Dating Quotes

100 Inspiring Dating Quotes To Improve Your Relationship

When you dating someone are the best moments of your life, and this is the only day when you met with the person you most like in your life.

But what words to say on your dating is the main question right? Hence, we have brought your feelings, which you can express, to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Here are best dating quotes for you by which you can impress your feelings.

Dating Quotes:

1.“Its always happy moment for me when we are together.”

2.“You make me feel things, I want to be with you and want to dating with you all the time.”

3.“I think about you everyday and night I love you very much.”

4.“ When I met with you, I lift up in my life. Its all because of you my love.”

5.“ I didn’t know the meaning of love, when I met you, I got the real meaning of love.”

6.“I promise you to give everything in life, for which I would never give up.”

7.“I want to know about your likes and dislikes which will bring us close to each other.”

8.“I will not make this date our last date of life, because I want to spend more time with you to love you for whole life.”

9.“On this date I expect that you would be the man to whom I want to spend my whole life.”

10.“You are my first and last love, I feel myself very happy when I met you.”

11.“I want to love and kiss you under the thousand of stars in the night.”

12.“I wish that I get my love on my dating days and want to make relationship with that person.”

13.“This is the truth that I love you so much and there are things which make me crazy for you.”

14.“It doesn’t matter that you will change later on as I just know that I accepted you and love you my dear.”

15. “I enjoy every time I date with you my love, because of your smile, style and the way you talk to me.”

16.“My life is incomplete without you. I need you and spend my life with you.”

17.“Whatever I have for you is the real nothing artificial in that, nothing else in my mind for you my dear.”

18.“You make me laugh, smile… these are sufficient for me to know about you on my dating days.”

19.“I want a chance from you to prove myself a best partner for you and I’ll prove myself for you the best decision.”

20.“When I met you I feel happy, when I touch you I feel you, I love you.”

21.“You make me laugh, you make me feel happy. you are my first and last love.”

22.“I will miss you every second even if you spend whole day with me.”

23.“May be there many in your life, but I want you when you sad, when you make mistake in whole life.”

24.“I miss the way you look at me, I miss how you hold me hand and I miss how you love me.”

25.“There are many stars in the sky but you are the only my star.”

26.“You belong to me and I belong to you as you are my sweetheart.”

27.“I want to see you every morning of my life, and want to spend my life with you.”

28.“You and my soul are the same, you are more than me in my life.”

29.“When I miss you I feel taking breath, when I love you it make me alive on this earth.”

30.“My heartbeats get fast when I see you, only you can make this in balance.”

31.“I can’t see our love but I can feel it because it is like wind.”

32.“You are every hope, reason and dream I had ever in my life.”

33.“The day I saw you first time that day my life changed completely.”

34.“From today your heart will be your shelter and my arms will be your home.”

35.“I love you over and over, without a doubt without a pause from the bottom of my heart.”

36.“How much lucky I am to found you, you made my life heaven. I love you.”

37.“When I sleep, I see you in my dreams, you are in my arms. When I wake up, I want to be with you in your heart and want to spend my all nights by your side.”

38.“Love happens accidentally in hearts, it has never a place or time.”

39.“The word love, frees us from all pains and weights of life.”

40.“My love you no need to take of yours now, as I am here for that until I die, I love you.”

41.“Your smile is very charming, your heart is very pure, you are very precious for me, I want to see you forever in front of my eyes.”

42.“I always look at you, there is endless love in my heart for you, you are everything for me in my life.”

43.“This is my heart in your hands which I want to give you for forever, because I might lose it, please take it.”

44.“The one phrase I love you, I want to hear from your lips forever in my life.”

45.“I swear that I will be there to love you forever in my life, no matter what happens in future in our life.”

46.“I don’t want to dream because you are with me, I don’t need heaven because I got you in my life.”

47.“I see the mirror of my soul in your eyes, I don’t want anything from my life now.”

48.“I completely, deliciously, overwhelming and passionately love you.”

49.“My life, my whole world, my angel, you are which I always wanted from my life, you are everything my love, let me love you forever.”

50.“My love, Thank you, because of making me feel most beautiful woman of this world.”

51.“All day, nights, Mornings I think about you my love.”

52.“Nothing is perfect, when we are apart, and everything is perfect. When you are with me, just be in my life for forever.”

53.“It truly hurts my heart when I don’t see you, its hard to thinking for me so please don’t go away from my life, I love you very much.”

54.“My love is true, undeniable. I love you without any reason and condition.”

55.“I want to live in your heart and want to love you until the day I die.”

56. “I love you very much because you have shown me what life, and I love my life because it brought me to you.”

57.“My dream already fulfilled with you, I don’t have dreams come to true in my life now.”

58.“My heart chose you, this is not me who chose you to live in my life forever.”

59.“I can’t explain my love to you its just love and will remain same always for you in my life.”

60.“You are the essence of my soul, my heart always beating for you, it’s my love for you.”

61.“Your day will be lighten up with love and smiles, but nothing will be as lighten up like mine, as I am here with you.”

62.“Night would be my favorite time because you will be in my arms, it doesn’t matter how much it is cold and dark.”

63.“I will die if you leave me. I will born when you kiss me. My life will be alive when we are together for whole life.”

64.“When you cross my mind, I feel like laugh, smile and feel very happy, thinking about you is always a overjoyed for me.”

65.“The first best thing of my life is finding you, and second perfect thing loving you.”

66.“You can walk million of miles away, but I will be always very close to your heart.”

67.“Loving you is the most natural effort for me, and feel to your heart beats is the most relaxing effort for me.”

68.“The definition of perfectness is your smile, the way you love and talk with me.”

69.“May be I am strongest person, but your love make me feel like unbeatable every time.”

70.“I always didn’t want to infected in my life, but your love infected me which is now never ending.”

71.“It doesn’t matter you love me or not, what you opt no matter, I am always your for whole life.”

72.“When I say you, I love you, it gives me pleasure to kiss you, hugging you in night, and holding your hand.”

73.“I want to be remain happy as I am right now with you for whole of my life, because you are very special for me.”

74.“My life is dark, empty if you are not with me, as I cant imagine my life without you.”

75.“My all day, hopes, dreams and everything which I have in my life start with you.”

76.“Everything is possible in this world, apart from the idea to leave and stop loving you.”

77.“If you allow me to hug you, I promise to shield you with entire pain of your life.”

78.“The god has sent you on this earth for me, so you are like a diamond for me which I will never let it go from my hands.”

79.“The saddest part of my life when we apart, brightest part when we kiss and love each other.”

80.“When my friends ask me how are you, I always replying she is fine. This is the result thinking you every moment of my life.”

81.“Your love is commencement of my life, it leads me to the endless happiness.”

82.“Loving you is the best feeling for me, I never feel alone when I am with you.”

83.“My love has no boundaries, it has no depth for you.”

84.“If I got a chance to take last breath of my life, then I would like to take by saying you I love you.”

85.“I don’t have time to thinking that who hate me in my life, because I am busy to loving you.”

86.“I don’t want to be right in life if loving you is the wrong thing.”

87.“Your love is war for me as I don’t know how to start, hard to varnish and unbearable to forget.”

88.“Your smiles filled up joy in my world when you open the window in my heart.”

89.“When I will start loving you, you will forget the word hate, cause you will always remember only my love.”

90.“Your love awakens my soul, fire in my hearts and give peace of my mind.”

91.“You are my best friend, my dairy and whole world for me, I love you.”

92.“I feel to be with you for rest of my life, and I am very curious to live that rest life as soon as possible.”

93. “My love is unconditional, endless, pure, and peaceful for whole of your life.”

94.“Lets live together and love to each other for the rest of our life.”

95.“I love you in all way doesn’t matter if your personality consist imperfection, mistakes and flaws.”

96.“My love is hard to say in words sometimes, but it’s really a feeling that make me crazy for you.”

97.“When you are with me I feel strong, and safe, that means you are the right man for me.”

98.“I want to love you with full of madness and craziness.”

99.“There is only one page left to write of my life, which will complete when you will fill it with your unconditional love.”

100.“My love will make your soul crawl out from the hiding place.”


When you date someone, you can impress with chocolates, gifts and present some poetry, but the words you say are most important part of your dating. As, with the help of loving dating quotes, you can improve your relationship very easily.