Top Sid the Sloth Quotes That Will Make You Snort with Laughter

Ice Age is one of the most iconic children’s movies set in the Ice Age. It is a wonderful mix of comedy, adventure, love, friendship, loss, and danger and is loved by people globally. Aside from Manfred the mammoth and Diego the saber-toothed tiger, Sid the sloth is a crucial character that adds life to otherwise dull situations in his friends’ lives.

In the first film, Sid is a lovable and soft-hearted character who makes two unusual and much more dangerous friends than himself (a large mammoth and a carnivorous saber-toothed tiger).

The three friends go on an expedition to return a human baby and come across several heart-warming moments and hilarious situations. Sid is determined to return the baby to their family since he had been abandoned by his own when he was younger. Nevertheless, Sid values family above all else and comes to think of his friends as a family by the end of the movie.

Other movies from the Ice Age series also feature Sid supporting his friends and comforting comic relief in the most stressful situations. To look at the world from Sid the sloth’s innocent eyes and learn about friendship and loyalty, you must read the following compilation of Sid the sloth quotes.

Here Are Some of the Best Sid the Sloth Quotes

1. “Look, I’m sorry to interrupt your snack, but we gotta go.” – Sid the Sloth

2. “Uh, no. Actually, that pink thing belongs to us.” – Sid the Sloth

3. “Well, I ain’t exactly lactating right now, pal.” – Sid the Sloth

4. “That’s right, you losers! You take one step, and you’re dead!” – Sid the Sloth

5. “That means there’s something wrong with it.” – Sid the Sloth

6. “All right. You have fat hair, but when you’re ready to talk, I’m here.” – Sid the Sloth

7. “Should we make sure they found him?” – Sid the Sloth

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8. “You can’t leave him here. Look, there’s smoke! That’s his herd right up the hill. We should return him.” – Sid the Sloth

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9. “I don’t like this cat. He reads minds.” – Sid the Sloth

10. “I’m a mammal that cares.” – Sid the Sloth

11. “I don’t know about you guys, but we are the weirdest herd I’ve ever seen.” – Sid the Sloth

12. “That’s it; you’re out of the herd!” – Sid the Sloth

13. “Humans are disgusting.” – Sid the Sloth

14. “I’m so full. How about a good night kiss for your big buddy Sid?” – Sid the Sloth

15. “Fine, be a jerk. I’ll take care of him.” – Sid the Sloth

16. “Wow, I wish I could jump like that.” – Sid the Sloth

17. “What is this? Pine cones. Oh, my goodness. They’re my favorite. Delicious. That’s good eating. But don’t let me hog them all up. Here, you have some. Tasty, isn’t it? Bon appetit-ue.” – Sid the Sloth

18. “Wait, aren’t you going south? The change of seasons, migration instincts. Any of this a-ringing a bell?” – Sid the Sloth

19. “No thanks. I choose life.” – Sid the Sloth

20. “Way to go, tiger.” – Sid the Sloth

21. “Whoa? You and me. We make a great team.” – Sid the Sloth

22. “Wahoo! We did it! We did it! What? What? You have beautiful eyes.” – Sid the Sloth

23. “Oh, thanks, Manny. You’re my pal. You are my best.” – Sid the Sloth

24. “I gotcha. Captain, iceberg ahead.” – Sid the Sloth

25. “Hey, Manny. Aren’t you forgetting something?” – Sid the Sloth

26. “All right, I’ll just go by myself.” – Sid the Sloth

27. “My mistake. That was my mistake.” – Sid the Sloth

28. “Don’t let them impale me, please I wanna live!” – Sid the Sloth

29. “Well, I think mating for life is stupid. I mean, there’s plenty of Sid to go around.” – Sid the Sloth

Sid the sloth quotes

30. “They left without me. They do this every year. Why? Doesn’t anyone love me? Isn’t there anyone who cares about Sid, the Sloth?” – Sid the Sloth

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31. “This has definitely not been my day. You know what I’m saying, buddy? What a mess.” – Sid the Sloth

32. “Just pretend that I’m not here.” – Sid the Sloth

33. “Diego, you hold the baby.” – Sid the Sloth

34. “Boy! For a second there, I actually thought you were gonna eat me!” – Sid the Sloth

35. “Are you threatening me?” – Sid the Sloth

36. “Hey, widebody, curb it next time!” – Sid the Sloth

37. “From now on, you’ll have to refer to me as ‘Sid, Lord of the Flame.’” – Sid the Sloth

38. “Yeah, but with my little stick in my highly evolved brain—ow—I shall create fire.” – Sid the Sloth

39.“Hey, I’m a sloth. I see a tree; I eat a leaf, that’s my tracking.” – Sid the Sloth

40. “That south thing is way overrated. The heat, the crowds—who needs it? Isn’t this great? You and me, two bachelors knockin’ about in the wild.” – Sid the Sloth

41. “Gosh, I hate breaking their hearts like that. But you know how it is.” – Sid the Sloth

42. “We’ll see if brains triumph over brawn tonight. Now, won’t we?” – Sid the Sloth

43. “My family abandoned me. They just kinda migrated without me. You should see what they did last year. They woke up early and tied my hands and feet, and they gagged me with a field mouse, covered their tracks, went through water so I’d lose their scent and—who needs ’em, anyway?” – Sid the Sloth

44. “Come on, keep up with me.” – Sid the Sloth

45. “Okay, so you’ve got issues. You won’t even know I’m here. I’ll just zip the lip.” – Sid the Sloth

46. “Hey, why am I the poop-checker?” – Sid the Sloth

47. “This is cake. I’m fine, I’m fine. I’m gonna die.” – Sid the Sloth

48. “Everybody has somebody, and all I’ve got is my boyish good looks and this Mariachi band.” – Sid the Sloth

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49. “Now to find a meal befitting a conquering hero.” – Sid the Sloth

50. “My mother once told me that bad news is just good news in disguise.” – Sid the Sloth

Sid the Sloth quote

51. “You’re so pretty. You take my lisp away.” – Sid the Sloth

52. “If I don’t make it, find me a wife, and tell her I love her!” – Sid the Sloth

53. “We fought dinosaurs in the ice age! It made no sense, but it was exciting!” – Sid the Sloth

54. “Diego-poo! Hey, I made you another coral necklace. He keeps losing them. Hee-hee!” – Sid the Sloth

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Check out some of the best lines by everyone’s favorite prehistoric sloth, Sid!


Sid the sloth is a cute and lovable character from the Ice Age franchise. He goes on fun and thrilling adventures with his friends and tries to keep everyone together and safe as a family.

Although he doesn’t get much appreciation in return (due to his annoying habits), Sid doesn’t fall short in loving his friends and making them smile through their toughest times. If you want to read more quotes from different animated shows and movies, click on any of the following links.

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