41 Passionate Quotes about Forbidden Love

Forbidden love can have different meanings. It can be a one-sided love where you love the other person but they don’t love you. It can be one person who harbors feelings for someone who doesn’t feel the same way as they do. One person could have a picture of a relationship in their mind that is more of a fantasy that may be better than what happens in reality.

There are also couples who get together who shouldn’t be together. They could be married or dating other people and fall in love. It could destroy relationships if they get together. There could be an age difference between the couple. If one is a lot older than the other, it may make their relationship a challenge. Another type of forbidden love could occur if the couple work together. One could be in a higher position and aren’t allowed to see each other. It may be frowned upon if they are on the same level as well. Their company may not allow it.

Forbidden love could be challenging regardless of the situation, but it may make it more exciting. People can’t control who they fall for so it can be a tricky situation. More times than not, people end up with people that may not be suited for them. They fall for someone who is wrong for them. If you ended up on this page, you are probably in one of these situations.

Forbidden Love Quotes

Here are some quotes about forbidden love that may inspire you and educate you on the realities of forbidden love.

1. “ One sided love lasts longer than any other type of love.” – by W. Somerset Maugham

2. “Adultery is not harmless. Someone always gets hurt.” – by Natalia Ginzburg

3. “One of the rules in life is not to covet thy neighbor’s wife.” – from the Bible

4. “Forbidden love can make you happy when there’s no other way to make you happy.” – by Unknown

5. “We weren’t supposed to be a couple, but the problem is I don’t want to be with anyone else no matter what happens.” – by Nicole Gulla

6. “We love each other so much, but no one else could know about our love. I’m confused about what to do and it’s ruining my life.” – by Unknown

7. “Forbidden love is exciting. When you are free to be together, it’s not as exciting.” – by Marcus Quintilian

8. “Forbidden love is like being addicted to something. It feels good at the time and gives you pleasure, but there’s no good that can come from it.” – by Tryon Edwards

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9. “In life, we always want what we can’t have.” – by Francois Rabelais

10. “I’m just like you. I like having forbidden love in my life too.” – by Mike Tyson

11. “There’s something about forbidden love that makes it exciting and desirable.” – by Mark Twain

12. “When forbidden love can cost you everything, you should consider settling for something less risky.” – by Miranda Kenneally

13. “What is worse to you? Is it worse to know you want something or that you can never have it?” – by James Patterson

14. “She couldn’t stand the fact that she was obsessed with seeing him. She had been that way for years.” – by Julia Quinn

15. “To have passion and to keep it to yourself is a terrible thing to do to yourself.” – by Frederico Lorca

16. “It’s hard to be friends with someone you want so badly.” – from Dawson’s Creek

17. “You questioned how you would get through the day. I sat back and thought about what could be wrong with you. I couldn’t believe you would love someone else, but tell me your dreams. There are times when you can’t see what you are looking for in life.” – by Vanessa Williams

18. “Sometimes when you’re in love you are not allowed to be jealous.” – by Francois de la Rochefoucauld

19. “Forbidden fruit may taste better, but it goes bad faster.” – by Abigail Van Buren

20. “My eyes are attracted to an angel’s smile. Your mouth tells me about your forbidden love for me.” – by Natasha Harvey

21. “Lovable people are not the ones who need love. It’s usually the most unlovable people who look for love in bad places.” – by Ashley Montagu

22. “My mind wanders and I think of things I shouldn’t be thinking. I often have dreams about things I shouldn’t be dreaming. I desire things that I shouldn’t desire. I do all of this because of my love for you.” – by H. M. Ward

23. “Forbidden love is a love that can last a long time, but hurt you the most.” – by Kay Knudsen

24. “I enjoy being just friends. My problem is that the feeling I have to kiss him never leaves my mind. I also feel that we would be good together.” – by Unknown

25. “If you want to avoid getting in trouble, it’s always a good rule of thumb to check with your spouse before you start flirting with someone.” – by E. W. Howe

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26. “Adam was human just like the rest of us. He didn’t want to have the apple just because it was there. He wanted it because he wasn’t supposed to have it.” – by Mark Twain

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27. “Affairs want to be revealed so the world can know about them. Affairs want to be acknowledged and gain attention.” – by John Updike

28. “There is no such thing as passion. It’s a fantasy that liars make up. The reality is that real love may last a short time or it can last a lifetime.” – by Anna Magnani

29. “It’s better to cheat than to think about cheating.” – by Brigitte Bardot

30. “Be mindful of forbidden love. It will have your brain thinking different things. It will make you forget right from wrong.” – by Rick Riordan

31. “A man would rather see his lover dead than see her cheat on him.” – by Marquis De Sade

32. “The love we have is wrong. Forbidden love will not last a long time. We don’t have the right to be happy with a love like this. When you cry erase the memories of my kiss.” – by Richard Coles

33. “Our forbidden love was never meant to survive. I had no idea life could be this hard without you with me. I see clearly now that we weren’t meant to be together. The love we have is a forbidden love.” – by John West

34. “My heart and mind are telling me two different things. My heart is telling me that this is a great love. My mind is telling me that there is a difference between real love and forbidden love. My mind is also telling me that I shouldn’t want to be with you.” – by Cassandra Clare

35. “When forbidden love is involved, you have to take the bitter with the sweet.” – by Karina Halle

36. “Forbidden love has tempted me in the past. Why does she have to be the woman I’ve been longing for all of this time? I can’t ignore this feeling that I have for her when I know she’ll come to see me.” – by Alih Shaheed Jones-Muhammad

37. “Love is still love even if it’s forbidden.” – by Munia Khan

38. “He was like my drug that I had to have. Once I started there was no way to stop even if it meant feeling guilty for what I had done.” – by Kailin Gow

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39. “I told myself I would never kiss you again. I see I can’t keep my word. I can never keep my word when you’re involved.” – by Katherine McGee

40. “People tend to fall for who they can’t have.” – by Patricia Highsmith

41. “When I saw her there was an instant attraction for me. I knew it would be better for me to stay away from her. Having her in my life made me realize what I was longing for. She made me realize that I wanted something I didn’t know I wanted. Now I need to have her in my life.” – by E. R. Wade


In life, you don’t get to choose who gets your heart…you have no control over who you love. It may not be an ideal situation, but your heart is doing the thinking and sometimes taking you places that your logic brain would not go.

So you might end up in a situation where forbidden love takes over and you may get hurt. The other person may not return the feelings you have and it could be painful. You may end up getting hurt if the person you choose isn’t available to be with you even if they decide to see you. It can dangerous for your heart as well as your mind. You have yourself convinced the love is worth it, but you may get heartbroken. There is a chance that the forbidden love could work out too.

Sometimes your mind has you convinced the relationship is better than it is in reality. It could also be dangerous because the other person may become obsessed with you. They may not be able to accept the fact that the relationship isn’t working. It can be passionate or it could be obsessive. You never know what could happen when you are dealing with forbidden love. These forbidden love quotes will give you an idea of how deep it could be. They will help you see if this type of love is worth giving a try.

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