47 Funny Teacher Quotes

Being a teacher is an important and commendable job. Teachers are responsible for educating people throughout their lives and it is often a  thankless and unappreciated job. Besides your parents, teachers are the ones who show you everything you need to know to make it in life.

Teachers can be loved as well as hated because they expect a lot from their students. It’s easy to dismiss how helpful teachers are while you are a student. Some students don’t want to waste time studying or doing homework. They want to have fun. They don’t realize that practice is what makes you perfect. Fortunately, our educators know that you need to practice in order to be good at something.

Some students don’t appreciate teachers while they are in school. They learn to appreciate them after they graduate or if they become teachers themselves. Since teaching can be tough, they may need to laugh in order to get through the rough times.

These funny teacher quotes are designed to help teachers realize that they can get a laugh while teaching. Teaching can be frustrating so they need something to help them laugh in order to get through the hard times so they can put a smile on their faces.

Funny Teacher Quotes

1 “A fancy car can’t get you where you want to go in life the way a diploma can.” – by Joyce A. Myers

2. “I was pulled over by an officer and he wanted my papers. I did what he wanted and gave him my students’ homework to grade. After I did that, I drove off.” – by Heidi McDonald

3. “A teacher’s role in life is to take a bunch of crazy people and turn them into well behaved students.” – by D. Martin

4. “A teacher is no different from being a celebrity. You have to do what you can to make sure you have your audience’s attention. Your students are shocked when they see you outside of class. Your fans are willing to follow you wherever you go. Your name is constantly being called out by your fans.” – by Heidi McDonald

5. “Hats off to the teachers who lone out their supplies knowing students will never return them.” – by unknown

6. “The odds of me winning the lottery are the same as getting my students to pay attention to directions the first time I give them.” – by unknown

7. “Smonday means Sunday stops feeling like the weekend and more like the weekday.” – by unknown

8. “It doesn’t make me crazy because I want to teach. I am crazy about being a teacher.” – by unknown

9. “If you want to know what the future holds for you, don’t ask a scientist or anyone in that field. Don’t ask a technology expert. If you really want to know what the future is going to be like, ask a teacher.” – by Clifton Stoll

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10. “No teacher will ever tell you that they enjoy working on lesson plans for the entire weekend.” – by unknown

11. “Teachers are no different from signs on the road. Even when you give them clear directions, students will still get lost.” – by unknown

12. “A student asks what it feels like to be a teacher. The teacher wanted to show her by cutting her off every time she tried to talk.” – from bored teachers

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13. “If a teacher isn’t exhausted by Friday, did they really do their job?” – from bored teachers

14. “A teacher told their student that they learned how to do this early on. The student said they couldn’t remember what they ate that morning.” – by unknown

15. “Sunday is supposed to be a day for rest. Whoever said that was right. It’s a day to do the rest of the laundry. It’s also a day to do the rest of your housework. You also have to grade the rest of your students’ school work.” – by unknown

16. “Religion will always exist in school as long as teachers give out tests.” – by unknown

17. “You are a teacher if you are grateful that your thoughts are hidden from your students.” – by unknown

18. “A teacher’s job is the only profession that will make you think about the names you want for your own children.” – by unknown

19. “My sarcastic teacher attaches job applications for fast food restaurants on failing test papers.” – by unknown

20. “Since I am a teacher, I can’t tell the difference between what is normal and what is not.” – by unknown

21. “You are most likely a teacher if you try to discipline kids when you aren’t in school.” – by unknown

22. “May the coffee you drink be strong and the students you teach be calm.” – by unknown

23. “A friend told a teacher she looked exhausted. The teacher told her friend that’s just her natural expression now.” – by unknown

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24. “This day is a successful one because I didn’t have to yell, cry, hide out anywhere or eat food to calm my nerves.” – by unknown

25. “You will never catch a teacher telling their students they can come in sick.” – by unknown

26. “You know you’re a teacher when the one child you wish wouldn’t come to school is never absent.” – from bored teachers

27. “I never have an answer when I am asked what I like to do in my spare time. I’m in the teaching profession. I love when my lunch isn’t in a tote. I love when I don’t have to grade papers over the weekend.” – by unknown

28. “If you want teachers to be heroes, keep supplying them with coffee.” – by Heidi McDonald

29. “A dog calls a teacher to tell her that he ate his owner’s homework.” – by Heidi McDonald

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30. “A student let his teacher know there is no point moving his seat because he talks to everyone in the class.” – by unknown

31. “To all teachers everywhere, this is my hope for you. I hope your Xerox machine never gets jammed. I hope your markers never get dry. I hope your staff meetings aren’t too long. I hope you can make a difference with one student at a time.” – by Heidi McDonald

32. “The teaching profession should require the skill it takes to handle a bus full of live animals without any brakes down a mountain while being able to inform you about the view.” – by Franklin Habit

33. “Teachers, try to hold on as much as possible because Friday is almost over.” – by unknown

34. “The teacher asked her student if he did his homework. The student wanted to know if she graded his test. The teacher let him know she had to grade other students’ tests. The student told her he had other homework from other teachers to do too.” – by unknown

35. “There are three reasons to motivate you to become a teacher. The reasons are June, July and August.” – by unknown

36. “There’s a reason why I try to meet my students’ parents. I want to get to know them so it will help me understand and forgive their children’s behavior.” – by Louis Johannot

37. “Parents don’t seem to understand how hard teachers have it until their children are stuck in the house all day.” – by unknown

38. “A teacher asked her student about her book. The student told her that she left the book at home. The teacher wanted to know what it was doing there. The student told her the book was having more fun than she was.” – by unknown

39. “A math teacher asked the students a math question. She said she had five beers in her left hand and six in her right hand. She asked the students what she had. A student replied that she had a drinking problem.” – by unknown

40. “If I said the things that were going through my head while teaching my class, I wouldn’t be teaching anymore.” – from pink tulip creations

41. “Being a teacher will give you a chance to see how loud you can talk.” – by unknown

42. “When my teacher told me that an idiot was at the end of the ruler, she got upset with me. I guess it’s because I asked her which end of the ruler she meant. I ended up getting detention because of it.” – by unknown

43. “Once the last child leaves your class at the end of the week, it’s time to do the teachers’ version of a happy dance.” – from some ecards

44. “A note to teachers. Please stop being a reporter instead of a teacher. People ignore reporters. Reporters are the only ones who know what they are talking about most of the time. Things only seem clear once they are explained properly. You don’t listen to yourselves. Our job is not to teach each other. Our job is to learn. You know more things than we do. We are not all able to do public speaking in front of people waiting for us to mess up.” – by unknown

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45 “Teaching is the only job where you have to listen to bells every hour and come out swinging.” – by Frank McCourt

46. “To all of my students, I am aware that you are all texting in class. No one looks between their legs and smiles.” – by unknown

47. “A teacher wanted all the stupid kids in her class to stand up. One student stood up. The teacher asked the student if he was stupid. The student said he wasn’t stupid. He didn’t want her to stand alone.” – by unknown

Quotes for Teachers


The teaching profession is one of the most rewarding professions out there. Teachers help mold the minds of students. They are partly responsible for students learning what they need to know in order to make it in life. There wouldn’t be doctors, lawyers, businesspeople, police officers, celebrities, etc. without teachers. Teachers are responsible for everyone’s growth even though it is rarely recognized.

Once students graduate, teachers are usually forgotten. Despite being responsible for our successes, teachers rarely get credit for what they do for us. These quotes will give students an idea of what teachers go through when they are trying to teach. It will also help teachers put a smile on their faces because they will see that they are not alone in the fight.

And if you are a teacher that is  having a hard time with students or wondering why you chose this profession, you may get a laugh at these quotes and they may re-invigorate you. You will find a quote that will fit what you are going through with your students. Students will also get to find out what they put teachers through and get an understanding of what they deal with on a daily basis.


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