55 Most Memorable La La Land Movie Quotes

A 2016 romantic musical, La La Land stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone who reach for the stars while living in Los Angeles. This is a tale of true love in which the aspiring actress (Mia Dolan) meets the man of her dreams in the form of a jazz pianist Seb Wilder.

It all begins with Mia stuck in traffic when out of the blue comes an enraged Seb who’s impatience is getting the better of him. As if things couldn’t get any worse, bam, Mia’s car gets towed while partying with a roommate. Some of the other characters include Keith, played by John Legend, Laura Wilder, played by Rosemarie DeWitt, and Josh, played by Josh Pence.

The film soon became a hit, grossing over $400 million worldwide. In August of 2016, it had its grand premiere at the Venice Film Festival. It would go on to win 7 outstanding awards, including the 74th Golden Globe and Best Film Award. The movie is a fun romantic inspiration and the 55 movie quotes below will inspire you to live your dream life.

La La Land Quotes

1. “Maybe I’m not! It’s like a pipe dream.” — Mia

2. “Curt?” — Mia

3. “Okay, I was an asshole. I can admit that. But requesting “I Ran” from a serious musician, it’s just, it’s too far.” — Sebastian

4. “I’m letting life hit me until it gets tired. Then I’ll hit back. It’s a classic rope-a-dope.” — Sebastian

5. “They worship everything and they value nothing.” — Sebastian

6. “People love what other people are passionate about.” — Mia

7. “Maybe I’m not good enough!” — Mia

8. “I’m letting life hit me until it gets tired. Then I’ll hit back. It’s a classic rope-a-dope.” — Sebastian

9. “Alright, I remember you. And I’ll admit I was a little curt that night.” — Sebastian

10. “Yes, you are.” — Sebastian

11. “My Lord, did you just say “a serious musician?” — Mia

12. “Can I borrow what you’re wearing?” — Mia

13. “I think you should call it Seb’s because no one will come to a place called Chicken on a Stick.” — Mia

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14. “I don’t think so.” — Sabastian

15. “So you’re an actress? I thought you looked familiar. Have I seen you in anything?” — Sabastian

16. “What do you mean you don’t like jazz?” — Sabastian

17. “Because I have an audition next week. I’m playing a serious firefighter.” — Mia

18. “Oh, I see.” — Sebastian

19. “This is the dream! It’s conflict and it’s compromised, and it’s very, very exciting.” — Sebastian

20. “Uhh, the coffee shop on the Warner Brothers lot, that’s a classic.” — Mia

21. “So you’re a barista? And I can see how you could then look down on me from all the way up there.” — Sebastian

22. “It just means that when I listen to it, I don’t like it.” — Mia

23. “Yeah, I didn’t think so.” — Sebastian

24. “Maybe it means something.” — Sebastian

25. “That’s what you always say.” — Mia

26. “How are you gonna be a revolutionary if you’re such a traditionalist? You hold onto the past, but jazz is about the future.” — Keith

27. “I’m always gonna love you, too.” — Sebastian

28. “I thought you wanted me to do this, it just sounds like now you don’t want me to do it.” — Sebastian

29. “You’re fired.” — Bill

30. “To be in a band, to have a steady job, you know to be… you know.” — Sebastian

31. “Of course, I wanted you to have a steady job so that you could take care of yourself and your life and you could start your club. — Mia

32. “Alright, I remember you. And yes, I’ll admit that when we met, I was a little curt.” — Sebastian

33. “Yeah, so I’m doing that, so I don’t understand why aren’t we celebrating?” — Sebastian

34. “I made you something.” — Mia

35. “Alright, I was an asshole. I can admit that! But requesting “I Ran” from a serious musician? Too far!” — Sebastian

36. “So change the name!” — Mia

37. “Cause no one’s gonna come to “Chicken on a Stick.” — Mia

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38. “That’s a really cool outfit. Do you mind if I borrow it next week?” — Mia

39. “You can knock it off your bucket list.” — Sebastian

40. “No, Jamal. You be trippin’.” — Mia

41. “Because I have an audition coming up where I have to play a “serious” firefighter.” — Mia

42. “I want to let you know you’re looking at a new man. A man who’s happy to be here.” — Sebastian

43. “(singing) And here’s to the fools who dream / Crazy as they may seem. / Here’s to the hearts that break. / Here’s to the mess we make.” — Mia

44. “Gladly… Although, you know, I thought in this town it worked on a sort of “one for you, one for me” basis type system. How about two for you, one for me?” — Sebastian

45. “This is the dream! It’s conflict and it’s compromised, and it’s very, very exciting!” — Sebastian

46. “You could just write your own rules. You know, write something that’s as interesting as you are.” — Sebastian

47. “(after Sebastian honks car horn outside Mia’s apartment) Is that gonna happen every time?” — Tracy

48. “(about jazz) It’s conflict and it’s compromised, and it’s just… it’s new every time. It’s brand new every night. It’s very, very exciting!” — Sebastian

49. “I should probably tell you something now, just to get it out of the way.” — Mia

50. ” Maybe I’m one of those people that has always wanted to do it, but it’s like a pipe dream for me, you know? And then you… you said it, you-you changed your dreams, and then you grow up. Maybe I’m one of those people, and I’m not supposed to. And I can go back to school, and I can find something else I’m supposed to do. ‘Cause I left to do that, and it’s been six years, and I don’t wanna do it anymore.” — Mia

51. “What is that? Is that a script?” — Tracy

52. “I just feel that people, when they say that they, you know, hate jazz… they just… they don’t have context, they don’t know where it comes from. You know? Jazz was born in a little flophouse in New Orleans, and it just, because people were crammed in there, they spoke five different languages, they couldn’t talk to each other. The only way they could communicate was with jazz.?” — Sebastian

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53. “(Tracy barges in), Woah! Holy s–t! You wanna open a window?” — Tracy

54. “And you have an audition tomorrow at 5:30. I’ll be out front at 8:00 a.m. You’ll be out front or not, I don’t know.” — Sebastian

55. “(During her audition) My aunt used to live in Paris. I remember when she used to come home, and tell us… these stories about being abroad. And… I remember… she told us once that she jumped into the river once. Barefoot. She smiled.” — Mia

La La Land Video – Official Movie Trailer

This trailer is so good and memorable. If you haven’t seen the movie, it will inspire you to watch it this week!

And if you have seen the movie, it will take you back to the movie itself and the struggle to succeed in Los Angeles.


Those are without a doubt 55 of the most memorable La La Land quotes. We hope you have better insight into the movie and its legendary characters.

May they spark something inside that inspires you to sit down and watch the film for yourself.


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