The 59 Best Quotes for Dealing with Passive Aggressive People

The term passive aggressive has different meanings. It’s usually a way to express your emotions such as anger and annoyance. Instead of being out in the open with it, you hide your feelings behind sarcastic comments disguised as being nice. For some reason, people seem to think that others won’t notice the passive aggressive comments that are being made.

Passive Aggressive Quotes

See if you can notice these passive aggressive comments in these quotes.

1. “It’s a good thing that you are learning not to take yourself so seriously and that you are learning to laugh at yourself. The people around you were getting uncomfortable being the only ones doing it.” – by Unknown

2. “I’m not the one who is sarcastic. It is the people I know who are like that.” – by Unknown

3. “Make sure you know a situation before you judge it. That way if you judge, you’ll be in the person’s position and have all of the facts. It will make it possible to know exactly what you’re judging.” – by Unknown

4. “Don’t push people away who care for you because you will find out that they will no longer be there when you need them.” – by Unknown

5. “When quiet people are in a battle with each other, they will need a guide in order to follow along with all of the quietness and passive aggressive attitude.” – by Adam S. McHugh

6. “Passive aggressive people are never responsible for what they do. They blame people for making them do the things they do. They tend to go along with doing things that they aren’t interested in doing and then complain about it behind that person’s back.” – by Henry Cloud

7. “Passive aggressive people tend to withhold information that could solve a problem or prevent one from happening.” – from Psychology Today

8. “Passive aggressive behavior is channeled when people believe that explaining how they feel will make matters worse. Instead, they will use simple phrases in order to express how they feel indirectly and put an end to open communication.” – from Psychology Today

9. “A passive aggressive person will agree to do something, but complain about doing what they agreed to do.” – from Psychology Today

10. “Dealing with passive aggressive people will make you feel like your on a dangerous and emotional ride.” – by Izey Victoria Odiase

11. “Some people need a pat on the back by getting hit with a chair.” – by Unknown

12. “There’s a reason why people meet. It can be a good thing or a bad thing.” – by Frank Ocean

13. “Convincing yourself that you can do something puts you at the halfway mark of letting you know that you’re doing something that isn’t smart.” – by Unknown

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14. “Love means putting in the work. If not, you may as well be stealing.” – by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

15. “It’s not always the people who change. The difference is how you look at them when the blinders are off.” – by Haruki Murakami

16. “You can see how a person really is when they no longer need you.” – by Unknown

17. “It’s better to have people admit their true feelings than have a friend who puts a knife in your back.” – by Unknown

18. “Don’t put your life on hold for someone who won’t give you the time of day.” – by Unknown

19. “People don’t like it when they get treated the way they treat others. It’s funny how that works.” – by Unknown

20. “If they can’t talk to you in private, they are looking for attention when they do it in public.” – from Rehab time

21. “Say it to the person directly and don’t wait for a crowd to be around to do it.” – by Unknown

22. “Be careful what you say because words hurt and may not be forgotten.” – by Unknown

23. “People will see that you’re acting differently, but don’t see that they are the reason why you changed.” – by Unknown

24. “The way people treat you is a reflection of how they are. It’s not your fault at all.” – by Unknown

25. “Passive aggressive people constantly talk behind your back, but don’t have the guts to confront you about what they say when you aren’t around them.” – by Albert Einstein

26. “Being passive aggressive all of the time can ruin a relationship because you don’t talk about the problems that are bothering you.” – by Preston Ni

27. “Passive aggressive people can’t say angry things directly so they will find a way to be rude indirectly.” – by David Walter Rousch

28. “Some passive aggressive people are so good at what they do that when they’re talking to people they are never saying anything.” – by Richelle Mead

29. “It’s funny how people post on social media about letting go while having trouble getting rid of the person they want to read the message.” – by Unknown

30. “Passive aggressive people complain about other passive aggressive people.” – by Unknown

31. “Sometimes you don’t know that you’re losing yourself trying to help other people.” – from Quotegrams

32. “It can be hard to be a kind person because you want everyone to treat you the way you treat them, but they don’t do it.” – from Women Working

33. “People will push you to your breaking point, but when you snap they act as if you’re the one in the wrong.” – from Quotemaster

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34. “Relationships don’t end anymore. One person says cruel things until the other one walks away.” – by Unknown

35. “The things you believe in don’t make you a good person. The way you behave determines the type of person you are.” – from I Like To Quote

36. “People may be able to relate to your pain, but that doesn’t make you behavior excusable.” – by Steve Maraboli

37. “If you betray a person who loves you, you ruined a chance at having a loyal person by your side.” – by Unknown

38. “It’s easy to find and lose fake people, but it’s harder to keep real people in your life.” – by Unknown

39. “Going out of your way to try and make someone upset is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.” – by Unknown

40. “Sorry to miss your sarcastic social media post. I was out living life.” – by Unknown

41. “Why do females put each other down when life is hard enough for them?” – by Unknown

42. “More times than not, the sympathy you seek on social media goes unnoticed.” – by Unknown

43. “If you’re feeling helpless and in a destructive relationship, or work for a terrible boss, the only thing to do is to leave. If you don’t leave, you will be caught up with passive aggressive people who like to manipulate you with the games they play. The best thing to do is to leave the situation.” – by Robert Greene

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44. “Peace doesn’t mean you’re not dealing with your problems, it means you have the strength to deal with it.” – by Mahatma Gandhi

45. “Passive aggression is when people are secretly and mysteriously hateful when they’re trying to cause mental anguish.” – by Ashta Deb

46. “The person who shouts the loudest in the room is usually the weakest one in the bunch.” – by Frank Lucas

47. “People don’t always need to just stay mad. It just means the other person doesn’t matter anymore.” – by Unknown

48. “Saying sorry doesn’t always mean that you are the guilty party and the other person was innocent. It means you care more about saving the relationship than being right.” – by Unknown

49. “Are you free to go out tomorrow? No, I cost too much money to go out with you.” – by Unknown

50. “In order for you to get away with insulting someone, your thoughts have to matter to the person.” – by Unknown

51. “Self-centered people only look out for themselves. For some reason, they are surprised they are by themselves.” – by Steve Maraboli

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52. “When you learn to understand instead of anticipating things, you will have fewer disappointments in life.” – from Curiano Quotes

53. “It’s up to you to create your own happiness. If you wait for others to do it, you’ll be in for a rude awakening.” – by Unknown

54. “Love isn’t something that discovers you. It tracks you down like the IRS or other bill collectors.” – by Unknown

55. “You shouldn’t say the word “maybe” when you want to say the word “no”.” – by Paulo Coelho

56. “The worst part about getting older is that while you’re feeling young on the inside, no one can tell that from the outside.” – by Matt King

57. “Be grateful for the people who give you a hard time. They show you exactly how you don’t want to be.” – from Kush And Wizdom

58. “ People who feel the need to take over other people’s lives keep their feelings to themselves. Since they do this, they feel rejected and their feelings come out in bad ways. They become very unpleasant people to be around.” – by Judith Orloff

59. “Passive aggressive people tend to cast themselves in the victim role. They don’t realize that they are the reason why other people don’t succeed in life. They won’t try to do anything themselves. They will get other people to do their bidding. Since they are able to control people like this, it gives passive aggressive people a sense of power they thought they would never have. They are the Geppetto to Pinocchio.” – by Signe Whitson

These Passive Aggressive Quotes will help you change

Sarcasm and anger are used to hide passive aggressive behavior. The comments aren’t meant to be complimentary at all. People use them as a way to get away with insulting you without you noticing it. These quotes are examples of it and hopefully they will teach you how to spot passive aggressive comments.

And from there you can work on changing things and being more open and transparent with your feelings. Try it, it will improve your relationships in a very positive way.

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