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Rosa Dolores Alverio Maracano, better known as Rita Moreno, was born in Puerto Rico on December 11, 1931. As a dancer, singer, and actress, Rita started her career early, appearing in various television and film productions. Her career began in 1943, and now, even in her nineties, she has no plans to retire.

Some of Rita’s critically acclaimed performances are West Side Story (1961), The King and I (1956), Jane the Virgin (2015-2019), and One Day at a Time (2017-2020). She is an inspiration for Hispanic actors and actresses who wish to succeed in Hollywood. Read on for Rita Moreno quotes about life as a Latina in Hollywood!

Rita Moreno Quotes

1. “You can’t, or you shouldn’t, be nominated for an Oscar unless you’ve turned in a performance that’s special.” – Rita Moreno

2. “I am able to get up and dust myself off and keep moving forward. I’m very stubborn.” – Rita Moreno

3. “Then there’s the story of ill-fated love. It’s universal.” – Rita Moreno

4. “I’m not afraid of color. I like color.” – Rita Moreno

5. “If you can find a way your character moves, you know more about your character than you’d ever dream.” – Rita Moreno

6. “I am not exactly Mrs. Good Housekeeping, although I love to cook, bake, even iron, but only because it’s not mandatory.” – Rita Moreno

7. “I love performing for kids, but you can’t play down to them, of course. Then it would be ‘Captain Kangaroo.’” – Rita Moreno

8. “I should be a representative for AARP!” – Rita Moreno

9. “Arrogance – I have very little tolerance for that.” – Rita Moreno

10. “I love being onstage, I love getting applause, and I love the love that comes across the footlights. It’s so much a part of what I do and what I’ve done most of my life.” – Rita Moreno

11. “I started dancing almost before I could walk.” – Rita Moreno

12. “If you’re going to make black movies only about black people, that’s as bad as white movies only about white people.” – Rita Moreno

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13. “My voice has many dynamics in it. Like my little body.” – Rita Moreno

14. “Retirement is just not in my DNA.” – Rita Moreno

15. “All my life, I faced sexism and racism and then, when I hit 40, ageism.” – Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno quote about staying healthy

16. “I figure if I keep my spirit in shape, the bones will take care of themselves.” – Rita Moreno

17.“It’s kind of heartbreaking when I talk about it now, I still get very moved by the lack of opportunities that were available to myself and to the very few others who were Hispanic young actresses.” – Rita Moreno

18.“I am a woman of the moment.” – Rita Moreno

19. “I can’t dwell on past mistakes.” – Rita Moreno

20. “I have stamina, and I have energy.” – Rita Moreno

21. “It is through art that we will prevail and we will endure. It lives on after us and defines us as people.” – Rita Moreno

22. “Bigger than life is not difficult for me. I am bigger than life.” – Rita Moreno

23. “You can never fight for a part or can’t beg them to do another audition. You can try, but that rarely works.” – Rita Moreno

24. “I live in the moment. The moment is the most important thing. That’s my entire philosophy: Make the best of the good moments.” – Rita Moreno

25. “I feel like I could go on forever.” – Rita Moreno

26. “I was never offered enough, and that’s the truth.” – Rita Moreno

27. “Doing ‘Life Without Makeup’ onstage is what inspired me to do a book in the first place.” – Rita Moreno

28. “I grew up as a child who felt she was very inferior to everyone else.” – Rita Moreno

29. “I don’t want to miss out on my grandchildren and my daughter, and doing Broadway would do just that.” – Rita Moreno

30. “Maybe it’s my age, but I know I look good, so I’m not going to look like another person suddenly because I don’t have makeup on – same hair, same person.” – Rita Moreno

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31. “Elvis was really sweet and kind of bashful, but he didn’t have a whole lot to say.” – Rita Moreno

Inspiration quote by Rita Moreno

32. “Mellowing has never done much for me. You need to keep moving.” – Rita Moreno

33. “This is my idea of heaven, coming home and watching the news.” – Rita Moreno

34. “The one thing I really learned, and learned well, in group therapy was that you don’t die if someone doesn’t like you.” – Rita Moreno

35. “I’m an afternoon tea maven. I can tell you who has the best tea in every country.” – Rita Moreno

36. “I’m a person who perseveres. You know, you fall down, you get up.” – Rita Moreno

37. “My husband and I were very different: I’m spontaneous and emotional; I’m loud – he was exactly the opposite. But you need to be flexible.” – Rita Moreno

38. “When you engage your brain, it just keeps getting fatter and richer and wonderful.” – Rita Moreno

39. “My grandkids are everything to me. For me, family is all!” – Rita Moreno

40. “No one’s going to tell me how to make my own choices. For too many years, everybody told me what to say and what to do and how to be.” – Rita Moreno

41. “I get embarrassed when I go to an actor or actress’s home and it’s filled with pictures of them.” – Rita Moreno

42. “I write with my left hand even though I’m right-handed, I walk backwards in a very safe place – anything that engages your brain.” – Rita Moreno

43. “If you’re going to write about your life, you must write about your life.” – Rita Moreno

44. “If I get a hangnail, I don’t dare complain! Life is good. I wake up humming.” – Rita Moreno

45. “People say that when you get to a certain age that you start to mellow. I have no idea what these people are talking about.” – Rita Moreno

Quote of Rita Moreno about Lying

46. “I think lying is a bad idea. Sooner or later, someone’s going to catch you.” – Rita Moreno

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47. “I’m trying as hard as I can to keep pushing the boundaries of what a woman is capable of doing. And it turns out there’s a lot we can do. There’s a lot we can speak about.” – Rita Moreno

48. “I’m the happiest Hispanic I’ve ever met. Truly.” – Rita Moreno

49. “You’ve got to make a decision when you write about your life, and I decided I was going to be honest, and some of those things will be embarrassing.” – Rita Moreno

Top 10 Moments That Made Us Love Rita Moreno

For this list, let’s look at moments from Rita Moreno’s life and career that remind us just what a fantastic trailblazer she is. The countdown includes “West Side Story,” “One Day at a Time,” “The Golden Girls,” and more!


Rita Moreno is a Puerto Rican-born American actress with notable works in the entertainment industry. She is among the few remaining stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood. Rita is in her nineties but remains active in the industry.

Besides being a renowned celebrity, she is a headstrong person who refused to let racial bias get in the way of her career, and these Rita Moreno quotes are a testament to that.

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