40 Quotes from Famous People about Levi’s Jeans

Levi Strauss was born In Germany on February 26, 1829. He and his mother and two sisters immigrated to America In 1848, two years after his father died of tuberculosis. They came to join Levi’s brothers, Louis and Jonas, who owned a wholesale dry goods business In New York. Levi quickly became successful at “J. Strauss Brother & Company.”

When the Gold Rush began, the brothers decided to open a branch In San Francisco. They chose Levi to run it, and Levi moved to San Franciso, where he lived with one of his sisters and her family. He was adept at the business and supplied clothing, bolts of fabric, and more to the burgeoning community.

In 1872, Levi got a letter from one of his customers, a Reno tailor named Jacob Davis. Davis had incorport=ated rivets at the stress points In pants to extend their use. He was interested In manufacturing work pants and wondered if Levi would like to share expenses and profits In the venture. Together they developed the first blue jean, and they received a patent on May 20, 1873.

In the 1906 earthquake and fire In San Francisco, both the factory and the dry goods business were destroyed completely. Levi’s nephews, to whom he had left the companies, quickly regrouped and began again. Levi’s jeans have never gone out of style.

Here are 40 quotes from famous people about the iconic Levi’s jeans.

Levi’s Quotes

“I’m a T-shirt-and-Levi’s type of a guy.” Norman Reedus

“Renamed the 501 jean In 1890, the iconic American garment has evolved throughout the centuries from utilitarian uniform to personal style statement, worn by miners and cowboys to hippies and Hollywood bad boys alike.” Nerissa Pacio Itchon

“Really, what are the options? Levi’s or Wranglers. And you just pick one. It’s one of those life choices.” Harrison Ford

“Bacon is like a good pair of Levi’s-it never goes out of style.” Michael Symon

“Denim comes and goes into style often, but my Levi’s have longevity. They will never be just a fad.” Melina Matsoukas

“There’s something therapeutic about nudity … Take away the Gucci or Levi’s and we’re all the same.” Kevin Bacon

“I’m not a movie star. I’m a brand name. Van Damme is like Levi’s. I go on vacation, and everywhere I go, people love me for my name, not for my movies.” Jean-Claude Van Damme

“Despite different cultures, middle-class youth all over the world seem to live their lives As if In a parallel universe. They get up In the morning, put on their Levi’s and Nikes, grab their caps and backpacks, and Sony personal CD players and head for school.” Naomi Klein

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“My vintage Levi’s are my favorite on the show, ’cause they really fit.” Laura Prepon

“I dug out the powder blue cashmere cardigan my mother Lisa gave me the Christmas before last, pulled on my oldest, softest Levi’s. Comfort clothes; the next best thing to a hug from a warm, living body. Lately there had been a shortage of hugs In my life. Lately there had been a shortage of warm, living bodies.” Josh Lanyon

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“My memories are of denim. I remember being 12 In my Levi’s. Wow!” Stefano Gabbana

“Part of an icon’s power comes from its indivisibility. The swoosh cannot be further deconstructed into its component parts. Just As golden arches mean McDonald’s, and the little red tab means Levi’s, the swoosh is Nike. The product is its icon, inseparably and without exception. To buy a pair of Nike shoes is to buy the Nike swoosh.” Douglas Rushkoff

“It’s every woman’s dream: looking fabulous In her favorite pair of Levi’s.” Denise Austin

“The only casual item I own is a Levi’s jacket.” John Cooper Clarke

“Sometimes she wore Levi’s with white-suede fringe sewn down the legs and a feathered Indian headdress, sometimes old fifties’ taffeta dresses covered with poetry written In glitter, or dresses made of kids’ sheets printed with pink piglets or Disney characters.” Francesca Lia Block

“People associate clothes with actual behavior, and it’s kind of crazy. If you get shot In some Levi’s you don’t go after Levi’s. It’s not the clothes. It’s always the people.” Ice Cube

“In one Starbucks, I spotted a young Frenchman wearing blue Converse sneakers, baggy Levi’s jeans, and a red T-shirt with a giant Abercrombie & Fitch logo splashed across the front. As I watched him wash down his cheesecake with gulps of venti hot chocolate, I had to wonder: can’t they revoke your French citizenship for this sort of thing?”Taylor Clark

“This is a gold rush.. you can either mine for gold like uber or airbnb, or your can sell the pots, the pans and the levi jeans.” Alex Moazed

“More than the Big Mac, Coca Cola, or Levi’s 501 jeans, the dollar is surely the United States’ signature export.” Barry Eichengreen

The one garment In the world with the greatest and longest popularity—over a century now—is Levi’s denim blue jeans. Along with their practical durability, they show age honestly and elegantly, As successive washings fade and shrink them to perfect fit and rich texture. Ingenious techniques to simulate aging of denim come and go, but the basic indigo 501s, copper-riveted, carry on for decades. This is highly evolved design. Are there blue-jeans buildings among us?” Stewart Brand

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“I have so many different styles. My favorites are from Amo, Levi’s, and Frame.” Ellie Bamber

“What would life be like without my Levis? Pretty scary! I’ll tell you that.” Anthony T.Hincks

“My favorite designers are Levi Strauss and Fruit of the Loom.” Robin Wright

“I actually loved to dress like a boy, and I still kind of do and try to sneak boy’s pieces into my wardrobe. I have Levi’s boot cut jeans that actually might be from the boy’s department, but I love them. Those jeans and flannel are my favorites. If I could choose anything to wear for the rest of my life, I’d just want a boy’s outfit.” Analeigh Tipton

“I’ve always been a T-shirt, Levi’s, leather jacket, and combat boots kind of girl.” Robin Wright

“I’m really annoyed by the wave of country music that’s just a list of stuff. It almost sounds like L.A. people writing country music, because it’s just a list of stuff: ‘My pickup truck and my cowboy boots and my Levi’s jeans and my girlfriend with the short shorts.’ It’s so boring!” Kathleen Hanna

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“My dad was a mechanic, and I have great style memories of him. He wore, every single day: a blue chambray shirt, Levi’s 501s, and red Wing boots. And that certainly wasn’t fashionable at the time; it was basically the opposite. And he wore these horn rim glasses that were very Sol Moscot.” Nick Wooster

“My mom passed down to me her old Levi’s denim jacket. When I left it on a plane, I was devastated. I’ve never been able to find anything with quite the same cool, faded look.” Lily James

“I’m a Levi’s guy.” Chris Gardner

“Welcome to my nightmare,” Elvira muttered. “Though you got yourself a biker who fills his Levi’s so well he should be In Harley Davidson ads and has an off-the-charts ability to give pleasure so you can’t really understand my pain.” Kristen Ashley

“Years ago, I met once a week, 9 A.M. sharp, with a therapist whom I will call Dr. Mason. We would settle In well-worn chairs, Dr. Mason, a slender, balding middle-ager In blazer and striped tie, and me, an anxious academic in Levi’s and tweeds.” Lee Gutkind

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“I have This big, old, oversize Levi’s denim jacket, and I honestly think it might be for a dude. And on the back, it says, ‘Catch feelings, not waves,’ which I love because I’m very emotional.” Lana Condor

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“Stuffed myself into a white T-shirt, topped with a plaid flannel shirt and a pair of Levi’s with a small hole In the crotch which I convinced myself no one could see.” Janet Evanovich

“When I was really young, I had an afro and wore pressed jeans and argyle sweaters. In my teens, I moved on to ripped Levi’s jeans, white T-shirts, and cowboy boots.” Edward Enninful

“I still have my Levi’s jacket that I bought on the Portobello Road when I was 14, and it’s like part of me, you know, it’s got oils In it, and it’s my comfort, security blanket or something.” Liberty Ross

“Jude had promised me that the money and the fame wouldn’t change him, and he’d been right. He still swaggered around In his Cons and Levi’s and drank cheap beer, but, most important, he still looked at me like I was his whole world.” Nicole Williams

“My go-to jeans are old Levi’s I’ve gotten from boyfriends; they’re worn-in and really yummy and perfect.” Laura Wasser

“Real cowboys wear Wranglers. End of story. Levi’s may be chic and trendy, but if you work cattle for a living, you wear Wranglers.” Author: Lori Wilde

“What would life be like without my Levis? Pretty scary! I’ll tell you that.” Anthony T.Hincks

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Levi’s Jeans Video – the 501 Jeans Story

Levi’s 501 jeans are the most famous of all the Levi Strauss Jeans. They are the original ones that your family grew up with. If you want to learn more about the fascinating history of American denim, check out this video.

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Levi’s are a part of modern life around the globe. Born of the California Gold Rush and two enterprising men, Levi’s are now iconic. Everybody knows the name, even those who don’t wear them. We hope you have enjoyed these 40 quotes from famous people about Levi’s jeans.

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