88 Fun and Creepy Freddy Krueger Quotes

Are you from the 1980s or 1990s – is this when you grew up? If so you must know who Freddy Krueger is. The horror movies with him at front and center were something almost all horror lovers of the time and since have seen. He was one of the most influential characters at the time – as he was one of the big three – Freddy, Jason, and Michael. No last names are needed to strike feat in movie goer’s hearts or at least oi be ready for the popcorn!

Freddy Krueger might have been the worst of the three as everyone has to sleep. These movies combine shock horror with psychological horror as no one is safe. The original catchy line creepily chanted by little girls jump-roping in a horrible basement. This was the perfect to remind us of our lack of security:

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you.

Three, four, better lock your door.

Five, six, grab your crucifix.

Seven, eight, gonna stay up late.

Nine, ten, never sleep again.

Keep on reading if you dare to reacquaint yourself with the master of horror and the original slasher we were all afraid of!

Freddy Krueger Quotes

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but nothing will ever kill me. Well, let’s see now. First, They tried burning me. [slices off thumb] Then They tried burying me. [slices off index finger] But this… this is my favorite. They even tried holy water! [slices off middle finger, drops hand out of frame and holds it Up again with all fingers intact]But I just keep on tickin’… because They promised me that.” – Freddy Krueger

“You think you’ve Got what it takes? I’ve been guarding MY gate for a long time, b… I am eternal.” – Freddy Krueger

“Did you know that after the heart stops beating, the brain keeps functioning for well over seven minutes? We Got six more minutes to play.” – Freddy Krueger

“Yes. The souls of the children give me strength.” [rips sweater, raveling faces in chest] — Freddy Krueger

Who’s next? You? [points to the left] Maybe you? [points to the right] Or how about, YOU?” [points at the screen] — Freddy Krueger

“That was then, this, is now. [cuts himself with his glove, green ooze comes out] Springwood’s nightmares are just beginning.” — Freddy Krueger

“Welcome to MY world, b. I should warn you, princess… the first time tends to get a little… messy.” — Freddy Krueger

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“Every town has an Elm Street. HAAA HA HA!” — Freddy Krueger

“[dressed Up as the Wicked Witch of the West, riding a broomstick] I’ll get you, MY pretty! And your little soul, too!” — Freddy Krueger

“Kung Fu this, Bitch.” — Freddy Krueger

“Why are you screaming when I haven’t even cut you yet?” — Freddy Krueger

“How’s this for a wet dream?” — Freddy Krueger

“Now, why don’t you just f ing die?” — Freddy Krueger

“One, two, guess who’s coming for you.”

“That was then, this, is now. [cuts himself with his glove, green ooze comes out] Springwood’s nightmares are just beginning.” — Freddy Krueger

“[There is a rapidly spinning globe. The globe stops. Krueger rips the globe to pieces revealing his own head below.] Today, Springwood! Tomorrow, the world! KA-BOOM! [a giant explosion occurss on Freddy’s head]” — Freddy Krueger

“looks at the flowers, stops to pick a flower and then smells it] She loves me, [picks another flower] she loves me not, [picks another flower] she loves me, She loves me NOT! [flowers catch on fire]” — Freddy Krueger

“[looks at the screen seriously] Drugs. Now THERE’S a real nightmare.” — Freddy Krueger

“Put your pedal to the metal, man… Buckle up, dear.” — Freddy Krueger

“Your eyes say ‘no, no,’ But MY mouth says ‘yes, yes’.” — Freddy Krueger

“You’ve Got their powers, I’ve Got their souls.” — Freddy Krueger

“It’s time to put this bad dog to sleep for good.” — Freddy Krueger

“You look tired. Have a seat.”

“When you wake up, it’s back in the saddle again.” — Freddy Krueger

“Now why don’t you just f*ing die!” — Freddy Krueger

“You are all MY children, now.” — Freddy Krueger

“We taught her a lot But there’s so much more to learn. How about this, doc.” — Freddy Krueger

“Think you’re so smart, huh, bitch.” — Freddy Krueger

“I didn’t need a glove to kill your bitch of a mother and I don’t need one now.” — Freddy Krueger

“Let me handle this bitch.” — Freddy Krueger

“Where you going, piglet? They party’s just started.” — Freddy Krueger

“Kung fu THIS, bitch.” — Freddy Krueger

“You forgot about the Power Glove!” — Freddy Krueger

“You shouldn’t have buried me, I’m NOT dead”. — Freddy Krueger

“There is no Jesse! I’m Jesse now!” — Freddy Krueger

“What’s with kids Today, huh? No respect.” — Freddy Krueger

“It’s the graveyard shift, when I get hungry.” — Freddy Krueger

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“How’s this for a wet dream?” — Freddy Krueger

“I’m your boyfriend now, Nancy.” — Freddy Krueger

“You can check in, But you can’t check out.” — Freddy Krueger

“Joey, look. All the little piggies come home.” — Freddy Krueger

“Elm Street’s last brat. Farewell.” — Freddy Krueger

“Faster than a maniac. More powerful than a local madman. It’s: Super Freddy!” — Freddy Krueger

“Your wish is MY command.” — Freddy Krueger

“Well, it ain’t Dr. Seuss.” — Freddy Krueger

“How sweet. Fresh meet.” — Freddy Krueger

“Why don’t you reach out and cut someone?” — Freddy Krueger

“Welcome to prime time, bitch!” — Freddy Krueger

“Welcome to Wonderland, Alice.” — Freddy Krueger

“Hey, Danny! Better NOT dream and drive!” — Freddy Krueger

“Tell ’em Freddy sent ya.” — Freddy Krueger

“If you think you’re leaving Springwood, you’re NOT going anywhere.” — Freddy Krueger

“[dressed as a doctor] Remember, we make house calls.” — Freddy Krueger

“[dressed as a doctor, messing around with power cords] An Apple a day ain’t gonna keep me away.” — Freddy Krueger

“This boy feels the need for speed…” — Freddy Krueger

“Why are you screaming? I haven’t even caught you yet.” — Freddy Krueger

“Who’s next? You? [points to the left] Maybe you? [points to the right] Or how about, YOU? [points at the screen]” — Freddy Krueger

“Your shift is over.” — Freddy Krueger

“Hey, Nancy. No running in the hallway.” — Freddy Krueger

“3… 2… 1… Ready or not, here I COME!” — Freddy Krueger

“Come here, MY little piggy. I Got some gingerbread for ya.” — Freddy Krueger

“I’ll get you, MY pretty, and your little soul too!” — Freddy Krueger

“Meet your maker.” — Freddy Krueger

Look Joey… All the little piggies have come home.” — Freddy Krueger

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Perhaps if there were more of me to spread around.” — Freddy Krueger

“I need you, Jesse. We Got special work to do here, you and me.” — Freddy Krueger

“A true warrior needs no eyes… Ninja warriors have calm. Find your balance, Rick!… Sayonara, Rick-san!” — Freddy Krueger

“Hmm… great graphics.” — Freddy Krueger

“Do you really think your boyfriend can wake you up? I’m your boyfriend now.” — Freddy Krueger

“No screamin’ while the bus is in motion! — Freddy Krueger

“Now THAT’S a face, only a mother could love!” — Freddy Krueger

“It’s not MY fault this bitch is dead on her feet.” — Freddy Krueger

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“This wont hurt… one… little… bit!” — Freddy Krueger

“You should listen to your mother.” — Freddy Krueger

“The only thing to fear is fear himself.” — Freddy Krueger

“One, two, guess who’s coming for you.” — Freddy Krueger

“Sorry, kid. I don’t believe in fairy tales.” — Freddy Krueger

“Daddy can’t help you now.” — Freddy Krueger

“[attempting to kill Jesse’s little sister, Angie] Wake up, little girl.” — Freddy Krueger

“Now I’m playing with power!” — Freddy Krueger

“No screamin’ while the bus is in motion!” — Freddy Krueger

“on screen – rips the girls nose off] Got your nose!” — Freddy Krueger

“These are my children, Jason. Go back where you belong!” — Freddy Krueger

“You think you was gonna get away from me?” — Freddy Krueger

“Hi, Alice. Wanna make babies?” — Freddy Krueger

“Now that you have me; what game do you want to play next?” — Freddy Krueger

“Miss me?” — Freddy Krueger

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Video: A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984 Official Trailer

Okay this is the original trailer. You will either find it fun and want to watch the video. Or you will find it super silly. Either way, it’s worth a watch.


Although Freddy Krueger is NOT someone you want to run into while sleeping you must admit he has a certain amount of style and boldness that makes him one of the scariest and most well-known horror characters of all time.

Freddy is the ultimate villain, you are only safe while awake and you can not stay up forever. Everyone needs sleep. The simplicity of his character is what makes it genius, sometimes the scariest things are those we were afraid of as children – the dark, the bogeyman, or being alone and defenseless. Sweet Dreams.

Image Credit: “Killapalooza 2: Nightmare on Elm Street” by Double Feature Podcast is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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