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51 of the Best Sons of Anarchy Quotes

51 of the Best Sons of Anarchy Quotes

Sons of Anarchy (SOA) is a TV show that premiered in 2008 on FX. The show starred Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, Mark Boone Jr., Maggie Siff, Winter Ave Zoli, and David Labrava. ‘Sons of Anarchy’ revolved around the main character, Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller, and a motorcycle club based in Charming, California. The show has a huge fan base and it’s season finale was in 2014. You can watch it here.

Some facts about the show include that the actor David Labrava is a former Hell’s Angels biker, and the actor Charlie Hunnam followed around motorcycle clubs and such to get into character for the show, before filming started the actor’s main inspiration for his character was killed.

A little known factoid – the actress Katey Sagal is actually married to the creator of the show, Kurt Stutter, and many fans of hers know her as Peggy Bundy in the show ‘Married.. With Children’ (1987-1997). There is a spin-off show to the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ called ‘Mayans M.C, their third season was originally said to be aired in fall of 2020, but because of the pandemic and social distancing the show will most likely be aired sometime in 2021.

Sons of Anarchy Quotes

“When the time comes she needs to tell my sons who I really am. I’m not a good man. I’m a criminal and a killer. I need my sons to grow up hating the thought of me.” – Jax

“I just pulled my six-year-old out of T-ball because I found out they’re giving trophies to every boy on every team for simply playing the game. Trophies should be earned. Teaching children that everyone’s equal is a dangerous philosophy.” – A.J. Weston

“Clay’s pity has moved into profound loathing. I see my best friend and my wife growing closer and closer. I have no jealousy, truly. I feel nothing. Not even fear, and I know I should be afraid.” – John Teller

“These next few months will be the most excruciatingly painful time of your sick and miserable life.” – Lee Toric

“It comes with the territory of my complicated identity. But my my feelings for you are simpler. They live very much inside the box. I’m afraid Alexander, that I may have fallen in love with you.” – Venus Van Dam

“Gemma knows every truth behind every lie inside every secret. She’s the gatekeeper.” – Juice

“Today I will be the man my father tried to be. I will make you proud.” – Jax Teller

“You keep saying you want to change things, but you keep repeating old behavior. You can’t have it both ways.” – Tara

“Everything caves under the weight of greed. I’ve seen it my whole life. Nothing stays simple.” – Elliot Oswald

“I was born of man, but I believe my true genesis happened a bit later, when I was stirred by the gods of love and beauty and transformed into an angel. Whose sole purpose is to bring light to the shadows and a little bit of joy to all those lost souls who can no longer find it.” – Venus Van Dam

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“I’m sorry that the family I was given has created such chaos in the family I’ve chosen. I hope you know I love you all very much.” – Jax

“I’m protecting the innocent. If I step on a few toes in the meanwhile, so be it.” – Gemma Teller Morrow

“If I was wronged by anyone, in or out of the club, I had to be compensated by money or blood. There was no turning the other cheek. When relationships become a ledger of profit and loss, you have no friends, no loved ones, just pluses and minuses. You are absolutely alone.” – John Teller

“I’m gonna dunk my b*lls in your mouth. You’re gonna gag. I’m gonna laugh. We’ll be best friends forever.” – Alex ‘Tig’ Trager

“You know the biggest difference between me and Mr. Pope? Damon made his bones being the smartest guy on the street. I made mine being the deadliest. Don’t cross me, Jackson. I have no remorse killing you or any of the Sons.” – August Marks

“If you gave a sh*t about Tara maybe you’d spend a little less time being a thug and a little more time being a dad.” – Unser

“Dear God, thank you for saving this boy…from his murderous junkie mom, who cared more about a $40 rush than she did her own flesh and blood.” – Gemma Teller Morrow

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“Why don’t you bounce my face off the floor? Then maybe you’ll recognize me.” – Gemma

“Einstein said that any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. But it takes a touch of genius and lots of courage to move something in the opposite direction. I’m realizing that my touch of genius and my courage are coming too little, too late.” – John Teller

“I’m a rat. What makes you think I wouldn’t be a liar, too?” – Juice Ortiz

“You know why I like teaming up with you Hap? Because when we do, I’m the normal one.” – Tig

“Anything happens to my grandson, anything, I promise you I’m gonna shove a gun barrel up that bony *ss of yours and I’m gonna blow that black heart of yours out.” – Clay Morrow

“Every day is a new box, boys. You open it, you take a look at what’s inside. You’re the one who determines if it’s a gift… or a coffin.” – Jax

“Don’t go setting fires where there’s nothing to burn.” – Clay Morrow

“I understand the pain you’re in, son. The reason for your silence. I lost a son and a nephew to gang violence. I didn’t want anyone arrested. I wanted them all dead. Heartless, cold bullets to the back of the head, just the way they killed my boy. That’s a natural reaction.” – Tyne Patterson

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“You’re a man who dares to dance with the freaks.” – Venus

“Anger clouds judgement and it makes us do things that we end up regretting. Things we can never take back.” – David Hale

“I buried my best friend three days ago. As cliché as this sounds, I left a part of me in that box.” – Jax

“This life, it ain’t romantic or free. There’s no path to anything that makes any sense. It’s just dirty and sad. And we both know it’s only going to get worse.” – Wayne Unser

“Examine who you are as people and what you choose as your path in your life. Figure out what’s important to you. Know yourselves…Know what’s in your heart…and know whats right. Don’t be swayed by fear or history or the opinions of outsiders. Find your own truth. It will lead you to the things you love.” – Jax Teller

“This is about war and maybe tomorrow, next month, maybe ten years from now someone wearing a Reaper will cut your heart out.” – Bobby

“Benefit of an end date: Nothing more dangerous than a guy who knows he’s already dead.” – Clay Morrow

“Every time I think maybe I’m heading in the right direction, I end up in a place I never even knew could feel this bad.” – Jax

“You can slap my wrists until they’re bloody, lady. I don’t give a sh*t. I’m giving you a win well above your pay grade. You get your devil and you punch your ticket out of this cesspool.” – Jax Teller

“There you go, finding a hidden advantage in an unfortunate circumstance; using pain to take you to the next level. Those are the things that turn players into kings.” – Damon Pope

“I promise, always, to cherish and protect you…and treat you as good as my leather and ride you as much as my Harley.” – Opie

“We can’t allow our hearts to be louder than our reason.” – Chibs Telford

“I’m more scared now than I ever was. I’m scared of getting caught. I’m scared of not getting caught.” – Tara Knowles

“So let’s not get too lost in righteousness. I’m the scumbag outlaw, and you’re the pillar of justice. And neither one of us likes looking at ourselves in the mirror. Do we have a deal?” – Jax Teller

“She’s still your mother….Women like your mom, they don’t do so good without family.” – Nero Padilla

“I bought him fingers. Those freaky little nubs were freaking me out.” – Gemma

“Some days you’re the Beamer, some days you’re the godd*mn deer.” – Jax Teller

“I’m getting released. There’s nothing you can do to stop that. I’ll find out who you are, and where you live, and then I’m gonna kill you.” – Jax

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“That’s a natural reaction. The desire for revenge, it’s a part of grieving. The difference is in my world, I knew that those violent desires would never become real. In yours, it’s a very likely outcome.” – Patterson

“There’s no saving Clay. He’s like a wounded animal. But the next dead body you’re gonna be standing over is the mother of your grandchild. Are you ready for that?” – Waynne Unser

“My grief and introspection terrifies them… drives Gemma mad. Clay’s pity has moved into profound loathing. I see my best friend and my wife growing closer and closer. I have no jealousy, truly. I feel nothing. Not even fear, and I know I should be afraid.” – John Teller

“Not my place to judge. We all fall down. It’s about how we get up.” – Gemma Teller Morrow

“You so much as flash a pretty grin at him, I will jam my fist so far up your bony *ss, your cup size will double.” – Gemma

“My brain never stops. Why am I here? Should I be here? Am I afraid to stay, afraid to go, afraid to be a mother? It’s endless. I drive myself crazy.” – Tara

““Clay Morrow killed your father, stole that seat away from this family, gunned down your father’s best friend and he tried to kill your wife. He’s a murderous traitor and there’s only one thing to do now, Jackson… for your father, your family and your club. It’s in you. It’s who you are. Clay has to die.” – Gemma

“He made it through the Iraqi mine fields only to get taken out in a Goddamn kitchen.” – Clay

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Sons of Anarchy Video – Trailer for Season 1

Watch the trailer for the first season.

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You may not be a die hard fan of the show that features a motorcycle club and so many illegal activities, but chances are that you know a die hard fan because the fan base for this show is so wide-spread.

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