40 Most Interesting Hockey Quotes

Hockey is a competitive and entertaining sport that can be played on ice, in the field, or on a roller rink. The key to success to success in hockey is dedication, talent, and teamwork. Playing hockey is an incredible way to build your strength and sportsmanship. Whether you are a forward defensive or a goalie, the key to winning hockey is being a good teammate.

Players such as Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky, and Mario Lemieux are great players who have left amazing quotes and sayings about hockey. Winning the game and becoming the best hockey player starts with your mindset.

If you are a player, fan, parent, or coach, these insightful sayings will resonate with you. They are the perfect quotes that will inspire your team  – enjoy our collection of hockey quotes about teamwork and dedication that will enhance your overall performance.

Hockey Quotes

1. “Whether you’re trying to learn in hockey or trying to learn in life, I’ve always tried to be observant and tried to learn more, tried to evolve, whether it’s as a hockey player or as a person. With each year, I try to do that.”– Sidney Crosby

2. “My most visceral childhood memory is getting home from hockey. Much of our family time revolved around hockey, and it rains a lot in Perth, and we’d get home tired and wet in our tracksuits, and the smell I’d hold in my nose is of mother’s vegetable soup.”– Tim Minchin

3. “I’m not superstitious about anything in my life – except for playoff hockey. I get really kind of sketchy and weird about it. I don’t like talking about it. I don’t like making predictions.”– CM Punk

4. “I have always been interested in finding new ways to play and have looked at handball keepers and ice hockey goal-minders. It helps me.”– Manuel Neur

5. “When you play hockey, you don’t have any fear. As soon as you step on the ice everything goes away and you’re focusing on the puck and focusing on the play.”– Alexander Ovechkin

6. “I wasn’t into sports when I was younger. I was one of those kids who always tried to get a note from the doctor to say I had a cold so I didn’t have to go play hockey in bad weather and be miserable.”– Eliza Doolittle

7. “It’s too easy when you’re not winning to look for excuses and point at others for reasons. You ca say ‘Oh well, it’s this guys fault or they don’t do this well’, or you can say ‘I’ve got to play better and contribute more’. You’ve got to find another gear and come up with big games.”– Sean Burke

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8. “Hockey s a funny game. You have to prove yourself every shift, every game. It’s not up to anybody else. You have to take pride in yourself.”– Paul Coffey

9. “I tried to talk my daughter out of going with a hockey player but, he’s a good kid. He asked me if he could marry Carrie before he asked her. I said: You want to what? I thought he was just going to ask for more ice time.”– Phil Esposito

10. “It’s not who wins the fight that’s important, it’s being willing to fight. If you get challenged and renege, everyone wants to take a shot at you.”– Barclay Plager

11. “The top three worst things I’ve seen in hockey? The invention of the trap. The invention of the morning skate. And the invention of the extremely ugly uniform.”– Brett Hull

12. “I often look at the guys who can whistle before a game and shake my head. You’d think they didn’t have a care in the world. Me? I’m just plain miserable before every game.”– Glenn Hall

13. “I would be trying to play hockey with my friends, but most of the time, the coach put me on the bench. Because I was too dreamy – I was dreaming all of the time. I was super bad on the ice because I was just thinking about something else.”– Denis Villeneuve

14. “How would you like a job where, every time you make a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?”– Jacques Plante

15. “When I was a kid, I played sports a lot. My mom and dad were divorced, but I hung out in the neighborhood a lot, and it was all about sports. I would be out all day on the sand lot or on the hockey rink. My dad would take me to baseball games, but he worked so hard, and he would always fall asleep.”– Alex Gibney

16. “John Davidson is one of the premier executives in the National Hockey League. As we continue to build a team that can consistently compete for the Stanley Cup, John’s knowledge of the game and his experience and passion for the Rangers logo make him the ideal choice to oversee our Hockey Operations department.”– James L. Dolan

17. “I think the big thing is you really have one chance to do this… to play hockey for a living, you have one chance at your career, and you have to take full advantage of it.”– Patrick Kane

18. “Growing up, I played hockey because I loved playing it. I didn’t view myself in minor hockey as a Black hockey player, but I was also aware that I was.”– Jarome Iginla

19. “It’s not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice that counts; it’s what you put into the practice.”– Eric Lindros

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20. “My goal was to play in the NHL, because that is the best hockey in the world.”– Jaromir Jagr

21. “Street hockey is great for kids. It’s energetic, competitive, and skilful. And best of all, it keeps them off the street.”– Gus Kyle

22. “It’s not who wins the fight that’s important, it’s being willing to fight. If you get challenged and renege, everyone wants to take a shot at you.”– Barclays Plager

23. “Biologically, I’m 10. Chronologically, I’m 33. In hockey years, I’m 66.”– Mark Messier

24. “You find that you have peace of mind and can enjoy yourself, get more sleep, and rest when you know that it was a one hundred percent effort that you gave – win or lose.”– Gordie Howe

25. “I love those hockey moms. You know what they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is? Lipstick.”– Sarah Palin

26. “Whether somebody is really competent – whether he has a good hockey mind, whether he’s a good person to lead a hockey club – is something determined over a long period of time, not one tournament.”– Steve Yzerman

27. “Hockey is a unique sport in the sense that you need each and every guy helping each other and pulling in the same direction to be successful.”– Wayne Gretzky

28. “Where in normal neighborhoods, they would play stick ball and hockey and baseball, we used to slap box and bring boxing gloves down the street and box each other.”– Eddie Alvarez

29. “I grew up a huge jock, a lot of basketball and football. We had a pond in my back yard growing up, and we played a lot of hockey, too. I loved to score goals.”– Andy Grammer

30. “That’s the awesome part. Little girls now have a chance to look up and see women playing soccer, basketball, softball and now hockey – and know they can win a gold medal, too.”– Angela Ruggiero

31. “We grew up very poor, and I hated being poor. I was the oldest of five kids, and I never got a pair of skates until I was nine. It was very difficult to get an education back then and play junior hockey.”– Paul Henderson

32. “I played pretty darn competitive-level hockey. Then the good old knee injury. Obviously, it’s a blessing in disguise, but growing up Canadian, that’s our religion, that’s our football.”– Taylor Kitsch

33. “Some of us love hockey not just for its ferocity and skill but for its underlying code of civility off the ice.”– George Vecsey

34. “I always played hockey, I was always a hockey fan, but I was never bitten by the hockey bug… I never looked into playing it professionally.”– Chris Jericho

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35. “The hockey lockout of 1994 – 1995 has been settled. They have stopped bickering… and can now get down to some serious bloodshed!”– Conan O’Brien

36. “I believe Bobby Orr had the greatest impact of any player to come along in my lifetime. He earned his place in hockey history by single handedly changing the game from the style played in my day. In my mind there can be no greater legacy.”– Jean Beliveau

37. “Playing hockey, there were a lot of guys bigger than me, so I knew I was going to get hit and have to deal with it. Gotta hit back.”– Mike Weir

38. “If you’ve only got one day to live, come see the Toronto Maple Leafs. It’ll seem like forever.”– Pat LaFontaine

39. “My dad was very much a John Wayne kind of guy, but he was also a great guy, great sense of humor, a real dedicated dad. I don’t think he ever missed a hockey game I was in.”– Denis Leary

40. “I played hockey, as most girls who go to convent schools in Ireland do, as well as table tennis and badminton – all the rock ‘n’ roll sports.”– Laura Whitemore

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The above collection of hockey quotes will truly capture the essence of hockey sport. If you love watching or playing the above famous quotes will put a smile on your face. Moreover, if you practice hockey regularly, then these quotes motivate you to work hard to become a hockey legend.

This thrilling sport is filled with amazing moments as well as incredible gameplay. Anytime you need motivation then you can reread these intersting hockey quotes. You can also share them with your teammates and coaches for inspiration.


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