” — John Green

20. “Growing up is hard, love. Otherwise, everyone would do it.” — Kim Harrison

21. “’ Oh,’ she thought, ‘How horrible it is that people have to grow up and marry and change!’” — L.M. Montgomery

22. “That’s the trick of growing up. Nothing stays the same. Hook sounded oddly sympathetic. You see the faults in everything. Including yourself.” — Austin Chant

23. “Growing up is never straightforward. There are moments when everything is fine, and other moments where you realize that there are certain memories that you’ll never get back, and certain people that are going to change, and the hardest part is knowing that there’s nothing you can do except watch them.” — Alden Nowlan

24. “Growing older is not upsetting; being perceived as old is.” — Kenny Rogers

25. “Growing up, I have discovered over time, is rather like housework, never finished.” — Lois McMaster Bujold

26. “Growing up is such a barbarous business, full of inconvenience and pimples.” — J.M. Barrie

27. “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.” — George Bernard Shaw

28. “You must pay the penalty of growing-up. You must leave fairyland behind you.” — L.M. Montgomery

29. “I am convinced that most people do not grow up…We marry and dare to have children and call that growing up. I think what we do is mostly grow old. We carry accumulation of years in our bodies, and on our faces, but generally our real selves, the children inside, are innocent and shy as magnolias.” — Maya Angelou

30. “Growing up is losing some illusions in order to acquire others.” — Virginia Woolf

31. “When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.” — Patrick Rothfuss

32. “I think, as you’re growing up, your emotions are just as deep as they are when you’re an adult. You’re ability to feel lonely, longing, confused or angry is just as deep. We don’t feel things more as we get older.” — Spike Jonze

33. “My mother… she is beautiful, softened at the edges and tempered with a spine of steel. I want to grow old and be like her.” — Jodi Picoult

34. “Relax. You will become an adult. You will figure out your career. You will find someone who loves you. You have a whole lifetime; time takes time. The only way to fail at life is to abstain.” — Johanna de Silentio

35. “If growing up’s the process of creating ideas and dreams about what life should be, then maturity is letting go again.” — Mary Beth Danielson

36. “Growing old is unavoidable, but never growing up is possible. I believe you can retain certain things from your childhood if you protect them — certain traits, certain places where you don’t let the world go.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

37. “I think that the best thing we can do for our children is to allow them to do things for themselves, allow them to be strong, allow them to experience life on their own terms, let them be better people, let them believe more in themselves.” — C. JoyBell C.

38. “If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!” — J.M. Barrie

39. “Growing up we are told many things; one being, you can do anything. But somewhere between child and adult, things change.” — Julie Hebert

40. “You said you want to become Hokage. I have become the Kazekage. If you are willing to bear the name Kage, you have to do what you must do.” — Masashi Kishimoto

41. “In this day and age, some turn 18 and think they’re a man or a woman and that’s it, but that’s just not true. You have to establish your manhood or your womanhood with actions.” — Orlando McGuire

42. “I reckon responsible behavior is something to get when you grow -older. Like varicose veins.” — Terry Pratchett

43. “If you’re gonna screw up, do it while you’re young. The older you get, the harder it is to bounce back.” — Winston Groom

44. “It was a sign of growing up when the dark made no more difference to you than the day.” — Roddy Doyle

45. “It happens to everyone as they grow up. You find out who you are and what you want, and then you realize that people you’ve known forever don’t see things the way you do. So you keep the wonderful memories, but find yourself moving on.” — Nicholas Sparks

46. “Part of growing up is realizing you learn to love so many people. It’s about forming those relationships and finding what will last forever.” — Dylan O’Brien

47. “It happens to everyone as they grow up. You find out who you are and what you want, and then you realize that people you’ve known forever don’t see things the way you do. So you keep the wonderful memories, but find yourself moving on.” — Nicholas Sparks

48. “You are growing into consciousness, and my wish for you is that you feel no need to constrict yourself to make other people comfortable.” — Ta-Nehisi Coates

49. -“Most of us won’t see one another after graduation, and even if we do it will be different. We’ll be different. We’ll be adults–cured, tagged and labeled and paired and identified and placed neatly on our life path, perfectly round marbles set to roll down even well-defined slopes.” — Lauren Oliver

50. “Part of growing up is just taking what you learn from that and moving on and not taking it to heart.” — Beverley Mitchell


There you have it, the top 50 most encouraging Quotes About Growing Up! May they bring you the inner strength to achieve the impossible and view adulthood with a whole new understanding of life.

Keep an open heart and mind while reading them so that the positive vibrations come your way. Never forget to enjoy your youth but don’t overdo it or you might get introduced to arthritis when you get older!