The Most Purrfect Catwoman Quotes

Cat woman is one of the most iconic features in the excellent fiction series Batman mythology. Arguably, her most impressive and iconic appearance comes from Tim Burton’s 1992 version of Batman. 

In the movie, Michelle Pfeiffer is Selina Kyle who has an alter-ego as the Cat woman. Pfeiffer was s a sensational star in all of her acts. From these featuring and performances, she was able to come up with some of the most iconic quotes, some inspiring and funny, and others for real-life situations.

In this article, I will be taking a look at some of the Cat Woman quotes either from a dialogue she is involved in or some words she gave the public as quotes. With a random round won of all the best lines, compiling all the way from acerbic to killer quotes are some of the best quotes from the great villain.

Sexy Catwoman Quotes

1 ‘In life, never quit of don’t ever let them see you afraid that is the part of the life rule and above all never ever let your enemies see your pain, always wipe your tears and stand out as nothing happen. Doing this will make them think they you are strong, but the truth is you are hurt; the only difference is they didn’t see you in that situation.’


2 ‘Trust me, my small world is surrounded by the shades of grey; some will call it the shadow of Batman, and that is why it is hard for them and you to understand me.’


3 ‘Life will be much simpler if I don’t surround myself with this conscience.’

4’Go ahead and tell me you saw me or you heard me because that is me, and you can tell me how I screw, but I don’t care

5 ‘The East, my soul, and heart is tied to this act and place, and because of it is costing me so many tears and blood. However, this is where the great Catwoman was born, and because it has already happened, it means I am going to die here doing it well like being the last of my kind.’

6 ‘We both know that you have been looking for some hints and reasons to say for an eternity you never wanted my character around, and you never liked the whole me, but your small ego could not let you justify that just come out it is not a big deal am used to that, and that is why Catwoman am.

7 ‘Small birds should find a place where big and bad kitty cats spend their time playing.’

8 ‘To save the planet, iconic heroes make some sacrifices, and that is the lesson of every hero’s story, and from that, I wish I could be one of them. I have a lot to give to the world, and my only sacrifice is the gift of love. I was given this for free, and it’s all I have for you.’

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9 ‘Love hard, live fast, leave a good and nice smelling corpse and die young.’

10 ‘They can have me and my life without parole, but for this night right here today, try and find me a Bat; it is all that matters; it’s a diamond that shines our way to our destiny.’

11 ‘They have always suspected me, and am sure some are even suspecting me now, but let me tell you something they will never ever see me; they can try to run or chase me but am sure they will never catch me or match my pace.’

12 ‘Let me take you to the past; before I put on this iconic mask, I was afraid of you all.’

13 ‘The best way to keep your man is to show him what he expects; when you understand this, everything will never look beneath or sideways.

14 ‘I am a thief and taking other people’s things is what I do the best am sorry you understand this as a prize or just a possession or even a venture if profit. It is something I perfect in, and trust me, and no one does it as good as I.’

15 ‘You are part of the dark and the night at large am just saying you look like me, but the difference is we are the same only if I have a mask on so you fake and in my fake life I enjoy the most so don’t fear the dark because we are thrilled by the story.’

16 ‘Like the mountain view, it is the only thing you will be catching the same tonight if you hang out with me.’

17 ‘It is funny that no one wants to tell you that the satisfaction brings the killed cat from the curiosity that killed it, that is why it all comes down to how you take this some will leave them on the way just to feature their story but for you take your time and find the whole story.’

18 ‘It is such a waste of time when pretty things and souls get broken.’

19 ‘If you see them tell them we are ready and waiting… but not for long because Batman’s lover will join her lover in the live battle.’

20 ‘Rabbiting is one of the worst things to hide your traits in, and I am saying this because not even in a single scenario have liked this. I have a pussyfooted. I also have kitty-cornered but not the rabbit mode.’

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21 ‘I have to tell you and also admit it that I have missed it so much my adrenaline is also on toes the action is here and the knowledge that cash and resources stolen is always the precious than what we earned using the same money.’

22 ‘Tell me or feel free to ask me anything you want. I will stuff my family treasures right down your system just to make you understand.’

23 ‘If this is what it feels to wear a white hat… to do or have the right thing done, then that is what the Batman story feels like. I don’t like the whole story about their perspective am good at it, and I will give it the best.’

24 ‘You should at least understand holly than anyone in this world and sometimes use it to save lives; that is what I do.’

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25 ‘Honey am home; what’s for dinner! Oh no, I forgot I am single.’

26 ‘Catwoman; ‘You are the 2nd man who tried to kill me today, but you forgot something. I have more than one life in me; actually, I have seven left.’

Batman; ‘I tried to save you, don’t you see that?’

Catwoman; ‘oh, it appears to me that every woman you happen to save end up dead or no disrespect; I think you should retire and let the Catwoman take over the city.’

27.’ I don’t understand it wholly, and it is even making me think otherwise; why do poor guys always confuse their pistols with your privates? Well, I know they like it, or perhaps they think it is your weak spot.’

28 ‘Freedom is power, and in order to live unafraid and untamed life, you need to understand that life is a gift of nature that you should always rejoice each day you begin a new journey.’

30 ‘You can make it so simple by always waiting for the hero to came and save I am a Catwoman; I do both, so Hear me roar!’

31 ‘I am a lady and for that no and I mean no one should take advantage of me or even consider me as a second chance am not for granted so you should not take me for granted.’

32 ‘Bruce, I would, and I repeat I would like to love and to live my life with you in an amazing castle forever just like the old tales what I can’t promise is a happy ending.’ Catwoman, ‘Batman Returns’ (1992)

33 ‘One thing about us the cat family is we come when we feel like not when we are called on stage.’

34 ‘It is the old tale called normal beings who always let you down, and one thing about Sickos and me is that he never scars me; at least they are committed.’ Catwoman, ‘Batman Returns’ (1992)

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35 ‘By accepting who you are and by all you have, that is when you will understand the true meaning of being free and freedom is the other meaning of power.’

36 ‘The old me would always wait for someone to notice me and see how special I was… the new me, I always embrace the special in me, and that is why my heart is no longer with disappointment. All along, it was me for me to see how good and special I was, and now I do. I don’t know about it so much, and sometimes I Miss Kitty, but I feel so pretty and yummier with the current me.

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Batman Returns (1992) – Meow Scene

If you want to see Michelle Pfeiffer in action as Catwoman, this scene is a ton of fun!

In this first sequel to 1989’s Batman, the Caped Crusader (Michael Keaton) is up against the Penguin (Danny DeVito), the hideously deformed scion of a wealthy Gotham City family. The Penguin plots with evil businessman Max Schreck (Christopher Walken) to become mayor and then turn Gotham into a cathedral of crime.

Upon overhearing these plans, Schreck’s mousy secretary Selena Kyle (Michelle Pfeiffer) is tossed from a high-rise window by her boss.

Rescued by a covey of kittens, Selena transforms into the leather-clad Catwoman, and she teams with the Penguin and Schreck to divvy up their ill-gotten gains and help discredit Batman-but she also has her own scores to settle. Paul “Pee-Wee Herman” Reubens, Vincent Schiavelli and Jan Hooks play significant bits, while Pat Hingle and Michael Gough make returns as, respectively, Commissioner Gordon and Alfred the Butler.

Final Words

Cat woman is more of an inspirer than an actor; some know her in Batman’s shows’ dark mask. The above quotes make some of her most spoken phrases and show lines you can use them for fun or in your speech next time they welcome you to an event as their speaker.

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