96 Patrick Star Quotes That Will Make You Smile

SpongeBob has been among the most popular animated series for the past two decades. Even though the yellow, square-shaped character is the main lead, we can’t help but look back on Patrick Star as the ‘star’ of the series. Whenever fans are looking for something relatable to say, Patrick Star quotes come to mind.

From his famous catchphrase, “Good morning, Krusty Krew!” to his lazy attitude, there is not a single thing that his fans do not love about him! Patrick Star has been SpongeBob’s BFF ever since the pilot episode in May 1999. Bill Fagerbakke voiced the character and presented a perfect jobless and self-proclaimed wise star for us to love! If you have been a fan of Patrick Star since 1999, here are some famous quotes to refresh your memory of him!

Awesome Patrick Star Quotes for SpongeBob Fans

1.”We should take Bikini Bottom and push it somewhere else!” — Patrick Star
2.”Being grown-up is boring. Besides, I don’t get jazz.” — Patrick Star
3.”Nonsense, my vocabulary is infinitely expanding!” — Patrick Star
4.”Knowledge can never replace friendship. I prefer to be an idiot!” — Patrick Star
5.”Once, there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end.” — Patrick Star
6.”I keep everything right here—in the folds of my back fat.” — Patrick Star
7.”The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.” — Patrick Star
8.”We better do as he says. He knows how to grow food.” — Patrick Star
9.”I’m so loyal; I haven’t bathed in weeks!” — Patrick Star
10.“Well, maybe it is stupid, but it’s also dumb!” — Patrick Star
11.“Just do what I do when I have a problem—scream!” — Patrick Star
12.“You broke my heart. Now I’m gonna break something of yours.” — Patrick Star
13.“Sometimes, we have to go deep inside ourselves to solve our problems.” — Patrick Star
14.“SpongeBob SquarePants? That’s a funny way to spell my name.” — Patrick Star
15.“Money can’t replace friendship. I’d rather have no money than losing you.” — Patrick Star
16.“A star on top will complete all the scenery!” — Patrick Star
17.“Are you Squidward? That’s okay, take your time.” — Patrick Star
18.“SpongeBob, I think Squidward has taken this too far. That last snowball had his clarinet in it.” — Patrick Star
19.“Squidward! The sky had a baby from my cereal box!” — Patrick Star
20.“Dumb people are just blissfully unaware of how dumb they are.” — Patrick Star
21.“Is mayonnaise an instrument?” — Patrick Star
22.“Yeah, well, I’d hate you even if I didn’t hate you.” — Patrick Star
23.“Flatter the customer! Make him feel good! I love you.” — Patrick Star
24.“Twinkle, twinkle, Patrick Star!” — Patrick Star
25.“I can’t see my forehead!” — Patrick Star

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Patrick Star character
26.“We destroyed your oldest and most prized possession!” — Patrick Star
27.“Liar, liar! Plants for hire!” — Patrick Star
28.“Oh my! A quarter! I’ve always wanted a quarter!” — Patrick Star
29.“Sandy’s a girl?” — Patrick Star
30.“That’s my trophy, old lady!” — Patrick Star
31.“Now let’s dress-up as fairy princesses!” — Patrick Star
32.“Roger! Without him, the lightbulb will have nothing to warm!” — Patrick Star
33.“But I was looking for me the whole time! It’s the perfect crime!” — Patrick Star
34.“Firmly grasp it in your hand!” — Patrick Star
35.“I wumbo, you wumbo. He, she, we wumbo.” — Patrick Star
36.“You guys talk funny! Say more words.” — Patrick Star
37.“Wow, a snail made out of bread.” — Patrick Star
38.“I can’t hear you. It’s too dark in here.” — Patrick Star
39.“When in doubt, pinky out!” — Patrick Star
40.“SpongeBob, I don’t like it here. It’s dark and scary. I don’t wanna be here. I wanna go home. Look! I can’t even tell the bathrooms apart!” — Patrick Star
41.“You’re a man now, SpongeBob SquarePants, and it’s time you started acting like one.” — Patrick Star
42.“I guess hibernation is the opposite of beauty sleep!” — Patrick Star
43.“Well, I don’t tell you how to live your life!” — Patrick Star
44.“Now all I need is a magic mustache, and all my dreams will have come true!” — Patrick Star
45.“You took my only food. Now I’m gonna starve.” — Patrick Star
46.“I have a head! It ends in a point! Pointy, pointy, pointy, pointy, pointy, point!” — Patrick Star
47.“Pardon my French, but get this thing off of me!” — Patrick Star
48.“Here comes a giant fist!” — Patrick Star
49.“Nice try, Squidward. But there’s no Santa Clause here!” — Patrick Star
50.“I don’t think this is the real SpongeBob. Just look how yellow he is.” — Patrick Star
51.“My parents think I’m dumb more than a sack of diapers.” — Patrick Star
52.“Gary? I thought what we had was special!” — Patrick Star
53.“Psh. Wait’ll you see No Patrick Day!” — Patrick Star
54.“A poem by Patrick Star: roses are blue, violets are red, I have to go to the bathroom.” — Patrick Star
55.“East? I thought you said weast?” — Patrick Star

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Patrick Star-shaped straw
56.“Squidward! Your ceiling is talking to me!” — Patrick Star
57.“He got hit in the head by two coconuts!” — Patrick Star
58.“Hey, we are not chicken! Oh no, my popcorn!” — Patrick Star
59.“Who you calling ‘Pinhead?’ I’m Dirty Dan.” — Patrick Star
60.“Boating school?! I thought this was Spanish class!” — Patrick Star
61.“Kraaaaaabs. Isn’t that the red, sweaty guy you work for?” — Patrick Star
62.“Can I have everybody’s attention? I have to use the bathroom.” — Patrick Star
63.“Do it again, I wasn’t looking!” — Patrick Star
64.“Squidward, you and your nose will definitely not fit in.” — Patrick Star
65.“Breaking and entering sure makes a fella hungry!” — Patrick Star
66.“Connect the dots! I drew a horsey!” — Patrick Star
67.“What’s the matter? Is he stupid?” — Patrick Star
68.“Whoever is the owner of the white Sedan you left your lights on.” — Patrick Star
69.“Methinks it’s mutton-tastic!” — Patrick Star
70.“My pickle started off life in a jar, and now it’s in a jar again! It’s like a pun or something!” — Patrick Star
71.“Oh, I wish I had a nose!” — Patrick Star
72.“I gotta get back to crusting the crab.” — Patrick Star
73.“That’s Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick to you!” — Patrick Star
74.“He makes me sick, just looking at him. Those big, bulgy eyes, that square body, those two buck teeth, and that stupid tie!” — Patrick Star
75.“Can we say that hats from Texas are dumb?” — Patrick Star
76.“Can you give SpongeBob his brain back? I had to borrow it for the week.” — Patrick Star
77.“Ah, it’s the apocalypse! Office products are falling from the sky!” — Patrick Star
78.“We’re not cavemen; we have technology.” — Patrick Star
79.“Return what to who? It’s not my wallet.” — Patrick Star
80.“Now that we’re men, I changed my underwear.” — Patrick Star
81.“Don’t touch me; I’m sterile.” — Patrick Star
82.“Kicking! I wanna do some kicking!” — Patrick Star
83.“Fine. I guess you’re gonna miss The Panty Raid.” — Patrick Star
84.“I’m always here at double weenie Wednesday.” — Patrick Star

Patrick Star quotes from cartoon
85.”Two giant paint bubbles.” — Patrick Star
86.”My name’s not Rick!” — Patrick Star
87.”Leedle Leedle Leedle Lee.” — Patrick Star
88.”Where’s The Leak, Ma’am?” — Patrick Star
89.“I’m preventing gingivitis.” — Patrick Star
90.“Who’s a big, yellow sponge with holes?” — Patrick Star
91.”SpongeBob: Patrick, you’re a genius!
Patrick: Yeah, I get called that a lot.
SpongeBob: What? A genius?
Patrick: No, Patrick.”
92.”SpongeBob: What do you usually do when I’m gone?
Patrick: Wait for you to come back.”
93.“Ugh, I gotta draw a new battery for this.” — Patrick Star
94.“You’re right; if I was the mom, this would be kind of shocking.” — Patrick Star
95.“Can you take the crust of my Krabby Patty?” — Patrick Star
96.”I think – Argh! – he’s trying – Argh! – to say – Argh! – that we’re – Argh! about to… [They crash] Land.” — Patrick Star

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Patrick Star’s Top 25 Most LOL Moments | SpongeBob

In this video, they’re counting down the Top 25 (of the million) times that Patrick Star made us LOL! From “Is Mayonnaise an Instrument?” to “Leedle Lee,” this sea star never fails to crack us up!


Patrick Star’s character has received rave reviews from critics and fans. The character is influential and still significant to most of us. In fact, we believe if you are reading this post, you already are a fan of Patrick Star quotes and are just here to laugh at his stupidity one more time! We hope these quotes refreshed some childhood memories of when you used to love watching SpongeBob SquarePants.

Regardless of how stupid he is portrayed to be, Patrick Star has taught us many things about life, family, and friends. He showed us how to remain true to ourselves and go to extreme lengths to help those we love. If you want to learn how to live your life on your terms, Patrick Star is the character that will inspire you!

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