The 25 Funniest Tropic Thunder Quotes

Tropic Thunder is an action comedy about actors filming a Vietnam War movie. The actors have to learn how to live in the jungle as if they were really at war. Talk about method acting. The director wants to place the lead actors in the jungle so they can learn what it’s like to be there.

The movie has a lot classic lines that fans may enjoy. The quotes are a chance to remind fans why they liked the movie. They may also bring new fans to the movie.

Tropic Thunder Quotes

Here are the most humorous quotes from Tropic Thunder.

“Kirk: Anyone can be gay if they want to be.”

“Kirk: I am playing a role within a role within a role so I know who I am.”

“Kirk: This guy is dead. There ain’ t no magic here.

Tugg: Are you trying to mess up these takes?

Kirk: There ain’t gonna be no takes. There ain’t gonna be no movie.

Tugg: Are you sure about that?

Kirk: Yes, I am.

Tugg: Are you sure?

Kirk: I’m definitely sure.

Tugg: Why are you still playing your character?

Kirk: I don’t have to tell you anything.

Tugg: It’s because you don’t know.

Kirk: I don’t get out of my character until the DVD is done.”

4. “Kevin: Any movie the director backs is usually a big hit, but every PlayStation has a blue-ray DVD player in it.

Kirk: Who are you talking to?

Kevin: I thought I was talking to the person listening to me.”

5. “Kirk: I’m like a child who plays with himself whenever he’s scared.”

6. “Kirk: That actor that played the part of Rain Man looked like something was wrong with him, but there wasn’t anything wrong. He was able to do different things, but he didn’t have anything wrong with him. When Tom Hanks played Forrest Gump he was considered slow and perhaps mentally ill. He had braces on his legs, but he was able to get along with the President and won a competition. He wasn’t mentally unstable. The character Peter Sellers played in the movie “Being There” was immature, but he didn’t have anything mentally wrong with him. You should never act completely crazy. If you don’t believe that, talk to Sean Penn. In the movie, “I Am Sam” he went completely crazy and didn’t get the Oscar.”

7. “Four Leaf Tayback: I wrote the book to honor the vets in the war. I am a patriotic person.

Cody: You’re a fraud. You made up the fact that you were in the war. You may as well have spit on the American Flag. I can’t believe I believed a word you said.

Four Leaf Tayback: What do you mean? Writers don’t always tell the truth.

Cody: Can I be somewhere else?”

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8. “Les: Any idiot can do what you do. Get lost and claim credit for something like you usually do.

Rob: I don’t do that.

Les: Are you kidding?

Rob: You’re trying to be funny.

Les; I am. I still believe any idiot can do what you do.”

9. “Tyra: You don’t have anyone in your life who loves you whether they’re supposed to or not. You’re basically over the hill. You don’t have any kids and you’re by yourself. A person who knows you said, “If you have one more flop movie, your career is over.”

Tugg: Somebody actually knows me?”

10. “Tugg: I have been worthless all my life, but you need to know something.

Kirk: What do I need to know?

Tugg: I think of you as my brother.

Kirk: Tugg, I’m already you’re brother.

Tugg: I hate to have to do this, but we gotta stop this scene now.

Damien: What does he want?”

11. “Tugg: You know what the problem is, Damien. Not to get into his business, but if I’m feeling emotional, does Osiris have to be emotional too?

Damien: No, everybody is emotional.

Kirk: Are we finishing this scene or does everyone have to be emotional?

Damien: We’re not cutting the scene. We all have to be emotional.

Kirk: Just end this scene.

Damien: It’s okay for you to be emotional.

Tugg: You can be emotional too.

Kirk: Thanks for the permission.

Damien: Everyone can be emotional.

Kirk: You see how annoying he is?

Tugg: I see it.

Kirk: Let’s all be nice. Let’s all get the job done.

Damien: Just so you know. We’re still filming.”

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12. “Jeff (to Access Hollywood): I want to admit something to everyone. People keep insulting me. They have the nerve to say that my project was just about bodily functions. That project was about family togetherness. F…You!. Don’t try to do the things I do.”

13. “Access Hollywood Reporter: Tugg is trying to prove he’s just as good an actor as Kirk onscreen. Tugg was on top of the world with his movies once upon a time, but his latest projects have lost their steam. Tugg was recently interviewed by Tyra Banks.”

14. “Tugg: Did you watch the show today?

Rick: I saw it. It was like attacking a vision-impaired child. I’m gonna be honest with you. You are a big star, but you’re like that kid no one wants to play with because you got something they don’t want.

Tugg: What are you trying to say?

Rick: We gotta get you cleaned up and get you back on the playground.”

15. “Access Hollywood Reporter: The real star of the movie is Oscar winner, Kirk Lazarus. The actor is known for his bad behavior when he’s not on the set. He is known for his method acting.

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Kirk: An actor’s job is no different from anybody else’s job. I just have what it takes to show emotion.

Access Hollywood Reporter: Lazarus’ complexion went through a noticeable change so he could play an African American sergeant.”

16. “Access Hollywood Reporter: It’s been a bad year all around for Tugg. The actor just came off a flop comedy. He decided to do a dramatic role. In the movie, he played a mentally disturbed farmer who was able to talk to animals. Needless to say, the movie was a big flop which critics labeled “the worst movie ever.”

Simple Jack: I don’t have a good brain.

Rebecca: There’s nothing wrong with your brain.

Simple Jack: I appreciate the compliment.”

17. “Rick: How did everything go?

Tugg: It went badly. Lazarus got emotional. When he was crying, he started spitting which wasn’t needed because the script didn’t call for it.

Rick: You need to man up. It doesn’t matter if Lazarus is more talented than you. If he’s being emotional, you be even more emotional. Didn’t you have a sick dog when you were younger? You should think of that while you’re acting.”

18. “Damien: Why do we have to have a crisis meeting? I mean what is that? Are we dealing with a crisis?

Rob: He’s in charge of everything. He’s trying to reach out to us even though we’re far away. The guy just wants to see all of us.

Damien: I understand, but I’m concerned that he wanted to call a crisis meeting.

Rob: I understand, but it’s Les Grossman. He says things like “crisis” and “fired”, but it doesn’t mean anything.”

19. “Damien: I can see why you’re upset, but I have to deal with a bunch of divas. Tugg can’t be emotional. He’s not able to cry.

Les: You know how you should handle divas. Since they complain about everything, you spank them.

Rob: Yes, you spank them.”

20. “Damien: You really do have feelings.

Kevin: Yes, I do. This is a big thing for me. For the last two years, I’ve been using money from an old STD commercial.

Damien: I’m aware of that. You’re the only one who tried out for the role and you were the only one who had to do boot camp for two weeks.”

21. “Damien: What do you think about the hotel?

Four Leaf Tayback: I don’t like it. Beds make me have bad dreams.”

22. “Four Leaf Tayback: Get some cameras we could take out there. They will be put in the trees in different spots. Give me and the fire starter, Cody all of the explosives you have. Let’s take them all up there and light up the jungle. Let’s make these divas crap in their pants and call out for their mothers. They’ll be asking for a way out if it means they could go home.

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Damien: I don’t have a problem with it. Get them away from their yes men. Put all of them in some real danger and see how they get out of it.”

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23. “Damien: I want your cell phones.

Alpa Chino: Why do you need them?

Kirk: There weren’t any cell phones in ’69. I know exactly what I’m talking about.”

24. “Tugg: Don’t take this personally, Kirk. I know you’re a big star, but I have done more movies like this than you have. I think I can tell when I see a fake head. The blood you guys think you see is fake. The corn syrup tastes like blood. It’s all pretend. This is an old trick Hollywood has been using in the movie business.”

25. “Cody: I hope this doesn’t sound strange, but I think I may be your biggest fan. The movie Tropic Thunder is the equivalent to my favorite classic novel. I haven’t served in the military, but I did lose a body part in the line of duty. (Puts up his right hand and his finger is missing): I lost it filming the movie “Driving Miss Daisy.” What type of gun is that?

Four Leaf Tayback: I don’t know what this is? I just know what it sounds like when it kills someone.”

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Did These Quotes Remind you How Funny Tropic Thunder was?

Tropic Thunder is a funny movie with a lot of great lines. The quotes will remind you that you are lucky not to be in their situation.

Hopefully they gave you a chance to reminisce about the movie and how funny it is to you. They will also give new fans a chance to enjoy the movie for the first time.

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