50 of the Best Razor Ramon Quotes

Scott Hall, more known as Razor Ramon, was born in 1958 in Maryland. Early in his life, he was mainly on the move with his family because they were employed by the U.S. Armed Forces. He attended a school in Germany called ‘All American High.’

After his family came back to the United States however, he attended a Maryland college, St. Mary’s College, where he graduated with a pre-medical degree. Scott became interested in wrestling while he was in college, after graduating from St. Mary’s College he began training to become a wrestler.

In 1984, Scott Hall made his debut in wrestling. After he was recognized as a wrestler, he began using the name, Razor Ramon, in 1992 when he was signed on by WWF. In 2015 Scott Hall’s career slowed down for a bit but he appeared on WWE Raw that year, and then came back for the WWE Raw Reunion in 2019.

Razor Ramon Quotes

“Hard work pays off, dreams come true. Bad times don’t last, but BAD GUYS do.” – Scott Hall

“My life is like driving down a road. I occasionally glance in the rearview mirror, but I’m not focused on the past or looking back anymore.” – Scott Hall

““The way I threw a punch was very ridged and power based and Scott Hall was very loose and floppy and relaxed and it is a big difference in physicality and if anyone can take some really credit for having taught me how to do a couple of things, I would say it was him.” – Rick Titan, played fake Razor Ramon

“Chico, I don’t need some arm chair quaterbacking, some bookworm, telling the bad guy how to fight.” – Razor Ramon, ‘Summerslam’ (1995)

“Survey says: one more for the bad guys.” – Scott Hall

“When I’m in the ring, I’m doing great. As Razor Ramon or the ‘Bad Guy,’ I don’t have a care in the world. But when I come back through the curtain, reality is there waiting.” – Scott Hall

“It was really interesting because I thought he would just treat me like a bag of crap when I went in there and I had heard rumors of him having a bit of an attitude and being a problem.” – Rick Titan,played fake Razor Ramon

“All you’ve done so far is talk, man.” – Razor Ramon, ‘Summerslam’ (1995)

“Bad times don’t last, bad guys do.” – Scott Hall

“I’ve always said it ain’t ‘Show Friends.’ It’s ‘Show Business.’” – Scott Hall

“He was so polite about it and I was shocked. The blood about drained out of my face and I couldn’t believe it because he was one of my idols too when I was watching before I broke in.” – Rick Titan, played fake Razor Ramon

“Oh, yeah, let’s get it on!” – Razor Ramon, ‘Summerslam’ (1995)

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“Say hello…to the BAD GUY!” – Scott Hall

“I was Razor Ramon, and I started the nWo.” – Scott Hall

“To me, that was almost one of the peaks of my career I’d have to say because I have so much respect for him. He had done it so gentlemanly and it was just really cool.” – Rick Titan, played fake Razor Ramon

“Now, that’s what I thought there, Dean. You’re all bluff and no stuff.” – Razor Ramon, ‘Summerslam’ (1995)

“It comes back to what Chief Jay Strongbow told us years ago, ‘In this business you can make friends or you can make money’. And I remember lookin at Kev and X-Pac and going, I already got some friends, I’d like the money.” – Scott Hall

“Look at my life. I almost died. I almost died several times. My shoulders were down, man. But I kicked out. I kicked out again. Someone upstairs obviously likes me. So maybe I should, too.” – Scott Hall

‘We never had any heat and we never had any problems and I don’t know that maybe he did think less of me because of the whole takeover thing but I actually think he had some compassion where thought that I’ve been in lousy spots before in my career and this poor guy is trying to make it.” – Rick Titan, played fake Razor Ramon

“I have been to rehab nine times. They were high dollar and some of the best ones around. Vince has picked up the tab the last couple of times. If you ever work or worked for WWE, if you ever need help, he will give it to you. He is really cool.” – Scott Hall

“My most important legacy is being a good father to my two children.” – Scott Hall

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“I think he was pretty good hearted about it.” – Rick Titan, played fake Razor Ramon

“Thanks to Vince, his wife Linda, Stephanie, Shane and Paul. Thank you for helping me. It’s hard to ask for help. It’s even harder to accept it, when people offer it.” – Scott Hall

“I had the inability to ask for help when I needed it. People offered to help me, but I refused. They’d ask ‘How are you?’ and I’d answer, ‘Better than you.’” – Scott Hall

“There’s got to be some reason that I’m still here, I should have been dead 100 times. I should have been dead 100 times.” – Scott Hall

“Kick him when he’s down, he’s easier to reach.” – Scott Hall

“I’m a big Kevin Sullivan fan.” – Scott Hall

“It’s the most amount of money we’ve spent on anyone, I just want Scott to get help and to decide for himself that he needs help. It makes me sad. I don’t want anybody to pass away prematurely or otherwise really.” – Stephanie McMahon, creative development and operations vice president of WWE

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“Don’t sing it, bring it.” – Scott Hall

“For me, I was really struggling because I was Scott Hall in the gym and Scott Hall in the grocery store and in the ring. Until I got a gimmick, a look, and got to be a character, that’s when I started making strides. As Scott Hall, I didn’t have a gimmick, so I didn’t know what to do.” – Scott Hall

“I tell my kids this, ‘I can’t tell you not to drink and do drugs, they are fun. It’s fun. They work.’” – Scott Hall

“Be positive. Keep grinding. Stay positive.” – Scott Hall

“What sucks the most is when you can’t even keep a promise to yourself.” – Scott Hall

“What sucks is when you want to quit and you can’t, and pretty soon you alienate or you hurt everyone around you. It’s a family disease and then you can’t keep a promise to anybody. What sucks the most is when you can’t even keep a promise to yourself.” – Scott Hall

“You can’t control the weather, but there are definitely things you can do to protect yourself and the investment you’ve made in your boat. The key is to get started early so you have the supplies you need and you have a plan for what you’re going to do with your boat.” – Scott Hall

“Powerbombing someone on the apron or into the turnbuckle, those are not moves Sting and I grew up with.” – Scott Hall

“Hey! You people, you know who I am. But you don’t know why I’m here. Where is Billionaire Ted? Where is the Nacho Man? That punk can’t even get in the building. Me? I go where I want, whenever I want!” – Scott Hall, arriving at WCW

“The only thing that I’m sure of is I don’t know, but I know that positivity works.” – Scott Hall

“I was kind of like the Tito Santana of my era.” – Scott Hall

“where is Scheme Gene? ‘Cause I’ve got a scoop for you. When that Ken doll look-a-like, when that weatherman wannabe comes out here later tonight, I got a challenge for him. For Billionaire Ted, for the Nacho Man, and for anybody else in WCW. Hey, you wanna go to way? You wanna war? You’re gonna get one!” – Scott Hall, arriving at WCW

“All I’ve ever done is work in bars and be a wrestler; I often wonder if I’d have pumped gas, would I have been a womanizer and had addiction problems?” – Scott Hall

“I’ll go on record and say it’s way more fun riding in front of a cop car then riding in the back cuz you can get out if you want to.” – Scott Hall

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“Say hello to Razor Ramon. Check out my ride, man. It’s custom, just for Razor.” – Scott Hall

“One of the biggest insurance mistakes boat owners make is endorsing their boats onto their homeowners policies, which may not cover their losses from a major storm.” – Scott Hall

“If I had to do it all over again, I’d probably live the same way.” – Scott Hall

“I am not a Bret Hart fan. To me Bret’s really selfish, if you watch, there’s points in that match where I’m hitting Bret with what’s regarded as a hell of a working punch.” – Scott Hall

“My message is, if you need help, ask for it.” – Scott Hall

“Shawn Michaels really helped me a lot. We helped each other. It was a good partnership.” – Scott Hall

“I’m hitting Bret and he’s not even moving, he’s not even registering it. It was what it was, he was the new champion and he needed a win, which he got.” – Scott Hall

“I want the other riches in life; I want to get married.” – Scott Hall

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Even if you are not a fan of wrestling, chances are that you know someone that was or still is a fan of Razor Ramon. Some of these quotes are not said by Scott Hall, instead they are said about Scott Hall.

Although Razor Ramon is retired now, he still has many fans out there that have enjoyed watching his competitions and matches. Share and send these quotes to wrestling fans, use some of these quotes in building your own trivia game or just read the quotes for yourself.

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