The Most Impressive Thomas Shelby Quotes from Peaky Blinders

Thomas Shelby is one of the leading protagonists of the series Peaky Blinders. The character is played by the talented actor Cillian Murphy who has gained popularity for this fantastic portrayal. Thomas “Tommy” Shelby is a ruthless gangster who is well aware of what he wants and knows exactly how to achieve it.

Even though he has a tough persona and a formidable reputation, Thomas Shelby has had a tough upbringing and has dealt with great losses in life. The death of his beloved wife broke him, but he didn’t give up. Instead, Thomas Shelby worked even harder to attain his life goals.

Fans don’t deem him as a villain but an impressive antihero with exceptional leadership qualities. He is an expert killer as he was a Sergeant Major in the First World War. Compared to the competition, Thomas Shelby has the best strategies and always remains a step ahead of his enemies.

A quality that fans admire most is how Thomas Shelby speaks so precisely and convincingly. His dialogues and advice are impressive and can be used in some real-life situations as well.

If you are looking for inspiration from Thomas Shelby’s character and want his drive for success in life, we have compiled the best Tommy Shelby quotes for you below.

Here Are Some of the Most Incredible Thomas Shelby Quotes

1. “You have to get what you want your own way.” – Thomas Shelby

2. “Lies travel faster than the truth.” – Thomas Shelby

3. “You strike when your enemy is weak.” – Thomas Shelby

4. “When you plan something well, there’s no need to rush.” – Thomas Shelby

Thomas Shelby quotes

5. “Whiskey is good proofing water. It tells you who’s real and who isn’t.” – Thomas Shelby

6. “In pubs, sometimes people say things, and sometimes it’s the whisky talking. It’s hard to tell which is which.” – Thomas Shelby

7. “The one who keeps causing you pain can never be your peace.” – Thomas Shelby

8. “I don’t pay for suits. My suits are on the house, or the house burns down.” – Thomas Shelby

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9. “Five for peace, two for truce, one abstention. Let’s get on with the war.” – Thomas Shelby

10. “Fortune drops something valuable into your lap; you don’t just dump it on the bank of the cut.” – Thomas Shelby

11. “I have made arrangements with men I trust. If I should die, then you will die, know that.” – Thomas Shelby

12. “I imagine being shot by a woman hurts the same as being shot by a man. Just a bit more shameful.” – Thomas Shelby

13. “Get yourself a decent haircut, man. We’re going to the races.” – Thomas Shelby

14. “Pain changes people. It makes them trustless. Overthink more, and shut people out.” – Thomas Shelby

Tommy Shelby quotes

15. “There is no rest for me in this world. Perhaps in the next.” – Thomas Shelby

16. “Good taste is for people who can’t afford sapphires.” – Thomas Shelby

17. “If you make the wrong choice, you won’t see 11:44.” – Thomas Shelby

18. “A real man chooses to honor, love, respect, adore, and be faithful to one woman.” – Thomas Shelby

19. “Oh, and there’s a woman. Yeah. A woman I love—and I got close.” – Thomas Shelby

20. “If you’re soft on rebellion, it’ll grow.” – Thomas Shelby

21. “She’s in the past. The past is not my concern. The future is no longer my concern, either.” – Thomas Shelby

22. “All religion is a foolish answer to a foolish question.” – Thomas Shelby

23. “Now, why would I shake the hand of a man who didn’t even fight for his country?” – Thomas Shelby

24. “The one minute. The soldier’s minute. In a battle, that’s all you get — one minute of everything at once. And anything before is nothing. Everything after, nothing. Nothing in comparison to that one minute.” – Thomas Shelby

25. “A man needs to prove he is better than me, rather than show me his birth certificate.” – Thomas Shelby

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26. “You once said to me that men like us can never be loved. She loves me, she told me — she loves me.” – Thomas Shelby

27. “A few days without you and I completely lost my mind.” – Thomas Shelby

28. “We used to come here; she’d wait for hours for me when I couldn’t make it. And I’d wait for her if her family kept her in.” – Thomas Shelby

29. “I learned long ago to hate my enemies, but I’ve never loved one before.” – Thomas Shelby

30. “You are still the one that I love, the only one I dream of.” – Thomas Shelby

31. “It’s not a good idea to look at Tommy Shelby the wrong way.” – Thomas Shelby

32. “You don’t parley when you’re on the back foot.” – Thomas Shelby

33. “I can charm dogs. Gypsy witchcraft. And those I can’t charm, I can kill with my own hands.” – Thomas Shelby

34. “I’m not a traitor to my class. I am just an extreme example of what a working man can achieve.” – Thomas Shelby

35. “You can change what you do, but you can’t change what you want.” – Thomas Shelby

36. “Today, it will be me dead or you. But whoever it is, he’ll wake up in hell tomorrow.” – Thomas Shelby

37. “You know, gentlemen, there is hell, and there is another place below hell.” – Thomas Shelby

Thomas Shelby Quotes

38. “Those of you who are last will soon be first. And those of you who are downtrodden will rise up.” – Thomas Shelby

39. “Conviction introduces emotion, which is the enemy of oratory.” – Thomas Shelby

40. “The only way to guarantee peace is by making the prospect of war seem hopeless.” – Thomas Shelby

41. “A good man needs to hold out sometimes.” – Thomas Shelby

42. “Do I look like a man who wants a simple life?” – Thomas Shelby

43. “In France, I got used to seeing men die. I never got used to seeing horses die.” – Thomas Shelby

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44. “Sometimes death is a kindness.” – Thomas Shelby

45. “I’m guessing you people all decided that the only person who could ever kill Tommy Shelby is Tommy Shelby himself.” – Thomas Shelby

Tommy Shelby’s Best Moments from Peaky Blinders – BBC

The Peaky Blinders is a criminal organization formed several months after the end of the First World War (1914-1918) in 1919. The group leader is Thomas Shelby (Tommy Shelby), who determines the group’s next move, and other members follow his directions and work to achieve his ambitions.


Thomas Shelby is a truly iconic and memorable character from Peaky Blinders. Fans worldwide admire Cillian Murphy’s performance as Thomas Shelby and how well he fits the antihero role. There are many dialogues, and Tommy Shelby quotes that exude class and confidence and are remembered by fans to this day. No matter what odds he has been against, Tommy Shelby has always outsmarted and outpowered his opponents to come out victorious. He has limitless potential to achieve what he believes in and a strong desire to lead his team, rule, and improve the lives of those he cares about.

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