Inspiring Quotes by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an American activist, community organizer, and politician who became the youngest woman to serve in the house of congress in the whole American political history. A self-determined socialist is now 29 years old and has been the US representative for New York’s congressional district since 2019. She shocked some activists in 2018 after defeating a 10-term incumbent congressmen Crowley, in the Democrats by nearly 15 points and she is a rapidly rising star in the Democratic Party.

A young, innovative, and working-class woman of color who is fluent in the next generation of the internet and who is not easily frightened by modern criticism, Alexandria is an example of inspiration to many young women across the world. She has said many interesting things and today I’m sharing my favorite ones with you. Enjoy!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Best Quotes

1.”Capitalism has not always existed in the globe and will not always have its place in the world.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

2. “An average working-class American wish to have a clear champion and there is nothing new and radical about the whole moral clarity in old days.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

3. “Give citizens the respect of your personal opinion and always meet them when they need you the most that is being a politician of modern days, not just a person elected by people to represent his circle people. We will make the world a nice and amazing place if politicians agree and accept that they are servants, not just VIP.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

4. “In anything you do, no matter how small it might be or no matter its output make it perfect but the world is more into ideal but I say, you don’t have to be that perfect, but you have a full a 100% commitment and achieve your dreams.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

5.  ‘The biggest and dangerous hurdle that our society has is cynicism saying it done or the deal is already done, who cares that there’s in the point at all of voting. If you can get them to care, it is a great win for the whole movement and the impact we are tintoing to inject to our system.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

6. “Things no such things as talking about a class without there being some implications of the racial lifestyle and history of USA, you just do it on your own.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

7.  “There’s not state that is beyond repair all the notions have that chances to regrow so there’s nothing like a state is beyond solutions or remedy, there’s no end to hop it is never too late to fix it and we can always start afresh. We will always be there and we are going to do all it takes to rock the world for the next era.” .”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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8. “I believe that every citizen should have dignified housing, a better health care plan, stable food, education, and the most crucial thing is the basic needs to improve and to sustain their modern life and for their wellbeing.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

9. “There’s a wrong notion that you have to separate or part ways and choose between matters of class and issues of color. What individuals do when they say that you need to isolate class from color is that they are really into racism in one way or the other. The best way to ensure America remains great again is to assume we are all red inside our skin and the outer skin is just a coating to protect our white race inside.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

10. “People will tell you things and they will also try to force you to believe and some will even hate you if you don’t all you need is to fit into their stories for a while and then restart your own ideas into a default setting when they are not around. Some will tell you this is being mean but in the end, you matter a lot to your decisions.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

11. “Am not running from the right or left and running from the lower point of my life if you like it call it the bottom. I am running in fierce advocacy for working-class Americans.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

12. “I am an organizer and the most important is that I educate more and this is a role that every American has to adopt unless we want to see this go away.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

12. “Unemployment is very low because citizens are working 70+ hours a week and can barely bring something to the table to feed their loved ones. What I mean we create jobs yes but the taxes and inflations are doing the inversely proportional thing we give them and the system takes it back.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

13. “In my personal opinion, if young women and gender-expanding individuals wish to run for any office we can’t knock on each door, we have to come up with our own doors first. Build yours before you promise the citizens.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

14. “We have designed and customized power, we have also organized and built the house of congress no matter what we will lead and give examples to our enemies.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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15. “Change and personal growth take time and courage.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

16. “I strongly believe that no American should die because she is not able to sustain her/himself we have a great country and all we need is a leadership that will give the people something they need not just stories that they already know.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

17. “Political campaigns are so expensive than citizens and people think they are expensive the only problem we lack is a platform of work, not words.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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18. “I understand the true pain of an average working-class American because I have tasted the pain being one of the working-class.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

19. “Education as one of the human rights, simply means that every individual no matter where you are coming from should have that right to access to trade-school or college education if you choose to do anything and I think no one should be homeless if we have public policy and public structures to allow citizens or people to have food and homes and lead a modern life in the American soil.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

20. “Justice is all about ensuring that being absolute polite is not the same as being silent. In fact, in many occasions, the truer or righteous people are the ones who shake the table.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

21. “Hope is something that you own, this is because hope is created or a thing that you can develop inside.’
There is no debate as to if we should continue producing fuels the response is we should stop for every scientific consensus states that we harm our space twice than we benefit from this fuel so why should we have such a thing.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

22. “Our home and planet are going to hit a serious disaster if we don’t turn this sailing ship around and so it’s like there is a lot of scientific proof that the life of our next generation will very hard and tough.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

23. “WE talk a lot about the threats, the last time I checked a serious threat to our country was not the world war it is the next climate change that we are busy building and helping it accumulate enough to destroy us.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

24.  ‘The new green deal we are working on will be similar in the random scale to the mobilization effects seen in both world wars or the great Marshall approach. We must re-think again and re-invest in the manufacturing distribution and development of energy but this time this energy should be green energy.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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25. “Our number one goal is to treat and deal with climate change like our priority, existential threats are standby drafting a way to attack and their war is not only strong but also winning this struggle that we are helping it to win.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

26. “Most mentors of mines were under a big pressure of reducing their femininity in order to make it. For me am not going to do that being different and all forge my way and I will never compromise to whom I am.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

27.  “Before doing anything else be sure to tell yourself that you are experienced enough and have all you need to make your plan go through.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

28. “We are in a war with an unapologetic party for social, racial justice, and economic justice in America’s new life.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

29.”‘For one of the group to make it to the top, 100 of us have to give it a try.”–Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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Everything Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Does in a Day

In this fun video from Vanity Fair, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez takes us through everything she does in a day. From introducing new bills to Congress to her nightly self-care routine, AOC explains how she makes time to represent the people and walk her dog, Deco

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In life, inspirations play a significant role in how you view things . Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC as most of us call her, is an inspiration to women everywhere.

She has been an inspiration to many and reminds us that you are never to young to challenge people’s expectations and help improve the world.

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Image Credit: Franmarie Metzler; U.S. House Office of Photography, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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