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100 Motivational Quotes For Teachers That Will Make You Proud To Be A Teacher

Are you bored with the routine teaching? Or do you feel uncomfortable when facing some mischievous and disobedient students every day? If you have to face various teaching pressures such as improving test scores, do you have enough motivation to drive yourself to continue your teaching? If you happen to be in these situations, then the following motivational quotes for teachers are just for you.

100 Motivational Quotes For Teachers That Will Make You Proud To Be A Teacher

Indeed, teaching is one of the greatest professions on the planet. Teaching requires not only the teachers themselves to have sufficient knowledge, patience, tolerance, but also the teacher to imparted their knowledge to the students in a way that students like. More importantly, teachers should be able to inspire students’ learning inspiration, give them selfless help, correctly shape students’ values, outlook on life, and prepare for their future.

Here are collection of motivational quotes for teachers.

1)“He Who Dares To Teach Never Cease To Learn.” – Richard Henry Dana

The knowledge provider has the privilege to always learn new things and have a wider approach to life. He/she never stops learning.

2)“Every Child Deserves a Champion Adult Who Understands The Power Of Connection And Insists That They Become The Best That They Can Possibly Be.” – Rita Pierson

A teacher acts a guide who can take the child forward and help him to achieve everything that he has dreamt of achieving.

3)“A Teacher Takes a Hand, Opens a Mind, And Touches a Heart.” – Anonymous

The masculate generosity and patience that a teacher has, allows him/her to make a difference in every child’s heart.

4)“When One Teaches Two Learn.” – Robert Heinlein

The teacher is one of the greatest learners of all time, and every time she teaches a student, she too gains knowledge, teaching is a two-way process.

5)“Every Child Needs At least One Adult Who Is Irrational crazy About His/Her Studies.” – Anonymous

Every child needs at least one adult who is passionate about learning to be their role model.

6)“Its Monday Teachers Put On Your Capes.” – Anonymous

A teacher always has the work hard. Monday for them is a new day, to make a difference in another person’s life, to be their superhero.

7)“Life As a Teacher Begins The Day When You Realize That You Are Always a Leaner.” – Anonymous

Life is also a teacher when you realize that you need to learn.

8)“A Good Education Can Change Anyone, a Good Teacher Can Change Anything.” – Anonymous

A strong teacher has the strength to change every heart, she has the capacity to change a child and bring out his/her talent.

9)“Teach Like a Pineapple, Stand Strong, Wear a Crown, And Be Sweet From Inside.” – Anonymous

Teaching is an art and very few can master it, and if you have mastered it, you are already better, smarter and kinder than most of the earth’s population.

10)“Educators Are The Only People Who Lose Sleep Over Other Peoples Children.” – Nicholas a Ferroni

Educators are the only people who can care about your child’s education more than you do, that is how kind and responsible they are.

11)“The Best Teacher Are Those Who Show You Where To Look, But Don’t Tell You Where To See.” – Alexander k Trenfor

The best teachers always have a way to make the students think and understand everything/about everything.

12)“Teacher Is a Compass That Activates The Knowledge, Curiosity And Wisdom In Pupils.” – Amanda Wilson

Teacher is a compass that directs the children towards education and fun learning experiences.

13)“Teach The Children So That It Is Not Necessary To Teach The Adults.” – Anonymous

Start from the bottom so that the top can ever rot, teach the younger generation so that the older generation doesn’t need teachings.

14)“If Someone Id Going Down The Wrong Road, He Does Not Need Motivation To Speed Him Up, He Needs Education To Turn Him Around.” – Jim Rohn

Teachers have the capacity to mend ways to students who are not on the correct path, that is the amazing capacity of teaching.

15)“The Mediocre Teacher Tells. The Good Teacher Explains. The Superior Teacher Demonstrates. The Great Teacher Inspires.” – William Arthur Ward

The exceptional teacher has the ability to inspire and become the role model for a student.

16)“Teaching Is More Than Imparting Knowledge, It Is Inspiring Change. Learning Is More Than Absorbing Facts, It Is Acquiring Understanding.” – William Arthur Ward

Teaching demands a lot more effort than just understanding or imparting knowledge, it is a beautiful synchronisation of a lot of valuable aspects.

17)“I Am Not a Teacher, But An Awakener.” – Robert Frost

The teacher is the guide, the well wisher and the role model.

18)“When You Learn, Teach. When You Get, Give.” – Maya Angelou

That is the motto every teacher should follow who aspires to becomes a good and successful knowledge provider.

19)“Teaching Breeds Confidence. Confidence Breeds Hope. Hope Breeds Peace.” – Confucius

Teaching gives confidence to learners, and once the learners got confidence, they will have hope, and hope leads peace.

20)“Teaching Is The Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use To Change The World.” – Nelson Mandela

Of all weapons teaching stands as one of the most powerful ones, as it can make people learn, change and believe.

21)“Teaching Is Not a Lost Art But a Regard For Its Lost Tradition.” – Jaques Barzun

Teaching is an art that is hard to master but beautiful when able to master.

22)“The Man Or Woman Who Can Make Hard Things Easy Is The Real Educator.” – Anonymous

Teaching is about knowledge departing and he who can make that simple, is an excellent teacher.

23)“Children Are Like Wet Cement Whatever Falls On Them Makes An Impression.” – Haim Ginott

Children are very vulnerable at their young ages, only a good teacher can mould their minds into the right direction.

24)“Teaching Kids To Count Is Fine But Teaching Them What Counts Is Best.” – Bob Talbert

Teaching child to identify what things deserve counts is much important how to counts.

25)“Teaching Is Not The Filing Of a Pail, But The Lighting Of a Fire.” – William Butler Yeats

Teaching is not just copy, but inspiring.

26)“Teaching Is a Profession That Creates All Other Professions.” – Unknown

Teaching creates knowledgeable individuals who later in turn move o different professions applying that knowledge.

27)“It Is The Supreme Art Of The Teacher To Awaken Joy In Creative Expression And Knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

It is the most beautiful thing to make a child believe in the power of knowledge and creativity.

28)“If a Child Cannot Learn The Way We Teach, Maybe We Should Teach Them The Way They Learn.”- Ignacio Nacho Estrada

Teaching should be according to child’s learning way, not teacher’s way.

29)“Teachers Teach More By What They Are, That What They Say.” – Robert Mccloskey

What teacher’s doing is much more important then what teacher said.

30)“A Good Teacher Will Always Think About The Student First.” – Anonymous

A good teacher’s primary responsibility is the student, it is after then that everything comes.

31)“Teaching Is The Greatest Act Of Optimism.” – Colleen Wilcox

Teaching requires effort and a great deal of patience, it also requires a positive and strong minded individual.

32)“Today You Lead Your Students, Tomorrow They Will Lead The World.” – Anonymous

Your students will become stronger and will have the ability to leading the world in the future.

33)“A Good Teacher Is Like a Candle, It Consumes Itself To Show Light To Others.” – Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

It is the beauty of sacrifice and patience that gives the teacher the colour of determination and efficiency.

34)“A Good Teacher Is a Doctor Who Heals Ignorance And An Artist Who Inspires Creativity.” – Unknown

A good teacher must have the ability of knowledge and inspiring creativity.

35)“A Teacher Affects Eternity, He Can Never Say When His Influence Stops.” – Henry Adams

The impact of a teacher is humungous, he/she has influenced generations after generation.

36)“Great Teachers Empathize With Students, Respect Them And Believe That They Have a Special Talent.” – Anonymous

Great teachers believe in their students more than anything in this world.

37)“You Maybe a Teacher But To Your Students You Are a Hero.” – Unknown

For students the teacher is their biggest guide and the most trustworthy person in their lives.

38)“Be The Kind Of Teacher You Needed When You Were Younger.” – Anonymous

We all needed a hand growing up, the aim should be to be that hand when we grow up.

39)“True Teachers Use Themselves As Bridges To Help Their Students Cros Over To The Knowledgeable Side.” – Nikos Kazantzakis

Teachers have the enormous capacity to sacrifice their time and hard work for any student who is in need of that.

40)“Often a God Teacher Instead Of Inspiring Students Gets Inspired By Them, That Is The Quality You Need As a Teacher.” – Unknown

A good teacher is not scared of a student who is gifted, she praises and feels proud to have him and also gains knowledge from him.

41)“A Good Teacher Can Be Strict But Will Never Question The Genuine Failure Of a Student.” – Unknown

A good teacher always trust students and always help them whenever they needed.

42)“A Good Teacher Places Everything Related To Study Pressure To Creative Fun, Equally On Both Her And Her Students.” – Anonymous

A good teacher knows and understands her students, and teaching in the way that students like.

43)“The Best Teachers Teach From The Heart Not From The Book.” – Unknown

He/she will always believe in a lot more than book restricted knowledge.

44)“A Good Teacher Believes That Every Student Has The Potential To Succeed.” – Anonymous

He/she, if required will find and polish the potential, no matter how hard, to make the student believe in himself and his capabilities.

45)“A Teachers Task Is Not To Create Students In His Own Image But To Create Students On Their Own Image.” – Srinivasan Sriram

A good teacher respects the individuality of students and values that.

46)“A Good Teacher Teaches Children How To Think And Not What To Think.” – Gary Keogh

A good teaches guides you through every stage of education.

47)“The Principal Goal Of Teaching In The Schools Should Be Creating Men And Women Who Are Capable Of Doing New Things, Not Simply Repeating What Other Generations Have Done.” – Unknown

The teaching principle should be to inspire a new generation of students to create and discover new things.

48)“The Secret In Teaching Lies In Respecting The Student.” – Anonymous

The respect between the student and the teacher should be mutual.

49)“Do You Know The Secret Of The True Teacher? In Every Man There Is Something Wherein i May Learn Of Him; And In That i Am His Pupil.” – Anonymous

The level of knowledge of the teacher determines how much knowledge the student can learn from you.

50)“A Teacher Is But a Social Worker, Working For Children Who Take The Nation Forward.” – Anonymous

The teacher acts as one’s conscience until his/ her own conscience comes to activity.

51)“A Child Mis-Educated Is a Child Lost. Only a Teacher Can Save Such a Child.” – John f Kennedy

Only a good teacher can bring a lost student back to track.

52)“What Is Taught With Pleasure Is Never Forgotten.” – Alfred Mercier

Teaching needs to be enjoyed at every stage.

53)“What Is Beautiful About Teaching Is That No One Can Take It From You.” – Unknown

No one can take the essence of imparting education from a teacher ever.

54)“Better Than Thousand Days Of Diligent Studies Is One Day With a Good Teacher, The Aim Should Be To Be That Teacher.” – Simon Brooks

The goal of good teaching should be how to let the teacher teach, rather than let the students learn.

55)“The More That You Teach, The More Things You Will Know, The More That You Learn, The More Places You’ll Go.” – Dr. Seuss

Teaching involves a continuous process of learning, blessed are the teachers.

56)“You Can Teach a Student a Lesson For a Day; But If You Can Teach Him To Learn By Creating Curiosity He Will Continue The Learning Process As Long As He Lives.” – Clay.p.Bedford

Inducing curiosity and interest in a student is the key to good teaching.

57)“It Takes a Big Heart To Shape Little Minds.” – Anonymous

A teacher has the kindest and the most generous of all hearts.

58)“Being Able To Help Someone Learn Something Is a Talent.” – Unknown

Being a teacher is a true talent.

59)“An Individual Is Indebted To His Father For Living, But To His Teacher For Living Well.” – Alexander The Great

A teacher shows one the true path to a successful and healthy life.

60)“The Direction In Which Teaching And Education Starts a Man Will Determine His Future Life, That Is The Importance Of Teaching.” – Plato

A teacher’s way of teaching directly affects the future of the student.

61)“Be a Teacher Who Gives You Something To Take Home To Think About Besides Homework.” – Lily Tomlin

A teacher who gives you a thought nugget to take home, is a true maestro.

62)“The Teacher Who Is Indeed Wise Does Not Bid You To Enter The House Of His Wisdom But Rather Leads You To The Threshold Of Your Mind.” – Khalil Gibran

A truly wise teacher is to let students learn the way teachers think.

63)“A Teacher Touches Tomorrow Today.” – Anonymous

Only a teacher has the capability to influence the future of students.

64)“Teacher Who Love Teaching, Teach Children To Love Learning.” – Robert John Meehan

A true teacher loves education and teaches children out of her love for education.

65)“Without Teacher’s Life Would Never Have Any Class.” – Creative Journal

Without teachers there would be no school classes and life too would lack quality and class.

66)“Teachers – The Link Between Knowledge And Education.” – Unknown

The teacher is the true connection between education and learning.

67)“The Most Wonderful Part Of Being a Teacher Is To Think That Many Years Down The Line, There Will Be Someone, Somewhere Out There, Thinking About How Lucky They Were To Be Taught By a Teacher As Wonderful As Yourself.” – Unknown

How lucky it is to be taught by a good teacher.

68)“Behind Every Successful Man And Woman, There Is An Unsung Hero.” – Anonymous

These teachers do not need medals or praises for their education.

69)“There Is Nothing More Inspirational Than a Teacher Dreaming About Being Able To Give Flight To a Child’s Dreams.” – Anonymous

A good teacher is the person who besides your family should care about children’s dream.

70)“Only The Teachers Who Are Truly Passionate About Teaching Can Make Students Truly Passionate About Learning.” – Anonymous

Teacher’s enthusiasm will affect students’ enthusiasm.

71)“Your Job Titles May Be Teacher But In Reality, You All Are The Architect Who Is Shaping Humanity’s Future.” – Anonymous

A teacher is the constructor of our futures.

72)“A Good Teacher Is One Who Has The Knowledge Of a Scientist And The Personality Of a Politician.” – Anonymous

A good teacher should be a combination of knowledge and character.

73)“Teachers – The Silent Warriors Who Make The World a Better Place, One Child At a Time.” – Anonymous
A teacher is the guardian for every child during their formative ages.

74)“Teachers Do What Books Can’t And What Parents Don’t.” – Daniel t Willingham

A teacher’s capacity should not limited by books and parents.

75)“The Best Part Of Being a Teacher Is That When Your Students Grow Up They Will Forget Everything You Taught Them, But They Will Never Forget You.” – Unknown

A teacher is an indelible memory from everyone’s childhood.

76)“Students Will Forget What The Books Taught But They Will Never Forget What The Teacher.” – Anonymous

The teacher’s words are more permanent for students than the text in the textbook.

77)“The Difference Between Books And Teachers Is That Books Can Teach a Child The Meaning Of Creativity But Can’t Do What Teachers Can – Teach a Child How To Be Creative.” – Anonymous

A good teacher should teach people how to be creative.

78)“A Teacher Is The Gardener Who Sows The Seeds Of Imagination Today Which Will Reap Into The Leaders And Innovators Of Tomorrow.” – Unknown

Everything the teacher imagined today determines the future of the student.

79)“Teachers Are Torch Bearers For Mankind, Carrying The Light Of Knowledge And Passing It From Generation To Generation.” – Swami Nikhileswar Ananda

Teacher is the transmitter of knowledge.

80)“A World Without Teachers Is a World That Doesn’t Exist.” – Unknown

No teachers, no civilized world.

81)“The Desire To Be a Good Parent Is Organic. But The Desire To Be a Good Teacher Is True Sacrifice – It Is The Undying Passion Of Trying To Change The World One Life At a Time.” – Anonymous

The sacrifice of teachers is far greater than the sacrifice of parents.

82)“There Isn’t a Single Good Thing About Being a Bad Teacher, Just Like How There Isn’t a Single Bad Thing About Being a Good One.” – Anonymous

The quality of a teacher depends on many aspects and cannot be judged unilaterally.

83)“Teaching Is Not a Service, Profession Or a Job – It Is a Pillar Of The Society.” -Anonymous

It gives strength and agility to the society.

84)“Of All Human Beings, Teachers Are Immortals Because Their Words Stay In The Minds Of Their Students For The Rest Of Their Adult Lives.” – Unknown

Teachers remain immortal in the minds of their students.

85)“Being a Teacher Is Such a Selfless Profession. Teachers Spend Their Lives Teaching Children How To Eventually Live Lives Without Their Guidance.” – Unknown

The most optimistic profession which demands sacrificing personal needs and being empathetic towards all, is being a teacher.

86)“A Good Teacher Makes Your Dream, Her Dreams.” – Anonymous

Good teachers make the world a bearable place.

87)“Nothing Is More Beautiful For a Teacher That To See Her Student Achieve Success.” – Anonymous

A only reward a good teacher wants is the success of his/her pupils.

88)“Those Who Educate Children Well Are More To Be Honored Than They Who Produce Them; For These Only Gave Them Life, Those The Art Of Living Well.” – Unknown

Education brings light into the lives of children.

89)“There Are Two Kinds Of Teachers: The Kind That Fill You With So Much Quail Shot That You Can’t Move, And The Kind That Just Gives You a Little Prod Behind And You Jump To The Skies.” – Robert Frost

There are two kinds of teachers, one that teaches you knowledge and one that gives you inspiration.

90)“A Teacher Who Loves Learning Earns The Right And The Ability To Help Others Learn.” – Unknown

Hail the teacher who can do anything for her students.

91)“You Can’t Stop a Teacher When They Want To Do Something. They Just Do It.” – j. d. Salinger

A teacher’s determination can never be faltered.

92)“A Good Teacher Will Scold You Only To Come Around Help You Out With The Work.” – Unknown

The generosity and kindness of teachers knows no bounds.

93)“The Best Thing About Being a Teacher Is That It Falters; The Hardest Thing About Being a Teacher Is That It Matters Everyday.” – Tood Whitaker

A true teachers will never falter when it comes to her profession and responsibility.

94)“One Book, One Person, And One Teacher Can Change The World.” – Unknown

The influencing capacity of the teacher is enormous.

95)“A Good Teacher Can Inspire, Hope And Ignite The Imagination And Instill a Love Of Learning.” – Unknown

Inspiring students to learn is the most important thing for teachers.

96)“Of All The Hardest Jobs Around, One Of The Hardest If Being a Good Teacher.” – Anonymous

Teaching is one of the hardest jobs in the world.

97)“A Good Teacher Like An Entertainer, First Must Hold The Attention Of The Audience, Only Then She Can Teach The Students.” – John Henrik Clarke

A good teacher needs to be interesting enough to attract students attention towards her/him.

98)“Good Teachers Know How To Bring Out The Best In Students.” – Unknown

A good teacher has capabilities that no normal human being can have.

99)“It’s The Teacher Who Makes The Difference, Not The Classroom.” – Anonymous

What happens inside the classroom due to the teacher is what shapes the student’s future.

100)“A Good Teacher Is As Determined And Strong The Rock But As Soft And Emphatic As The Sand.” – Anonymous

Salty but sweet, powerful but sensitive, a good teacher has it all.


The motivational quotes for teachers listed above definitely summarize the way teachers are. Their characteristics and nature are very well depicted in the quotes above.
Teachers are very important people in every single person’s life. They are the people we look up to, for guidance and support. There are so many people who wish to consult their teachers before every single step they take in their lives.

Teachers are undoubtedly one of the most special people in everyone’s lives. Every person meets several teachers in his/ her life as he/ she ventures into different phases of life, learning step by step.