67 Lilo and Stitch Quotes About Family, Friendship, and Love

Among the Disney princes and princesses that rule the animated world, Lilo and Stitch are a unique and interesting pair. This 2002 movie is filled with real-life struggles mixed with alien creatures – the perfect blend of facts and fiction! It has defined the childhood of kids born in the 90s and still makes every child (and adult) excited whenever they hear any Lilo and Stitch quotes.

If you are a fan of the ‘fluffy’ alien experiment and his friend Lilo, then enjoy these memorable lines from the movie and let your heart melt with their love and friendship!

67 Best Lilo and Stitch Quotes

1. “I know Stitch is the best. I wouldn’t trade him for anything or anybody.” – Lilo
2. “Ohana’ means ‘family.’ ‘Family’ means ‘no one gets left behind.’” – Lilo
3. “No! You can’t take her! I’m the only one who understands her! If you take her away, she won’t stand a chance!” – Nino
4. “Former. Saved the planet, once. Convinced an alien race that mosquitoes were an endangered species.” – Cobra Bubbles
5. “Aloha! Also cute and fluffy!” – Stitch

Lilo and Stitch street party

6. “A falling star… I call it! Get out, get out! I have to make a wish!” – Lilo
7. “My friends need to be punished.” – Lilo
8. “Leave my mother out of this!” – Jumba
9. “Trust me this is not going end well.” – Pleakley
10. “Your knuckles say ‘Cobra.’” – Lilo
11. “I like you better as a sister than a mom.” – Lilo
12. “Look at the bright side. You won’t have to yell at anyone anymore.” – Pleakley
13. “Look at him, Lilo. He’s obviously mutated from something else! We have to take it back!” – Nani
14. “Stitch, for one. He’s a royal pain, but he’s loyal, and he’d never ever ever do anything that would hurt you. That’s a true friend.” – Nani
15. “Experiment 626. Give us a sign you understand any of this. Show us that there is something inside you that is good.” – Grand Councilwoman
16. “Ah! You’re vile; you’re foul; you’re flawed!” – Gantu
17. “Wanna play Battle of the Greek City-States? Stitch and me can be the fierce Spartans, and you can be the decadent Athenians.” – Lilo
18. “Lilo, if they only liked you because you had a cute pet, then who needs them? You have to trust your real friends.” – Nani
19. “Lilo, you lolo. Do we have a lobster door? No. We have a dog door. We are getting a dog!” – Nani
20. “Watch where you’re going! Stupidhead!” – Nani
21. “Hold it! Hold everything! Earth is a protected wildlife reserve. Yeah, we were using it to build the mosquito population, which, need I remind you, is an endangered species!” – Wendy Pleakley
22. “Aliens are all about rules.” – Cobra Bubbles
23. “So, tell me, my little one-eyed one – on what poor, pitiful, defenseless planet has my monstrosity been unleashed?” – Jumba
24. “Hey! Three days ago, I bought Stitch at the shelter. I paid two dollars for him. See this stamp? I own him. If you take him, you’re stealing.” – Lilo
25. “You rotten sister, your butt is crushing me! Why do you act so weird?” – Lilo
26. “Hiding behind your little friend won’t work anymore! Didn’t we tell you? We got fired this morning. New rules.” – Jumba
27. “Don’t run. Don’t make me shoot you; you were expensive.” – Jumba
28. “YOU! You’re the cause of all this! If it hadn’t been for your Experiment 626, none of this.” – Grand Councilwoman
29. “I think is might be a koala… an evil koala… I can’t even pet it, it keeps staring at me like it’s gonna eat me.” – Nani
30. “L-lo-lost… I’m lost.” – Stitch

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Lilo and Stitch movie quotes

31. “Leave me alone to diiieee…” – Lilo
32. “Oh, no! Gravity is increasing on me!” – Lilo
33. “Stitch not bad. Stitch fluffy!” – Stitch
34. “I’M ALREADY IN MY ROOM!!!” – Lilo
35. “Hello? Hello?! Are there any “aminals” in here?” – Lilo
36. “This is my family. I found it, all on my own. Is little, and broken, but still good.” – Stitch
37. “It’s sandwich day. Every Thursday I take Pudge the fish a peanut butter sandwich.” – Lilo
38. “We’re a broken family, aren’t we?” – Lilo
39. “Monstrosity? What you see before you is the first of a new species. I call it Experiment 626. He is fire-proof, bullet-proof, and can think faster than a supercomputer. He can see in the dark and move objects three thousand times his size. His only instinct… to destroy everything he touches!” – Jumba
40. “I designed this creature for it to be unstoppable.” – Jumba
41. “Oh good! I was hoping to add theft, endangerment, and insanity to my list of things I did today!” – Pleakley
42. “No more caffeine for you.” – Lilo
43. “Starving yourself won’t bring him back, Lilo.” – Nani
44. “Let me illuminate to you the precarious situation in which you have found yourself. I am the one they call when things go wrong, and things have indeed gone wrong.” – Cobra Bubbles
45. “No… Maybe a little. Maybe a lot. I shouldn’t have yelled at you.” – Nani
46. “It’s nice to live on an island with no large cities.” – Lilo
47. “You’re loose in the house all the time, and I sleep just fine!” – Lilo
48. “Oh, we can’t do that. Uh-uh. That would be misuse of galactic resources.” – Pleakley
49. “You are so finished when I get in there! I’m gonna stuff you in the blender, push “puree,” then bake you into a pie and feed it to the social worker! And when he says, “Mmmm, this is great, what’s your secret?” I’m gonna say…Love… and… nurturing…” – Nani
50. “I’m adjusted. I eat four food groups and look both ways when crossing the street. And I take long naps… and get disciplined?” – Lilo
51. “His destructive programming is taking effect. He’ll be irresistibly drawn to large cities where he’ll back up plumbing, reverse street signs, and steal everyone’s left shoe.” – Jumba
52. “Okay, that’s enough sugar for you! Why don’t you run along now, you little cutie. The other social workers just thought she was a scream. Thirsty?” – Nani
53. “You know, you wreck everything you touch. Why not try and make something for a change?” – Lilo
54. “I’ll put you back together again, I’ll make you taller… and not so fluffy!” – Jumba

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 Stitch plush doll toy

55. “Lilo! There you are, honey face! This is Mr…”Bubbles”.” – Nani
56. “Created something? Hah! But that would be irresponsible! And unethical! I would never, ever… [Stitch is revealed] make more than one.” – Jumba
57. “This is you, and this is your badness level. It’s unusually high for someone your size.” – Lilo
58. “We’re looking for something that can defend itself… something that won’t die, something sturdy, you know?” – Nani
59. “And you like me better as a sister than a rabbit, right?” – Lilo
60. “I can’t sleep with that thing loose in the house.” – Nani
61. “Don’t leave me, okay?” – Lilo
62. “It’s not an angel, Lilo. I don’t think it’s even a dog.” – Nani
63. “WHAT?! After all you put me through, YOU EXPECT ME TO HELP YOU, JUST LIKE THAT?! JUST LIKE THAT?!!! Fine!” – Jumba
64. “Uncomfortable? Aw. Good! The council has sentenced you to exile on a desert asteroid. So relax, enjoy the trip… and don’t get any ideas. These guns are locked onto your genetic signature. They won’t shoot anyone but you.” – Gantu
65. “He was an orphan, and we adopted him! What about O’hana?” – Lilo
66. “Yeah, she disciplines me real good. Sometimes five times a day. With bricks.” – Lilo
67. “Lilo! She’s a little girl this big, she has black hair and brown eyes, and she hangs around with that THING!” – Nani

Stitch’s Speaking Moments | Oh My Disney

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Lilo and Stitch is a special Disney movie with no elaborate setting or fairytale romances. It’s about family bonds, coping with loss, and finding real friends. We learn how important it is to be willing to open our hearts and accept help instead of pushing people away. We also learn that we must never give up on ourselves no matter how different we are!

The emphasis on the importance of family and embracing differences makes this movie a cut above other animated films released around the same time. We hope these Lilo and Stitch quotes will inspire you to watch the movie again and appreciate the people in your life.

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