33 Evil Eye Quotes to Deflect Negative Energy

The evil eye is an ancient curse rooted in various cultures, religions, traditions, and myths. It’s one of those curses that’s been around since the beginning of time. Most people encounter this curse at least once in their life. When a person is envious of someone, they can send bad luck their way with an evil look.

Many cultures believe that the evil eye works because envy can overpower any human. This harm is not limited to having a bad day. People have verified that the curse is strong enough to potentially injure or kill people.

If an evil eye is this powerful, the protection to ward off bad energy is also effective. The following thought-provoking evil eye quotes can help you protect yourself from the evil eye.

Evil Eye Quotes

1. “The evil eye is the fascinum. It is that which has the effect of arresting movement and, literally, killing life. At the moment the subject stops, suspending his gesture, he is mortified. This anti-life, anti-movement function of the terminal point is the fascinum, and it is precisely one of the dimensions in which the power of the gaze is exercised directly.” – Jacques Lacan

2. “An evil eye can see no good.” – Danish Proverb

3. “Woe be to an evil eye.” – Danish Proverb

4. “There are more idols than realities in the world—that is my ‘evil eye’ for this world, which is also my ‘evil ear.’” – Friedrich Nietzsche

5. “Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil but then also do no evil.” – Amit Abraham

6. “Any eye is an evil eye that looks in on to a mood apart.” – Robert Frost

7. “The evil eye is true, so perform ablution for it.” – Hadith

8. “No notice is taken of a little evil, but when it increases, it strikes the eye.” – Aristotle

9. “She flashed me the evil eye, which I found spooky that college professors could do every bit as manically as any grade school teacher.” – Elle Klass

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Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote about evil eye
10. “A deep man believes that the evil eye can whither, the heart’s blessing can heal, and that love can overcome all odds.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

11. “Envy, my son, wears herself away and droops like a lamb under the influence of the evil eye.” – Jacopo Sannazaro

12. “Evil is in the eye of the beholder.” – David Mitchell

13. “May every evil eye in your life go blind.” – Anonymous

14. “Most people who perpetrate evil do not see what they are doing as evil. Evil exists primarily in the eye of the beholder, especially in the eye of the victim.” – Roy F. Baumeister

15. “The part of the philanthropist is indeed a dangerous one, and the man who would do his neighbor good must first study how not to do him evil and must begin by pulling the beam out of his own eye.” – George MacDonald

16. “May every evil eye upon me go blind. May every tongue that rises against me fall. May every ill intention return to sender.” – Anonymous

17. “May no evil eye peek through window, keyhole, or gunsight at his white-haired face!” – Allen Ginsberg

18. “Always tiptoe. I don’t want them to hear you. I need to keep you in a bubble. I don’t want them to hurt you. I fear the evil eye. I need to protect you from it.” – Juveria Fatima

19. “Night is a stealthy, evil raven wrapt to the eyes in his black wings.” – Thomas Bailey Aldrich

20. “May this evil eye protect you as you go about your day. May happiness surround you and stay out of harm’s way.” – Anonymous

Pope Francis Quote about Evil Eye
21. “If we live according to the law an eye for an eye, we will never escape from the spiral of evil.” – Pope Francis

22. “If a negative viewer looks at you with an ugly fiendish eye, find a way and pluck off his eyes, or better still, protect your good image.” – Michael Bassey Johnson

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23. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

24. “The evil eye is real and should not be taken lightly. Most people are negligent in protecting themselves and do not worry about showing off their blessings, posting every detail of their life on social media. Know that not everyone who sees your story will be happy for you!” – Firdaus Shaz

25. “Jesus knew that the old eye-for-eye philosophy would leave everyone blind. He did not seek to overcome evil with evil. He overcame evil with good. Although crucified by hate, he responded with aggressive love.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

26. “The worst people on earth are not only those who commit evil but those who stand by and turn a blind eye.” – Emmanuel Jal

27. “Denounce useless guilt. Don’t make a cult of suffering. Live in the now, or at least the soon. Always do the things you fear most. Courage is an acquired taste like caviar. Trust all joy. If the evil eye fixes you in its gaze, look elsewhere. Get ready to be 87.” – Erica Jong

28. “What is reprehensible is that while leading good lives themselves and abhorring those of wicked men, some, fearing to offend, shut their eyes to evil deeds instead of condemning them and pointing out their malice.” – Saint Augustine of Hippo

29. “Trade protection accumulates upon a single point the good it affects, while the evil inflicted is infused throughout the mass. The one strikes the eye at first glance, while the other becomes perceptible only to close investigation.” – Frederic Bastiat

Gracie Gold Quote about Evil Eye
30. “I always wear my evil eye necklace to ward off bad karma. I always wear one to protect me.” – Gracie Gold

31. “A man who knows a thing, who is aware of a given danger, and sees the possibility of a remedy with his own eyes, has the duty and obligation by God not to work ‘silently,’ but to stand up before the whole public against the evil and for its cure.” – Adolf Hitler

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32. “Sometimes, you block your own blessings by telling everyone your own business.” – Anonymous

33. “The ‘Nazar,’ more commonly known as the ‘evil eye,’ is over 5000 years old. It is found in all major religions and throughout countless cultures. It is believed that the eye protects its owner from evil spirits, jealousy, and the ‘ill will’ of others, by peering back at them in their spiritual realm. It is worn as a protection talisman and placed upon the home, car, and altar.” – Anonymous

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An evil eye is a look or stare that brings bad luck. It’s a curse from ancient traditions and is still effective today. The evil eye quotes we’ve shared today shed light on the severity of the curse and how you can protect yourself from it. Read these quotes again, and don’t let anyone’s hatred or jealousy stop you from succeeding in life!

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