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Quotes about life collection provides many meaningful and inspiring quotes for those who want to cherish life, to live better, to live fullest life, don’t want waist time or feel confused about life.

prayer quotes - anquotes

78 Inspirational Prayer Quotes You Need To Learn To Live Peacefully

My friends pray to pass examinations. My cousin prays to get her favorite job. We pray for a wide range of reasons. Prayer is...
congratulation quotes - anquotes

198 Congratulation Quotes To Express Your Best Wishes

Some of the moments in life are special for our families and friends. When you find the right words and wish them, it can...
short encouraging quotes - anquotes

76 Short Encouraging Quotes To Refer When You Feeling Down

What would you do when you feeling down? Stay alone? Escape from the tough? Go traveling? Eaten much sweet food? Talk with your best...
funny retirement quotes - anquotes

75 Funny Retirement Quotes That Will Add More To Your Life

Are you wondering what to write in a retirement card? If so, we have done the research for you. Here is a collection of...
personal quotes - anquotes

75 Inspiring Personal Quotes That Will Let You To Be Yourself

Do you stand apart from the crowd or do you follow the herd? Do you chase your dreams or do you give in to...
lazy people quotes - anquotes

75 Motivational Lazy People Quotes To Make You Think Deeply

While others work hard, the lazy people enjoy themselves. They sleep, watch T.V., or play. Agreed, nobody genuinely likes being lazy. They don’t do...
the choice quotes - anquotes

75 Wisdom The Choice Quotes That Will Teach You To Make Right Choice

Do you take time when you make choices? Or do you feel regret after made your choices? Let the following the choice quotes to...
motivational quotes for women - anquotes

100 Motivational Quotes For Women To Make Them Heads Up

She is strong, she is beautiful, she is worthy, she is imperfect but let her be. She is your mother, sister, lover and friend;...
funny quotes about lazy people - anquotes

25 Funny Quotes About Lazy People That Will Inspire You Move On

Severe procrastination patients? Always like to make excuses for your laziness? You are lacking of motivation. Let the following funny quotes about lazy people...
let down quotes - anquotes

73 Wisdom Let Down Quotes That Will Inspire You To Move On

Well, things don't go the way we wish all times. So, while we may love them, our friends, family members, colleagues, and spouses are...

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