134 Quotes about Inner Peace that Will Help Calm Your Mind

Inner Peace Quotes

17 Quotes About Finding Inner Peace When you look deep within yourself, do you see peace or internal conflict? Finding inner peace, achieving peace of mind, is a major life accomplishment—and even though it can be hard to feel peaceful, anyone can work toward a life of harmony, to seek a calm spirit. Give yourself […]

70 Confidence Boosting Self Esteem Quotes

Self esteem quotes

The practice of self-love is essential to leading a happier and more fulfilled life. Self esteem is simply viewing ourselves with confidence and inner peace that we are worthy of the highest honor. Regardless of the outside worldly influences, it is about how you see yourself, inside and out. To help boost your self-esteem you … Read more

75 Quotes To Make You More Patient

Patience Quotes

When you are angry with your loved ones, friends, working partners, customers or others, do you end up with the outcome you wanted? Definitely not! Actually, impatience does nothing more than make the relationship between you and anyone else worse. Usually we end up experiencing regret after we feel angry. The only solution to this is … Read more

61 of the Best Otto von Bismarck Quotes

Otto Von Bismarck Image

Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck was born in Berlin in the year of 1815. He was known to the world as Otto von Bismarck. He served as ambassador in St. Petersburg, Frankfurt and Paris from 1851-1862. Bismarck then went on to better things, serving as a chief minister for the king of Prussia, William I … Read more

75 Explore Quotes to Help Make Your World MUCH Bigger!

Explore Quotes

To explore means to travel to uncharted areas. Exploring means to investigate something that is unfamiliar and hopefully to learn something new. These explore quotes reveal how you can grow when you venture into the unknown. We hope these quotes inspire you to push yourself to be more open to the possibilities around you, no … Read more

The 56 Best Minimalist Quotes

Minimalist Quotes

People who like minimalism generally strive to have as few “things” as possible. The mindset is to eliminate all the “extra” things you might not need and instead of trying to have as many things as possible, to have as few things as possible. In other words, go with the minimum you can do. For … Read more

The 50+ Best You Make Me Smile Quotes

You Make Me Smile Quotes

The 60 You Make Me Smile Quotes Dedicate this to the people who have been there for you all the time, the good times and the tough ones, the one when you were so depressed and the ones when you were so happy. This is for those people who have always tried to make you […]

53 of the Best Indifference Quotes

Indifference Quotes

The definition of indifference is a lack of interest or concern. Being an indifferent person means being uninterested, unconcerned, lacking compassion, being casual, and/or not caring or taking action in an event that is happening around you. Some people are just indifferent, some people become indifferent because of the trauma of what has gone on … Read more

50 Insightful Quotes About Realizations

Quotes about Realizations

The interesting thing about realizations is that they are often unexpected. Often we are just going about our lives when we suddenly have an insight into an issue we have been struggling with. Other realizations come with some effort. Some people discover new understanding during prayer or meditation, for example. Some ask for the opportunity … Read more

50 Most Heart-Warming Redemption Quotes

Redemption Quotes

Redemption is an amazing act of being saved from sin, error, or evil. Typically, this is the act of gaining salvation through forgiveness. Whenever a story breaks out about someone committing a crime, we are left wondering about the possibilities of redemption and how it can be achieved. There is a likeliness that you carry … Read more

Eric Ripert’s Best Quotes

Eric Ripert Quotes

Eric Ripert is recognized as one of the best chefs in the world. He is widely known from his TV appearances, his books and his restaurants. At the age of just 29, in 1995, Eric earned a 4 star rating from the New York Times. Twenty years later and for the 5th year in a … Read more

The 30 Most Delicious Quotes about Ice Cream

Ice Cream Quotes

Why does everyone love ice cream? There are many reasons. First, there are an endless number of flavors. New flavors come out every year so there are always new options to try. Some people are old fashioned and prefer chocolate or vanilla or plain flavors. Others prefer fruity flavors. And lately there are even savory … Read more

67 Magical Quotes About Mermaids

Mermaid Quotes

A mermaid is a creature believed to live in the sea or ocean, with a head and upper body similar to that of a human female and a fish-like tail. The male gender of a mermaid is called a merman, however, there are very few stories and myths about them, and hence, they are less … Read more

The 61 Best Buddha Quotes to Make You Happier

Buddha Quotes

According to tradition, the man we know as Buddha was born a prince and he was carefully sheltered from life outside the castle. When he left the castle one day as an adult, he saw suffering he never knew existed. He was overcome by death, disease, and the difficulty of life in a world he never … Read more

35 Bad Mom Quotes that Hit Home

woman ignoring her kid

Our world is full of bad parents, including both bad fathers and bad mothers. Parents have a huge responsibility of raising their children and sadly, not all of them do it right. Some take parenting for granted and neglect their child’s emotions and mental well-being, which results in the poor development of the child. In … Read more

The 40 Most Thought-Provoking Yin and Yang Quotes

Yin Yang Quotes

The principle of Yin and Yang is that everything exists as related and contradictory opposites. For example Light and Dark need each other to exist and are the opposites. Old and New, and Dark and Light are two other common examples. Yin and Yang are fundamental concepts in Chinese culture and the notion has impacted … Read more

48 Laws of Power Quotes

48 Laws of Power Quotes

intro These 48 Laws of Power quotes reference three thousand years worth of wisdom about success and power. Written by Robert Greene, 48 Laws of Power, is a compilation of teachings from powerful people across multiple cultures. The book is full of wisdoms inspired from the philosophies of those such as Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, Henry […]

25 Insightful Hillbilly Elegy Quotes

Hillbilly Elegy Quotes

Hillbilly Elegy is a controversial memoir (2016) by J. D. Vance that later was adapted into a movie (2020) directed by Ron Howard and starring Glenn Close as Mamaw. Vance was raised in Middletown, Ohio, but his family is from Breathitt County, Kentucky. Note: you can buy the book here: He maintains that a lack of … Read more

50 of the Best Quotes about Redheads

Redhead Quotes

In the United States, only 2-5% of the population can truly say they are naturally redhead, while other countries such as Scotland and Ireland have slightly higher percentages of people born with red hair. Redheads, because of their fiery red hair, are often associated with some bad personality traits like having an extremely bad temper, … Read more