43 Most Popular Technoblade Quotes

Technoblade is perhaps the most renowned Minecraft player and YouTuber among the gaming community. He is a very experienced Minecraft player with phenomenal skills in PVP (player vs. player) combat who live-streams Minecraft content on his YouTube channel, which has more than 10 million subscribers as of today.

He mainly streams on Minecraft servers Hypixel, MC Championship, Minecraft Mondays, SMP Earth, Party Games, and Minecraft Story Mode.

Technoblade’s fans are used to his peculiar and hilarious comments and quotes about the game and everyday life. Below, we have listed the most popular Technoblade quotes for you to get a good sense of why this guy has a huge fan-following.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

43 Most Popular Technoblade Quotes

1. “Now, I know what you’re gonna say: “Technoblade, you monster! You really killed millions of your own kind just to make a sword?”. And it- look, look, look, come on, you gotta understand. There was nothing else I could do, I was mildly inconvenienced!” — Technoblade


2. “I think Skyblock at its core is the ultimate challenge in resource management. You spawn on a tiny island in an empty universe. All you have is a tree, some supplies and some dirt to stand on. You have to treasure EVERY dirt block, because if one falls into the void, there’s no way to replace it and as you carefully navigate your absurd circumstance, you gain a new appreciation for the few things you have as you meticulously use them to their fullest effect. With nothing but some ice, lava and saplings you slowly transform this empty expanse into a world of your very own. Skyblock teaches us that no matter how ridiculous the odds may seem, within us resides the power to overcome these challenges and achieve something beautiful. That one day, we’ll look back at where we started and be amazed by how far we’ve come.” — Technoblade


3. “Problem: ‘My baby needs to learn to understand theoretical physics.’ The solution? A gun. That baby better learn! He better learn right this instant or I don’t know what I’m gonna do to that baby! I dunno what I’m gonna do to that baby if he doesn’t understand theoretical physics right this instant! I SWEAR TO GOD! YOU’D BETTER LEARN THOSE EQUATIONS! That is all.” — Technoblade


4. “I tried to raise my shield, but I accidentally sheared the ground, or whatever you call this mechanic. All I know is that I clearly did not take my ADHD medicine this morning, because I immediately become distracted and forget about the duel for about ten seconds, but then I remember “Oh, right, $100,000” and go in for the kill.” — Technoblade

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5. “When you need someone to fix your sink, you call a plumber. When you need someone to fix your electricity, you call an electrician. And when you need someone to OVERTHROW A BRUTAL TYRANT, YOU CALL AN ANARCHIST!” — Technoblade


6. “Look, I’m an atheist, but when God sends me to Hell I want him to hesitate.” — Technoblade


7. “Most opportunities are created by luck. It takes skill to grasp those opportunities and turn it into success.” — Technoblade


8. “This is the second-worst thing to happen to these orphans.” — Technoblade


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9. “Dude, these orphans are getting destroyed!” Technoblade


10. “Christmas, canceled, Halloween, canceled! Things were getting canceled so fast, people thought it was Twitter.” — Technoblade


11. “The important thing is we’ve got the epic team-up of Tubbo, and everybody that’s murdered Tubbo in the past.” — Technoblade


12. “I don’t think party games are about winning, I think it’s about winning as much as possible to absolutely demoralize your enemies. That’s what it’s all about.” — Technoblade


13. “Those that have treated me with kindness, I will repay that kindness tenfold- AND THOSE THAT TREAT ME WITH INJUSTICE. That used me. That hunt me down. THAT HURT MY FRIENDS… I shall repay that injustice a thousand times over” — Technoblade


14. ”You see all of these look like challenges in life that we just don’t think we can do, but once you just walk up there and punch them, they just don’t respawn” — Technoblade


15. “As I looked at the map I saw it filled it with my peers, people I have known for years, did I really have it in me to rat 2 of them out for a measly refrigerator? Yes” — Technoblade


16. “Most opportunities are created by luck. It takes skills to grasp those opportunities and turn it into success” — Technoblade


17. “I can’t wait to claim the whole world and tell everyone to hippity hoppity get off my property.” — Technoblade


18. “People that say that violence is not the answer, I think they’re just not that good at violence.” — Technoblade


19. “I realize now that rank #1 isn’t an achievement; it’s a prison which forces you to dedicate your life to defend a temporary title” — Technoblade


20. “Bring back everything! We must save Skyblock! And I never had a thought about anything else except saving it, because I am a good person, look in my sincere eyes..” — Technoblade

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21. “Oh, man the village got trashed! I’d hate to be the guy in charge of cleaning all this up… Wait a minute.” — Technoblade


22. “Why couldn’t you guys just have voted for Barry? We could’ve had 15 percent more alchemy experience, but now we gotta fight to the death!” — Technoblade

Technoblade Quotes

23. “I have 924.000 intelligence, finally I can understand Rick and Morty!” — Technoblade


24. “I’m gonna ban half of Skyblock, I’m the Thanos mayor, go ahead and warn the others, they’ll never believe you!” — Technoblade


25. “When you need someone to fix your sink, you call a plumber. When you need someone to fix your electricity you call an electrician. And when you need someone to overthrow a brutal tyrant, you call an anarchist!” — Technoblade


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26. “Dante has taken over our game, he has forced egregious taxes on us, I mean two coins to travel from island to island, who can afford that? No one has that kind of money!” — Technoblade


27. “Finally the next election began, the first candidate was Dante, the second, Dante, the third, fourth, fifth? It was all Dante! The age of Dante had begun!” — Technoblade


28. “Dante even posted goons all across Skyblock, which would kick people out of businesses, if they weren’t wearing masks!.. Okay, maybe that one’s reasonable.” — Technoblade


29. “Well I have to say, having our logistics be handled by a guy in creative mode would solve a lot of problems.” — Technoblade


30. “I think the moral of this story, is that at the end of the day, sometimes the best camouflage, is not hiding directly next to a man wearing a bright blue sonic onesie!” — Technoblade


31. “The game began. I immediately headed to the safest place I knew, Afghanistan.” — Technoblade


32. “As I looked at the map, I saw it filled with my peers, my friends, people I’d known for years. Did I really have it in me to sabotage two of them, just for a measly refrigerator?.. Yes.” — Technoblade


33. “We got the dirt channel member bell. Alright, give me a second to make vast quantities of money.” — Technoblade


34. “Subscribe to Technoblade, I’m trying to get 10 million subscribers. Please I upload once per month, I deserve it, I work very hard. I log in once per month, alright it’s very difficult.” — Technoblade


35. “My property value is going into the gutters right now man, it’s getting obliterated.” — Technoblade


36. “No matter how ridiculous the odds may seem, within us resides the power to overcome these challenges and achieve something beautiful”. — Technoblade

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37. “You know we could fix global warming if we blew up the sun. Globe would cool right off. Just an idea. Consider it.” — Technoblade


38. “Okay, listen I hear a lot of voices, alright. It just doesn’t mean a lot, if I hear another one, like I am an unreliable narrator over here.” — Technoblade


39. “All the voices are agreeing with me right now, I think that you’re a little bit weird”. — Technoblade


40. “Do I really have to tell him I found his parents? I’m really relying on his depression to give me those low, low prices.” — Technoblade


41. “I’m so used to being a wanted criminal, but I got rid of the country that had a bounty on me, and now all my problems are solved.” — Technoblade


42. “My box can hold at least 12 orphans. That’s just the highest we’ve managed to fit, but we’re looking for smaller ones.” — Technoblade


43. “Superman’s parents are so dead that he got new parents and then they died.” — Technoblade

Technoblade Quote

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Technoblade Quotes (Part 1)

Part 1 of a series of the most popular Technoblade quotes compiled into a YouTube video. Check out his hilarious quotes and lines that he has said in hundreds of his Minecraft videos.


After reading these Technoblade quotes, you can tell why this guy is so popular and loved. He is a full-of-life gamer who has immense knowledge of Minecraft. You will often find his quotes to be relevant to the real world too. We hope you had a good laugh after reading these and learning more about your favorite Minecraft YouTuber.

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