The Most Beautiful Quotes about Black Love

Black love can be a beautiful thing. It can be described in many different ways. It can be love between a couple, a family, friends, and the culture itself. It doesn’t have to be about just one thing. In fact, it can also describe the love of a nation. The love people share can be pure and true regardless of how it’s being expressed. How does black love make you feel?

Here are some inspiring quotes about black love.

Black Love Quotes

1. “Kissing your lips every day of the week would make me the happiest person in the world.” – by Unknown

2. “If people would only love each other more and hate each other less, no one would ever feel alone in this world.” – by Unknown

3. “Black women are backbone of black men and give them their strength.” – by Unknown

4. “Love means putting someone else’s happiness on the same level as your own happiness.” – by Kush and Wizdom

5. “A child will look for someone to play with while a man will look for someone worth being with for the rest of his life.” – by Unknown

6. “Being in love with someone will make you come out of your comfort zone.” – by Zora Neale Hurston

7. “I refuse to believe that people are one sided in their thinking that they refuse to believe that peace and love couldn’t actually happen. I believe that true love will have the final say in the end.” – by Martin Luther King, Jr.

8. “A man who isn’t willing to fight for love will always be alone.” – Malcolm X

9. “Things may be different, but people remain the same. People are still out there looking for love which will always be a problem for those who can’t find it.” – by Halle Berry

10. “Be thankful that you have been loved in the past as well as the present. Be thankful that you have the ability to love because love gives you freedom.” – by Maya Angelou

11. “Love is chosen by us. The love everyone has for their children is a love like no other love in the world. People want to have a better world for their children. The love starts by loving our fellow man as well as our country. This is the choice everyone has to make.” – by Michelle Obama

12. “Love means accepting many faults and taking revenge out of your vocabulary. If you love someone, let go of the pain and move on with that person.” – by Beyonce

13. “Love sometimes means letting go of something that isn’t right for you. It’s important to walk away from toxic people and things going on in your life. Love gives you strength and courage.” – by Lucille Clifton

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14. “Love makes you let down your guard and allow people into your heart. Love makes you have no fear in your heart.” – by James Baldwin

15. “Love can hurt, but it shouldn’t stop you from pursuing it. When you love someone, you shouldn’t regret it. The feeling is worth all of the pain you may endure from it.” – by Langston Hughes

16. “Love is a feeling that’s similar to being on a tropical island. It makes you feel like you are safe and living in a peaceful world. Love will bring you peace and joy.” – by Octavia E. Butler

17. “The true keys to loving someone are knowing how to care for someone, showing affection for the person, giving them respect, and being committed to making the relationship work. You also need honesty and openness if you want to succeed at love.” – Bell Hooks

18. “Love always begins with you. If you can’t find someone you love, you always have you.” – by Kendrick Lamar

19. “Finding love within yourself is truly an act of God. Love is about accepting everything about yourself.” – by Ntozake Shange

20. “Everyone you meet will have issues of their own. Be with someone who will love you enough to help you deal with the issues.” – by Unknown

21. “Couples who are meant to be have the strength to go through struggles that are designed to break them up and end up stronger in the long run.” – from Mind Boot Strap

22. “The woman who belongs to me is not only mine. She is also a child of God. My job is to take care of her heart on God’s behalf.” – from Mind Boot Strap

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23. “What do you think of when you hear the name of the person you love?” – from Mind Boot Strap

24. “She is the strong drink you need in a world that’s full of weak people.” – from Mind Boot Strap

25. “Everyone deserves happiness. Don’t be with someone who thinks you’re not worth their time. Be with someone who wants to be with you now and forever. Be with someone who will never leave you or choose someone else before you.” – from Mind Boot Strap

26. “Love is a number of things you can’t live without. Where will you end up if you don’t start with love?” – from Meet Joe Black

27. “Love consists of the choices that are made, how strongly you’re committed to the relationship, and the things that keep people together.” – by Emily Giffin

28. “Every woman deserves a man who creates poetry on her body. Every man deserves a woman who longs for him to touch her.” – by Mardy Bryant

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29. “The beautiful way it looks in the morning describes the way I feel about you.” – from Mind Boot Strap

30. “When your woman cries, provide her with the tissue. When she’s laughing, join her. Don’t make fun of her. When she’s smiling, return the smile. When she is hurt or angry, make her feel better. The most important thing to do is love her or someone else will.” – from Raindrop kisses

31. “Love can be broken when there’s more suspicion than trust. Love is more powerful when you are more trusting despite all of your doubts.” – from Life Love Quotes and Sayings

32. “In a real relationship, a man doesn’t make his woman feel insecure or jealous. He makes others envious of her.” – by Steve Maraboli

33. “The best relationships happen when you least expect it.” – by Unknown

34. “They like each other and the world knows about it. Its only a mystery to them.” – by Unknown

35. “It’s a great thing to see black people believe in their spiritual guidance. Black people appreciate it because everything else is discussed so why not talk about that? It’s definitely worth discussing.” – by Boris Kodjoe

36. “If you don’t like what you see, take a minute to use your heart to see. The heart has better vision when it comes to beauty and love. It can see more than the eyes can see.” – by Unknown

37. “What happens when two people are afraid to say how they feel about each other?” – by Unknown

38. “There are five steps to a healthy relationship. Remain faithful to each other. Let them know that they are loved and wanted. Always respect your partner’s feelings. Don’t spend time peeking in your neighbor’s backyard. Make sure to have quality time together.” – by Unknown

39. “Your lips are sexy enough to kiss. Your body is worthy of being hugged. You’re the reason for my smile. Nothing means more to me than having your heart.” – by Unknown

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40. “Even when there’s no communication whatsoever, my heart and mind are thinking about you.” – by Unknown

41. “Being alone or with someone are just words. Only your heart can tell you what they truly mean.” – from Kush and Wizdom

42. “The goal in life is to be in a relationship where love keeps you together and nothing will tear you apart.” – by Unknown

43. “Couples may have their disagreements, but they should never go to bed mad.” – from Sumnan Quotes

44. “Men need women in their lives to have their backs. He needs her to protect him from the bad things in life.” – from Mind Boot Strap

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45. “A woman who doesn’t need to be reassured about things is a dangerous woman.” – by Mohadesa Najumi

46. “There shouldn’t be drama among black couples because there’s no freedom if people are conflicted. A decision needs to be made. You’re together or you’re apart.” – by Dr. John Henrick Clarke

47. “If you don’t lift him up or appreciate him, no one else will do it. Lift your man up and help him fight his demons. There are things going on you don’t know about. Don’t be another obstacle he has to overcome. Be his salvation.” – by Unknown

48. “It’s not hard to express how you feel about love. People have been expressing their love for a long time. The realness of the love is based on honesty and how it makes you feel. Anyone can say they love someone in many different ways and make it sound unique.” – by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds

49. “It can hard at times to know if love is worth it, but thinking of you makes love worth fighting for in the end.” – by Unknown

50. “Love is a gamble and people get hurt. Getting hurt is a part of life. People aren’t flawless and mess up in life. The best thing to do is to focus on the good things and tolerate the bad things.” – by Kristin Billerbeck

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Black Love Quotes Will Make You Think about Your Week

Black love can mean a variety of things but mostly is meant as a celebration of love between black people and couples in love and great relationships.  The quotes make you think about love and it’s different meanings of love. Some may be unique as well as romantic. Some may even make you smile. These quotes are designed to put a smile on your face and give you a great feeling about love.

Also, Oprah had a TV called “Black Love” – you can find it here

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