Top Autumn Calabrese Quotes to Motivate You to Get in Shape

Autumn Calabrese is one of the most inspirational trainers online and is a top-rated super trainer from Beachbody. She is also an American Certified personal trainer, YouTuber, online content creator, and fitness instructor based in Cleveland, OH. She is a celebrity fitness trainer known for her innovative color-coded containers for portion control.

Many of her fans follow her on social media platforms to ask for her advice regarding their fitness goals and request dieting tips to achieve their dream physique. Many people are unaware that Autumn Calabrese is also the author of a book called Lose Weight Like Crazy: Even If You Have a Crazy Life. This book focuses on controlling your portion size and eliminating unhealthy processed foods from your diet.

If you want to learn from Autumn Calabrese and discover her secret tips for motivating yourself to become healthy, read the following Autumn Calabrese quotes.

Here Are Some of the Most Inspirational Autumn Calabrese Quotes

1. “Be scared but keep going. You can fail but keep going. Eventually, the scared feeling will go away.” ― Autumn Calabrese

2. “Some people wish for it to happen. Some people want it to happen. But not you, you make it happen.” ― Autumn Calabrese

3. “Life doesn’t just give you what you want. It gives you what you work for.” ― Autumn Calabrese

4. “If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up!” ― Autumn Calabrese

5. “All goals are useless without action. This is your action.” ― Autumn Calabrese

6. “You are the best project you’re ever going to work on.” ― Autumn Calabrese

7. “We didn’t wake up today to be mediocre. Be awesome. You can do it!” ― Autumn Calabrese

8. “If you want a good booty, you’ve got to get off it!” ― Autumn Calabrese

9. “It isn’t about anyone else. It is about proving it to yourself. You can do it.” ― Autumn Calabrese

10. “Your mind is powerful, and your body is strong. They have to work together. You have to believe that you can.” ― Autumn Calabrese

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11. “Get obsessed with being the best version of you possible. That doesn’t mean the best version of you is at your goal weight or at a six-pack. The best version of you is being dedicated to you and being the best, healthiest version you can be in that moment.” ― Autumn Calabrese

12. “Persistence will help you get to your goal. Consistency will help you keep it.” ― Autumn Calabrese

13. “Your body can only achieve what your mind believes.” ― Autumn Calabrese

14. “If you are not willing to work for it, you can’t complain about not having it.” ― Autumn Calabrese

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15. “You’re never going to know your limits until you push yourself and go past them.” ― Autumn Calabrese

16. “Success lies in making an effort. Failure lies in never having tried.” ― Autumn Calabrese

17. “When you doubt how far you can go, look at how far you’ve come.” ― Autumn Calabrese

18. “When motivation isn’t there, let discipline take its place.” ― Autumn Calabrese

19. “Your body is going to show your work. Don’t you want to have something to show for it in the end?” ― Autumn Calabrese

20. “Sometimes growing feels like breaking at first.” ― Autumn Calabrese

21. “You are free to make your own choices, but you’re not free from the consequences of those choices.” ― Autumn Calabrese

22. “Be the one cheering yourself on. If no one else is going to do it, make sure you do.” ― Autumn Calabrese

23. “You can have your dreams, or you can have your excuses. You can’t have both.” ― Autumn Calabrese

24. “You are your only limit. Get out of your own way.” ― Autumn Calabrese

25. “Life is hard. Eating junk food and feeling out of control is hard. Meal prep and exercising are hard. It is going to be hard no matter which path you choose, but which one leaves you feeling better in the end? This one!” ― Autumn Calabrese

26. “We are all a work in progress.” ― Autumn Calabrese

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27. “It is okay to make yourself a priority in your life. Just tell yourself, ‘I am a priority.’” ― Autumn Calabrese

28. “Great things don’t come from comfort zones. Get out of your head.” ― Autumn Calabrese

29. “No excuses. They don’t burn calories, and they don’t get results. They do nothing for you.” ― Autumn Calabrese

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30. “Obstacles are in our way to show us what we can overcome and what we can do.” ― Autumn Calabrese

31. “If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” ― Autumn Calabrese

32. “There are two things you can control: your attitude and your effort. So let’s keep it positive and give our best.” ― Autumn Calabrese

33. “It is not just about looking good. It’s about improving your life.” ― Autumn Calabrese

34. “Don’t stop; just slow down. You have to keep moving if you want to make progress.” ― Autumn Calabrese

35. “The outside is just the result of what you’ve been working on on the inside.” ― Autumn Calabrese

36. “Never hope for it more than you’re going to work for it. You have to put in the work.” ― Autumn Calabrese

37. “Eat like you love yourself. Move like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself.” ― Autumn Calabrese

38. “Yes, it’s hard, but it’s not impossible.” ― Autumn Calabrese

39. “If you don’t really want it, you’ll give up. Only those who are truly passionate will fight through that struggle.” ― Autumn Calabrese

40. “In order to be in the 1%, you have to do what the other 99% won’t.” ― Autumn Calabrese

41. “Growth and change are painful, but nothing is more painful than feeling stuck.” ― Autumn Calabrese

42. “70% of people who start, quit. Not you.” ― Autumn Calabrese

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43. “You’ve gotta hustle for that muscle.” ― Autumn Calabrese

44. “Be patient with yourself. And your results. Evolution takes time.” ― Autumn Calabrese

45. “Being challenged is inevitable but being defeated is optional.” ― Autumn Calabrese

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46. “The story you write of your life is your own. Everyone gets a chance to be a hero in a potentially great story. Some step up, and others don’t. The choice is yours.” ― Autumn Calabrese

47. “There is no elevator to success. You’ve got to take the stairs.” ― Autumn Calabrese

48. “Today is another chance to change your life for the better. Every day you get a chance to wake up and do something that you can be proud of. Make yourself proud.” ― Autumn Calabrese

My Self-Care Routine with Autumn Calabrese

Self-care is everything! Just ask Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese, and she’d agree. Take a look at how she takes care of herself, from making the right food choices to foam rolling.


Autumn Calabrese is among the most influential online trainers you may have seen on Instagram or YouTube. She encourages her audience to develop a healthy lifestyle and a strong mindset toward being fit and eating well. Her book contains valuable information regarding how to lose weight, with smart portion control and good exercise habits, without being too harsh on yourself.

Autumn’s methods have been praised highly by people who have achieved fantastic results following her guidance. If you want to read more motivational quotes related to fitness, click on any of the links below.

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