63 of the Most Memorable Dazed and Confused Quotes

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The long loved teenager movie, ‘Dazed and Confused’, was released in 1993. Although the movie was released in 1993, the film was based on high schoolers and middle schoolers on their last day of school set in the year of 1976. ‘Dazed and Confused’ had quite the cast list with actors and actresses such as, Joey Lauren Adams, Adam Goldberg, Marissa Ribisi, Christine Harnos, Jason London, and the more famous cast members, Matthew McConaughey and Ben Affleck. This movie helped Matthew McConaughey become a household name!

One-sixth of the movie’s budget went to the music that was in the movie like ‘Hurricane’ by Bob Dylan, ‘School’s Out’ by Alice Cooper, and ‘Sweet Emotion’ by Aerosmith. In an interview, Quentin Tarantino the well-known producer, writer, and director, said that ‘Dazed and Confused’ was among one of his top favorite movies that also included films such as ‘Taxi Driver’ (1976) and ‘Carrie’ (1976). A bunch of other actors and actresses auditioned to be in the film, these actors and actresses included Elizabeth Berkley, Claire Danes, Vince Vaughn and Brandon Fraser. Vince Vaughn was actually almost cast for Ben Affleck’s role of Fred O’Bannion.

Dazed and Confused Quotes

  1. “It was vicious. Had some pretty cool seniors though. Like, they’d beat the h*ll out of you and then get you drunk, that sort of thing.” – Pink
  2. “That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.” – Wooderson
  3. “Lick me, all of you!” – Darla
  4. “[opening his mouth wide] Go like this. Do you spit or swallow?” – Don Dawson
  5. “You’re lying you b*tch. When you do that I know you’re lying.” – Darla
  6. “You’re basically alone on a deserted island with two readily available women. One a seductive s*x-godess type, the other a healthy girl-next-door type with a nice butt. So guys have it all, the madonna and the wh*re. Women get nothing; we get a geek, an overweight middle-aged guy, some nerdy scientific type.” – Kaye
  7. “Who put the keg all the way out here in the woods?” – Pink
  8. “Say, man, you got a joint?” – Wooderson
  9. “I came here to do two things: drink some beer and kick some *ss…looks like we’re all out of beer.” – Clint
  10. “I’m not gonna get mad I’m just curious.” – Simone
  11. “Whatever I like? I would definitely marry you.” – Don Dawson
  12. “No, you can’t give a build-up like that and not deliver. You know, a perfect female body, it’s not a bad start.” – Mike
  13. “Yeah, there’s always one senior who has to be the bad-*ss.” – Pink
  14. “It’d be a lot cooler if you did.” – Wooderson
  15. “Like our Sergeant said when we were going out to war, ‘Men! Fifty of you are leaving on a mission. Twenty five of you aint coming back!’” – Teacher
  16. “She called me a b*tch! Thats funny! What a riot.” – Darla
  17. “Don, have you ever thought about why we play football? How many times have you gotten laid strictly because you’re a football player?” – Pink
  18. “Yeah, man, that’s where all the girls are right? But I’d just as soon keep workin’, though, keep a little change in my pocket. Better than listenin’ to some dipsh*t, doesn’t know what the h*ll he’s talkin’ about, anyway!” – Wooderson
  19. “[laughing] Simone everyone calls you a slut.” – Shavonne
  20. “Well, all I’m saying is that I want to look back and say that I did I the best I could while I was stuck in this place.” – Don Dawson
  21. “You gotta do what Randall Pink Floyd wants to do man. Let me tell you this, the older you do get the more rules they’re gonna try to get you to follow. You just gotta keep livin’ man, L-I-V-I-N.” – Wooderson
  22. “I’m just trying to be honest about being a misanthrope.” – Mike
  23. “We’re lookin’ for you pal. Your *ss will be purple before the day is over!” – Benny O’Donnell
  24. “Hey Slater, you f*ckin’ hippie, give me drugs, man.” – Fred O’Bannion
  25. “[to Mitch]: So, you’re a freshman, right? Tell me, man, how’s this year’s crop of freshman chicks lookin’ this year?” – Wooderson
  26. “George Washington was in a cult, and that cult was into aliens, man.” – Slater
  27. “Let me tell you what Melba Toast is packin’ right here, all right. We got 4:11 Positrac outback, 750 double pumper, Edelbrock intake, bored over 30, 11 to 1 pop-up pistons, turbo-jet 390 horsepower. We’re talkin’ some f*ckin’ muscle.” – Wooderson
  28. “We’re not in Junior High any more. We’re freshmen. We’re in the big time now… where the girls will be puttin’ out all the time.” – Carl
  29. “No, not on me, man.” – Mitch
  30. “Go get some from your mother, man.” – Slater
  31. “You know, but that’s valid because if we are all gonna die anyway shouldn’t we be enjoying ourselves now? You know, I’d like to quit thinking of the present, like right now, as some minor insignificant preamble to something else.” – Cynthia
  32. “Didja ever look at a dollar bill, man? There’s some spooky sh*t goin’ on there. And it’s green too.” – Slater
  33. “I love those redheads!” – Wooderson
  34. “I don’t know coach, I’ve been doin’ so well in english I thought I might work on bein’ a writer. What do ya think about that?” – Benny O’Donnell
  35. “Air raid or it’s your *ss.” – Darla
  36. “Imagine how many people out there are f*ckin’ right now man, just goin’ at it.” – Slater
  37. “Mount Vernon, man? He grew it all over the country, man. He had people growin’ it all over the country, you know. The whole country back then was gettin’ high. Lemme tell you, man, ’cause he knew he was onto somethin’, man.” – Slater
  38. “Wipe that face off your head, b*tch!” – Darla
  39. “Yeah, well, listen. You ought to ditch the two geeks you’re in the car with now and get in with us. But that’s all right, we’ll worry about that later. I will see you there. All right?” – Wooderson
  40. “No, I meant somewhere I smell some pot, you know? It was just an observation.” – Mike
  41. “I call it the ‘every other decade’ theory. The 50’s were boring. The 60’s rocked. The 70’s, my god, they obviously suck. So maybe the 80’s will be like, radical. I figure we’ll be in our 20’s and hey, it can’t get any worse.” – Cynthia
  42. “That’s the kind of people I was tellin’ you about. Trouble like this means nothing to those clowns. You’re the one with something to lose.” – Coach Conrad
  43. “You act like you’re so oppressed. You guys are kings of the school.” – Simone
  44. “Oh man! What a d*ck!” – Mike
  45. “Nothing like piling on old pancakes and syrup after a night of beer drinking.” – Tony
  46. “Okay, Randy. I shouldn’t do this, but I’m willing to wipe the slate clean and forget about this. I want you to get your priorities straight, quit hanging out with those hoodlums and sign your commitment to your team. Have you done that yet?” – Coach Conrad
  47. “Just don’t ask her to take it easy on me.” – Mitch
  48. “What? Do you realize when he graduated high school, we were like three years old?” – Mike
  49. “I got some good ones in there, right? I mean, you wouldn’t say I got my *ss kicked, would you?” – Mike
  50. “You know, Coach, I gotta get goin’. Me and my ‘loser’ friends, you know, we gotta get Aerosmith tickets. Top priority of the summer. Oh, and Coach, I forgot. I might play ball. But I will never sign that!” – Pink
  51. “I guess I’ll have to get used to seeing you at the same social functions as me. And hanging out with people I know.” – Jodi
  52. “All right, all right, all right.” – Wooderson
  53. “All I’m saying is that if I ever start referring to these as the best years of my life, remind me to kill myself.” – Pink
  54. “Hey. Come here. We just wanna know something. You gonna be f*cking that tonight, or are you gonna be a little wimp?” – Melvin Spivey
  55. “What are we having? Social hour over here? I’m supposed to be being a b*tch.” – Jodi
  56. “Well you win some you lose some.” – Pink
  57. “Hey, you guys know what that song is about? Its about the aliens. We’re the aliens man, we’re the savages. We’re the savages man.” – Kevin Pickford
  58. “Not bad for a little freshman but you gotta watch out for older girls.” – Don Dawson
  59. “Don’t let the fact that you won’t be able to sit down all summer affect your game.” – Carl Burnett
  60. “I thought he was cute.” – Cynthia
  61. “I can’t believe she called me a sl*t. What a b*tch!” – Simone
  62. “It’s really hot out here and I’m really sick of looking at you.” – Darla
  63. “This first lick I’d like to dedicate to your mother… f*ck her.” – Fred O’Bannion
  64. ‘Dazed and Confused’ might be long loved, but it didn’t do so well in the box office when it was first released. The film had a budget of around 6.9 million but only made almost 8 million in the box office, it wasn’t until later years that its sales of VHS, DVDs, and Blu-Rays went up along with the soundtrack to the film that went double platinum.

Dazed and Confused Movie Trailer

Ah, this is always a hoot. Oh and remember that this movie is what helped Matthew McConaughey become a household name.


If you are not a fan of the film, you’re not alone because many people have different interests and likes. You are sure to know a fan of the film though because it has a huge fan base that still continue to love the film.

Share some of these quotes, post them on your timeline, or use them when creating a fun ‘Dazed and Confused’ trivia game that you can play with fellow fans. If you have not seen the film, you may want to watch it at least once after reading these quotes.

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