30 Classic Wizard Of Oz Quotes

The Wizard Of Oz is a classic movie. People of all ages have seen the movie throughout their lives and enjoyed it. The movie teaches you how to deal with bad situations that you don’t have any control over. It teaches you about friendship and appreciating the value of family. The movie is based on the book The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz.  These quotes will give you a chance to revisit the timeless classic.

Wizard of Oz Book Quotes

1. “I don’t want people calling me stupid. If my head is still full of straw instead of the brain I want, I will always be stupid to you and to everyone else.” – by The Scarecrow

2. “Everyone knows how powerful these flowers are when they are together. They have a strong smell that will make anyone go to sleep when they inhale it. They may as well be sleeping pills. If the person who falls asleep isn’t rescued, they will be asleep for life.” – by the Narrator

3. “People have considered me evil my entire life, but who knew a person like you would be able to take me down and stop my evil ways. Maybe you are worse than I am, little girl.” – by Wicked Witch Of The West

4. “There was a time in my life when I was madly in love. It was the best time of my life. How can I love anyone again when I don’t have a heart? I want to ask the great and power Oz to give me a heart so I can love again.” – by the Tin Woodman

5. “Who has the nerve to darken my doorstep? Do you know who I am? I am the great and powerful Oz. Who in the world are you and why are you here?” – by Oz

6. “As you know, courage is something that is built inside of you. You can’t really call it courage until you drink it up. I suggest you drink it right away if you want it to work.” – by Oz

7. “Dorothy was standing inside of her house and checked things out. She looked at the land, but there was nothing to see. She didn’t have much of a view only of the prairies in the area.” – by the Narrator

8. “I’m a good person. Unfortunately, I must admit that I am a terrible Wizard. The two do not work well together.” – by Oz

9. “Oz, you can’t leave me. You know I wanted to go away with you. You have to come back and do it now before it’s too late for me.” – by Dorothy

10. “I don’t mind if my limbs are stuffed because it can’t hurt me. If anyone does anything to my feet, it will be a waste of time because I can’t feel a thing. I just don’t want anyone to call me stupid. That would hurt me more than anything else ever could.” – by the Scarecrow

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11. “This is quite different. It’s been a long time since anyone has even asked to see Oz. He has a lot of power and is a bad man. If you’re on a mission to bother the powerful, great Wizard, he might get upset and ruin your life.” – by Oz

12. “Oz: Be quiet and stop shouting before someone hears you. If they do, it will be over for me. You will ruin my reputation as the great and powerful wizard.

Dorothy: Do you even have any power?

Oz: No, I don’t. I am just a regular man without any power at all.

Dorothy: Actually, you are nothing but a fraud.”

13. “It wasn’t hard to grant the guys what they wanted. They believed I could do whatever they wanted. Dorothy’s wish will be a lot harder to grant because it will take more than thoughts to get her back home.” – by Oz

14. “Fear may as well be my middle name because I am scared of everything. I’m here to ask you for some courage so I can become the King of the jungle the way I am supposed to be instead of living in constant fear.” – by the Cowardly Lion

15. “Birds flew around until they saw me. Once they saw me, they flew away from me. That made me feel like I was doing my job. Unfortunately, that feeling didn’t last because the birds were back and ate the corn that I was supposed to be protecting. I have one job and that is to protect the cornfield and I couldn’t do it.” – by the Scarecrow

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16. “There’s only one way for us to travel. If the road is headed one way, it stands to reason, it goes the other way too. Since Emerald City is on the other side, we must go where the road takes us.” – by the Scarecrow

17. “I am not a killer and I have never killed anything without reason. If there was even a way that I would consider doing it, how would I be able to get it done? You are supposed to be a powerful Wizard, but you can’t get the job done. How do you think I will be able to kill her?” – by Dorothy

18. “Dorothy and her friends entered the huge room and saw a hidden screen. Behind the screen, was a small, old man who didn’t have any hair and had wrinkled skin. He was just as shocked to see them as they were to see him.” – by the Narrator

19. “We must keep going until we find the yellow brick road. After that, we can go to the Emerald City.” – by Dorothy

20. “I am here to get what I asked you for.” – by the Scarecrow

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Wizard of Oz Movie Quotes

21. “You seem to think you are something special because you own half the town. You think people are afraid of you and expect people to do what you say. It doesn’t mean you can tell the rest of the town what to do. For many years, I wanted to tell you how I feel about you, but being a religious woman, I won’t say it.” – by Auntie Em

22. “I have a strange feeling that we’re not home anymore. What are we going to do?” – by Dorothy

23. “Dorothy: We’ve done exactly what you asked us to do. We got everything you wanted us to get and even melted the Witch for you.

The Wizard Of Oz: You melted her? Very smart of you.”

24. “I will miss you all, but Scarecrow, you’ll be the one I miss the most.” – by Dorothy

25. “Better hide, Sylvester. There’s a big storm coming soon. I’m talking like the peasants. I hope that kid gets home okay. It’s getting dangerous out here now.” – by Professor Marvel

26. “Dorothy: I couldn’t have been dreaming. It was a real place. It had to be a real place. All of you were there with me, but that’s impossible. You couldn’t have been there.

Auntie Em: Everyone has crazy dreams, child.

Dorothy: No, this wasn’t just a crazy dream. It was a real live place. I’m telling you the truth. You have to believe me. Some of the places weren’t that nice, but the majority of it was beautiful. I remember saying to everyone how much I wanted to go home and I got to go home. Does anyone even believe what I’m saying?

Uncle Henry: We believe what you’re saying, Dorothy.

Dorothy: It doesn’t matter now because Toto and I are finally home. I’m in my room and everyone I love is here. I will never leave again because I love everyone. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than home.

27. “Dorothy: Can you help us? We are all here to see the Wizard.

Guard: No one is allowed to see him.

Dorothy: Please! It’s really important that we see him.

Cowardly Lion: I got my hair done just to see him.

Guard: I said no one will see the Wizard.

Scarecrow: But, this is Dorothy. He will want to see her.

Guard: Is this the Witch’s Dorothy? Well, that changes everything. Wait just a second! I will let him know you are here.

Scarecrow: Can you believe it guys? He’s going to let him know that we are here. I know I’m going to have my brain now.

Tin Man: I can already hear my heart beating.

Dorothy: I’ll get to go home by dinner. I never like to miss dinner.

Cowardly Lion: I’ll finally be King of the jungle.

28. “Dorothy: I will never get to go home now.

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Cowardly Lion: You can stay here with us, Dorothy. We would love for you to stay with us because we don’t want to see you go.

Dorothy: That’s nice of you, but this place can never be Kansas. My aunt probably stopped caring about what happened to me by now. What will I do now, Scarecrow?

Scarecrow: I think there’s someone here who can help you get home.”

29. “Dorothy: Check this out Scarecrow! It’s a man who is made out of tin. Is he trying to say something to us? Did he just say oil can?

Scarecrow: Oil can? What does he mean by oil can?

Dorothy: Are you alright, Tin Man?

Tin Man: Are you kidding? That felt great! I have been holding that axe for many years. It was a relief to finally be able to put it down.

Dorothy: How did you get this way?

Tin Man: It happened a year ago. I was chopping down a tree when it started to rain. While I was chopping, I ended up rusting. I’ve been that way until now.

Dorothy: You seem fine now.

Tin Man: Hit my chest if you think I’m fine.

Scarecrow: What a nice echo!

Tin Man: There’s nothing in there. The person who built me didn’t give me a heart.

Dorothy and Scarecrow: You don’t have a heart?

Tin Man: I don’t have a heart. It’s not good not to have a heart.

30. “ Miss Gulch: I want to talk to you and your wife about your niece Dorothy right now.

Uncle Henry: What did Dorothy do?

Miss Gulch: What did she do? I practically died from that bite on my leg.

Uncle Henry: Are you saying she bit you?

Miss Gulch: I’m talking about her dog you idiot!

Uncle Henry: Dorothy bit her dog?

Miss Gulch: No! The dog bit me. Please use your brain.”

Do these Wizard of Oz Quotes Make You Reminisce about the Movie?

The book and the movie will stand the test of time. The Wizard Of Oz is a fan favorite of many people young and old. The quotes give you a chance to revisit the movie and the book. You can take the walk down the yellow brick road with Dorothy and her friends by reading these quotes.

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