Top Euphoria Quotes That Will Make You Want to Rewatch the Show

Euphoria is one of the most popular TV shows recently that follows the life of protagonist Rue and the people who go to school with her. Rue is a recovering drug addict who returns to school after rehab but has no plans to stay clean. The show is based on an Israeli show with the same name.

The show also follows the storylines of other characters such as Jules, Nate, Chris, Cassie, and Kat.

Jules is a transgender struggling to find her real identity, while Nate is a jock who hides his sexual insecurities behind anger issues. Chris is a football star who is finding it difficult to adjust to college life following school, and Cassie is a girl whose sexual history continues to follow her wherever she goes. Lastly, Kat is a girl trying to explore her sexuality while also learning to be less body-conscious.

If you love the show and want to read some of the most iconic and exciting Euphoria quotes, keep reading!

Here Are Some of the Most Amazing Euphoria Quotes for Die-Hard Fans

1. “Wait, I don’t understand. If you’re not auditioning for Oklahoma, then why do you look like that?” -Kat Hernandez

2. “I’m just saying love is a million things.” – Maddy Perez

3. “That’s not a kid; that’s my business partner.” – Fezco

4. “I know your generation relied on flowers and father’s permission, but it’s 2019, and unless you’re Amish, nudes are the currency of love. So, stop shaming us.” – Rue Bennett

5. “Maybe people are nostalgic about high school cause it’s, like, the last time in their life that they get to dream.” – Cassie Howard

6. “Everybody gets their feelings hurt. Some people need to get their feelings hurt sometimes.” – Fezco

7. “Every time I feel good, I think it’ll last forever, but it doesn’t.” – Rue Bennett

8. “You look like a cat coughed your ass up.” – Ali

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9. “The beautiful thing about getting high is that time ceases to exist.” – Rue Bennett

10. “It’s not just football. It’s life.” – Cal Jacobs


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11. “I feel like love is super dark, and no one ever talks about it.” – Cassie Howard

12. “That it’s about balance, stability. The need to organize her feelings and thoughts, so she can breathe easier.” -Leslie Bennett

13. “It may seem all cute and cuddly to you, but this is real shit.” – Christopher Mckay

14. “No room for heteronormativity in here.” – Jules Vaughn

15. “I just showed up without a map or a compass, and at some point, you have to make a choice… about who you are and what you want. And therein lies the catch.” – Rue Bennett

16. “Should I be concerned?” – Jules Vaughn

17. “Why, because I won’t sit and listen to you bitch and moan about your psychotic, abusive boyfriend who you’ve literally broken up with a thousand times?” – Kat Hernandez

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18. “Like, haven’t got out of bed to pee in 24 hours depressed.” – Rue Bennett

19. “You think cause I went to rehab, I stayed clean?” – Rue Bennett

20. “Kissing is worse. It’s so much more intimate.” – Maddy Perez

21. “If I am bipolar, I sure as shit prefer mania over depression.” – Rue Bennett

22. “I’m not saying I’m gonna have a baby. I just wanted to dream about it for a minute.” – Cassie Howard

23. “At night, I fall asleep to you, and in the morning, I wake up to you. I kind of feel closer to you than I do anyone in the world.” – Nate Jacobs

24. “I just had, like, this reaction, and I just, like, hated you.” – Kat Hernandez

25. “You may have won the game, but you lost control of the team.” – Cal Jacobs

26. “It wasn’t the violence that scared her. It was the fact that she knew no matter what he did, she’d still love him.” – Rue Bennett

27. “You do what feels good to you.” – Maddy Perez

28. “Sometimes two people in the universe who aren’t meant for each other find each other.” – Cal Jacobs

29. “First of all, ew. Second of all, ew.” – Maddy Perez

30. “You know, I mean, like, is one of us gonna get hurt? Yeah. Probably. But I’ll do my best to make sure that it’s me.” – Ethan

31. “What’s a bigger feeling than love?” -Elliot

32. “90% of life is confidence. And the thing about confidence is no one knows if it’s real or not.” -Maddy Perez

33. “I love the theater.” – Lexi Howard

34. “I admire whatever it took. I just hope it didn’t teach you the wrong lesson.” – Cal Jacobs

35. “I wasn’t going to stop until I got the truth.” – Rue Bennett

36. “She fell in love with every guy she dated.” – Rue

37. “There is not a thing on the planet Earth that compares to fentanyl. Except for Jules. Jules is a close second.” – Rue

38. “You know, it’s one thing for my classmates to body-shame me, but for you, Principal Hayes, that’s just a whole other thing. It’s degrading. It’s discriminatory. And it just goes to show how insidious and systemic body terrorism truly is in this country.” – Kat Hernandez

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39. “You said memories exist outside of time and have no beginning or end.” – Rue

40. “Cassie’s dad was handsome, the kind of handsome that made people treat him differently.” – Rue Bennett

41. “The other thing about depression is it kinda collapses time. Suddenly, you find your whole days blending together to create one endless suffocating loop.” – Rue

42. “I definitely haven’t reached my full power.” – Jules Vaughn

43. “In my head, it’s like if I can conquer men, then I can conquer femininity.” – Jules

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44. “You know I spent my whole life trying to keep this part of me separate. But I feel like it’s poisoned everything. I thought that I was doing what was best for everybody.” – Cal Jacobs

45. “What do you think this is, the eighties? Catch a dick.” – Jules Vaughn

46. “I can sit on cold porcelain and piss out toxins over and over again for the rest of my life makes the whole concept of living feel like one long, sadistic joke.” – Rue


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47. “I, uh, I once took, like, ten Vicodin, and drank an entire thing of tequila, and then, I, like, blacked out for three days.” – Rue

48. “I don’t take nothin’ a drug addict says personally. Cause I don’t believe nothin’ a drug addict says.” -Fezco

49. “This is the feeling I have been searching for my entire life, for as long as I can remember. Because suddenly, the world went quiet. And I felt safe, in my own head.” – Rue

50. “I mean, I’m all good with drugs until guns start coming out.” -Rue Bennett

51. “But we’re all under 18. Children can’t make child pornography.” – Troy

52. “I had a therapist once who said that these states will wax and wane. Which gave my mother relief because it meant that in bad times, there would be good times.” – Rue

53. “What I really meant to say is my mom can do better, and I hate seeing you sit in the chair my dad sat in.” – Rue

54. “That’s the thing with guys like Nate. They don’t actually want a person. They want something they can own and possess.” – Rue

55. “I’m envious of your generation, you know. You guys don’t care that much about the rules.” – Cal Jacobs

56. “The further you go, the sharper their blade. Just don’t ever give them an opening.” – Cal Jacobs

57. “All I know is, life is not a Nicholas Sparks novel.” – Rue

58. “What is, like, your weird fascination with me? I don’t get it.” – Kat

59. “You know that drug addicts don’t reach out for help unless there are no options.” – Ali

60. “I love hospitals. If I could spend the rest of my life in a hospital, I would.” – Rue

61. “Everyone on the planet watches porn. Fact.” – Rue

62. “It’s not even the lies that hurt, you know? It’s the fact that you’re never really emotionally prepared for someone to leave you.” – Rue

63. “A true revolution has no allies.” – Ali

64. “When you’re younger, everything feels so permanent. But as you get older, you begin to realize nothing is, and everyone you love can drift away.” – Rue

65. “You’ve got to believe in the poetry because everything else in your life will fail you. Even yourself.” – Ali

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66. “You fell in love with someone who spent years making fun of you. It’s sad.” – Lexi Howard

67. “She hated her life, not because it was bad, but because when you hate your brain and your body, it’s hard to enjoy the rest.” – Rue Bennett


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68. “Do you wish I was different?” – Rue

69.“ I feel like her sobriety is completely dependent on how available I am to her.” – Jules

70. “Plenty of great, intelligent, funny, interesting, and creative people have struggled with the same things you struggle with.” – Leslie

71. “Hello, heart… thought I’d lost you.” – Rue

72. “You love to be loved.” – Maddy

73. “I don’t think I have an attention span for real life anymore.” – Jules

74. “You sound like you’re navigating a Twitter thread.” – Elliot

75. “Sorry if I missed the old you.” – Lexi

76. “I have never ever been happier.” – Cassie

77. “It’s funny how I used to think we were meant for each other.” – Rue

78. “Are you talking to your mama about me?” – Jules

79. “So, if they have something to say, they should just say it to my face, right?” – Maddy

80. “My world got too small.” – Jules

81. “The world’s coming to an end, and I haven’t even graduated high school yet.” – Rue

82. “I feel like I’m not even a person yet.” – Lexi

83. “She’s my best friend, even though I think we’ve grown apart.” – Rue

84. “Mom, please, I have homework.” – Rue

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Euphoria depicts the lives of a group of classmates as they discover what the future holds for them.

The series features substance-enhanced parties and open conversations about mental health which have put the show in the limelight. This has also provided much-needed insight into teenage life where many young people are trying to relate to the characters on the show.

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