The Wackiest Steven Seagal Quotes

Steven Seagal is best known as a martial artist in second rate movies that were popular in the 1980s and 1990s. He was born Steven Frederic Seagal in Lansing, Michigan on April 10, 1952. He has also worked as a movie producer, screenwriter, and a musician.

In the 1980’s he lived in Japan and studied Aikido extensively, becoming the first foreigner to operate an aikido dojo in Japan. He then headed to Los Angeles where he opened a dojo and began to train some movie actors and martial arts people.

Those connections led him to Hollywood and he first became prominent when he appeared in Above The Law in 1988. He appeared in at least 5 more prominent films in the next 4 years and that helped him become a household name.

His martial arts movie career really peaked in the 90s and after that he went on to appearances in other films and reality shows including Steven Seagal: Lawman, which showed him in his role as a real-life reserve deputy sheriff.

He is also a musician who has released multiple studio albums. In recent years he has been in the news for a variety of different things including his praise and support for Vladimir Putin, and also for multiple accusations of sexual harassment or assault.

In his movies and personal life, he has said a lot of crazy, funny and wacky things. We have assembled some of his funniest lines here.

The Best Steven Seagal Quotes

“I am hoping that I can be known as a great writer and actor some day, rather than a sex symbol.” Steven Seagal

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“Any great warrior is also a scholar, and a poet, and an artist.”  Steven Seagal

“One must first learn to heal people to be great. To hurt people is easy.”  Steven Seagal

“Try to find the path of least resistance and use it without harming others. Live with integrity and morality, not only with people but with all beings.” Steven Seagal

“There was a time when I thought I was doing a good thing with good guys for a good cause. Looking back, I think I really wanted to be a warrior.”  Steven Seagal “I have no fear of death. More important, I don’t fear life.” Steven Seagal

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“Trust your doubt. Always fight for your beliefs.  That is the path beyond thought.”Steven Seagal

“My philosophy is that the most important aspect of any religion should be human kindness. And to try to ease the suffering of others. To try to bring light and love into the lives of mankind.” Steven Seagal

“I myself am a very nonviolent person and only resort to violence when I absolutely have to.” Steven Seagal

“Most of us have unhealthy thoughts and emotions that have either developed as a result of trauma or hardships in their childhood, or the way they were raised.”  Steven Seagal

“I think we’re living in a world where society is very difficult.” Steven Seagal

“One of the reasons why people – particularly young people – love action movies is because what they are really looking for is justice.”  Steven Seagal

“You can take away the money and the fame. I don’t look at myself as any of those things.” Steven Seagal

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“The secret is not to act, but to be.” Steven Seagal

“My CIA godfather told me he’d never heard any American speak Japanese so well.” Steven Seagal

“People all over the world recognize me as a spiritual leader.” Steven Seagal

“I was born in Detroit, in an all black neighborhood.” Steven Seagal

“I’m gonna take you to the bank, Senator Trent. To the blood bank!” Steven Seagal

“As a lifelong practitioner of martial arts, I’m trained to remain calm in the face of adversity and danger.” Steven Seagal

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Steven Seagal’s Best Fight Scenes

Ah, this is a fantastic montage. You can see his best clips in this fun montage. There is a LOT of blood, a lot of weapons and a lot of bad guys that try to attack him, especially in groups.

But Steven Seagal always wins the fights!



Steven Seagal was a martial arts legend, best known for his martial arts movies in the 80s and 90s. They are a bit corny if you watch them these days, but they are also a LOT of fun, especially if you like martial arts movies you can laugh at. And you can probably find many of them for free on Amazon Prime, Netflix, or other movie services you already have free access to.

In closing, we leave you with Joe Rogan’s thoughts about whether Seagal’s martial arts skills are legit or not.

Video: Joe Rogan comments on whether Steven Seagal is Legit

Interesting comments and discussion. If you like Joe Rogan or Steven Seagal, you will find this to be an interesting discussion.

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