The 40 Most Meaningful Quotes from Moneyball for Baseball Fanatics

Moneyball is a 2011 blockbuster starring Brad Pitt (Billy Beane) and Jonah Hill (Peter Brand). It  revolves around a recruiter trying to assemble the best baseball team ever seen on a very tight budget.

The movie beautifully depicts the intricacies and struggles associated with baseball and how a team of undertrained and under equipped misfits come together to form one of the best baseball teams the world has ever seen.

The movie delivers some of the most amazing quotes and dialogues about the sport. So join us as we walk you through 40 of the best Moneyball quotes every baseball fanatic should read.

40 Must-Read Quotes from Moneyball for Every Baseball Fan

Billy Beane

1. “It’s hard not to be romantic about baseball. This kind of thing, it’s fun for the fans. It sells tickets and hot dogs. Doesn’t mean anything.” – Billy Beane

2. “I know you’ve taken it in the teeth out there, but the first guy through the wall. It always gets bloody, always. It’s the threat of not just the way of doing business, but in their minds, it’s threatening the game.” – John Henry

3. “Adapt or die.” – Billy Beane

4. “If we don’t win the last game of the series, they’ll dismiss us. I know these guys, I know the way they think, and they will erase us.” – Billy Beane

5. “Your goal shouldn’t be to buy players. Your goal should be to buy wins. In order to buy wins, you need to buy runs.” – Peter Brand

6. “If he’s a good hitter, why doesn’t he hit good?” – Billy Beane

7. “Everything we’ve done here, none of it’ll matter. Any other team wins the World Series, good for them.” – Billy Beane

8. “But really, what it’s threatening is their livelihoods, it’s threatening their jobs, it’s threatening the way that they do things. And every time that happens—whether it’s the government or a way of doing business or whatever it is—the people are holding the reins, have their hands on the switch.” – John Henry

9. “If we win—on our budget with this team—we’ll change the game. And that’s what I want, I want it to mean something.” – Billy Beane

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10. “I’m not paying you for the player you used to be, I’m paying you for the player you are right now.” – Billy Beane

11. “I made one decision in my life based on money. And I swore I would never do it again.” – Billy Beane

12. “That’s all right, we’re blending what we see but we aren’t allowing ourselves to be victimized by what we see.” – Billy Beane

13. “You get on base, we win. You don’t, we lose.” – Billy Beane

14. “I think we can judge it, and I like him. But I can judge him. First base is the moon to him.” – Art Howe

15. “You’re smart, you get what we’re trying to do here. Make an example for the younger guys, be a leader. Can you do that?” – Billy Beane

16. “When you get the answer you’re looking for, hang up.” – Billy Beane

17. “Is losing fun? Is losing fun? Then what you’re having fun for?” – Billy Beane

18. “Pack your bags, Pete. I just bought you from the Cleveland Indians.” – Billy Beane

19. “Listen, man. I’ve been in this game a long time. I’m not in it for a record, I’ll tell you that. I’m not in it for a ring. That’s when people get hurt.” – Billy Beane

20. “Jeremy’s about to realize that the ball went 60 feet over the fence. He hit a home run and didn’t even realize it.” – Peter Brand

21. “This guy is going to start him off with a fastball. Jeremy’s going to take him to deep center. Here’s what’s really interesting, because Jeremy’s gonna do what he never does. He’s gonna go for it. He’s gonna around first and he’s gonna go for it.” – Peter Brand

22. “They are asking all the wrong questions and if I say it to anybody I’m—I’m ostracized. I’m a rebel, so that’s why I’m—I’m cagey about this with you.” – Peter Brand

Billy Beane Quote

23. “We’re all told at some point in time that we can no longer play the children’s game, we just don’t—don’t know when that’s gonna be. Some of us are told at 18, some of us are told at 40, but we’re all told.” – Scout Barry

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24. “People are overlooked for a variety of biased reasons and perceived flaws. Age, appearance, personality.” – Peter Brand

25. “There is an epidemic failure within the game to understand what is really happening. And this leads people who run Major League Baseball teams to misjudge their players and mismanage their teams. I apologize.” – Peter Brand

26. “I pay you to get on first, not get thrown out at second.” – Billy Beane

27. “It’s about getting things down to one number. Using the stats the way we read them, we’ll find value in players that no one else can see.” – Peter Brand

28. “I believe that there is a championship team of 25 people that we can afford because everyone else in baseball undervalues them.” – Peter Brand

29. “We are card counters at the blackjack table, and we’re gonna turn the odds on the casino.” – Billy Beane

30. “The pleasure of rooting for Goliath is that you can expect to win.” – Michael Lewis

31. “The pain of looking bad is worse than the gain of making the best move.” – Michael Lewis

32. “Over a long season the luck evens out, and the skill shines through. But in a series of three out of five, or even four out of seven, anything can happen.” – Michael Lewis

33. “We’re not gonna compete with these teams that have big budgets. We’re gonna work with the constraints that we have and you’re gonna get out and do the best job that you can, recruiting new players. We’re not gonna pay 17 million dollars a year to players.” – Stephen Scott

34. “We’re not New York. Find players with the money that we do have.” – Oakland A’s Owner

35. “I’m not asking you for 10, 20, 30 million dollars. I’m just asking for a little bit of help. Just get me a little bit closer and I will get you that championship team. I mean, this is why I’m here. This is why you hired me. And I gotta ask you, what are we doing here?” – Billy Beane

36. “People who want cry badly to win and to be seen to have won, enjoy a tactical advantage over people who don’t.” – Michael Lewis

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Billy Beane Quotes

37. “Every form of strength covers one weakness and creates another, and therefore every form of strength is also a form of weakness and every weakness a strength.” – Michael Lewis

38. “People in both fields operate with beliefs and biases. To the extent you can eliminate both and replace them with data, you gain a clear advantage.” – Michael Lewis

39. What begins as a failure of the imagination ends as a market inefficiency—when you rule out an entire class of people from doing a job simply by their appearance, you are less likely to find the best person for the job.” – Michael Lewis

40. “Managers tend to pick a strategy that is the least likely to fail, rather than to pick a strategy that is most efficient.” – Michael Lewis

Moneyball – The Movie – Best Scenes

Here are some of the best scenes from the 2011 baseball super hit, Moneyball!


Moneyball is a movie about struggle, faith, belief, trust, determination, and resilience, all of which are flawlessly reflected in the beautiful dialogue spoken throughout the movie.

We hope that by reading the Moneyball quotes above, you will find the courage and determination to face and overcome the struggles in your own life. To read more inspiring quotes, jeep watching this space!

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