The 27 Most Inspiring Kung Fu Panda Quotes

Kung Fu Panda Quotes

Kung Fu Panda is a 2008 American animated movie that was produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It was directed by John Stevenson (in his feature directorial debut) and Mark Osborne, and features a famous case of celebrity voices included: Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian McShane, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, David Cross, … Read more

The 21 Most Memorable Sling Blade Quotes

Sling Blade Quotes

Sling Blade tells the story of Karl Childers, a mentally disabled man played by Billy Bob Thornton. After killing his mother and her lover, he is released from the mental hospital back to the community. He quickly forms a bond with Frank (played by Lucas Black), a boy whose father committed suicide. Frank’s mother lets … Read more

64 of the Funniest Napoleon Dynamite Quotes

Napoleon Dynamite Quotes

‘Napoleon Dynamite’ was released in 2004, and remains a favorite film for many people. The movie starred Efren Ramirez (Pedro), Haylie Duff (Summer), Tina Majorino (Deb), Aaron Ruell (Kip), Jon Gries (Uncle Rico), and Jon Heder as Napoleon Dynamite. ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ was nominated for 22 awards, and won ten of them. The film is based … Read more

Our Top Favorite 66 Top Gun Quotes

Top Gun

Released in 1986, Top Gun is easily many people’s top personal favorite movies of all time. The movie tells the story of a young and passionate pilot Maverick, played by none other than Tom Cruise, who goes to the U.S. Navy’s Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School and competes with the best pilots in the … Read more

30 Memorable Forrest Gump Quotes

Forrest Gump and his iconic “box of chocolates” quote

Forrest Gump is one of those rare American movies that everyone can remember fondly. It was released in 1994 and has become one of Tom Hanks’s most recognizable roles. The film follows the character Forrest Gump who isn’t appreciated by society because of his low IQ. However, he doesn’t let this deter him in his journey … Read more

30 Classic Wizard Of Oz Quotes

Wizard of Oz Quotes

The Wizard Of Oz is a classic movie. People of all ages have seen the movie throughout their lives and enjoyed it. The movie teaches you how to deal with bad situations that you don’t have any control over. It teaches you about friendship and appreciating the value of family. The movie is based on … Read more

The 41 Most Memorable Mr. Miyagi Quotes

Mr. Miyagi Quotes

Mr. Miyagi is a karate master in The Karate Kid movie. In the famous movie, loved by everyone, he takes on an insecure kid Daniel (played by Ralph Macchio) and mentors him through karate to become a confident person. The movie is fun and appreciated by all ages because of the timeless theme and it helps … Read more

31 of the Funniest Quotes from the Movie Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz Quotes

The second film in Edgar Howard Wright’s Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, Hot Fuzz follows Simon Pegg’s recently “promoted” and relocated Sargeant Nicholas Angel and his incompetant partner PC Danny Butterman, portrayed by Nick Frost. Proving himself to be rather too good of an office, Angel is transferred out of the bustle of chasing drug dealers … Read more

59 Unforgettable Die Hard Quotes Dedicated to John McClane Fans

Die Hard

Die Hard is not just a movie. It’s a franchise that has paved the way for a whole genre of films. In fact, Die Hard quotes and dialogues are among the most memorable in Hollywood history! With the first one released in 1988, the movie became an institution for action-thriller fans. John McClane, the protagonist      played by Bruce Willis, … Read more

The Most Purrfect Catwoman Quotes

Catwoman Quotes

Cat woman is one of the most iconic features in the excellent fiction series Batman mythology. Arguably, her most impressive and iconic appearance comes from Tim Burton’s 1992 version of Batman.  In the movie, Michelle Pfeiffer is Selina Kyle who has an alter-ego as the Cat woman. Pfeiffer was s a sensational star in all … Read more

The 35 Most Inspiring Jordan Belfort Quotes

Jordan Belfort Quotes

Jordan Belfort is a prominent American stockbroker, motivational speaker, podcaster and also an author. He was born and raised in a middle-class, but thrived in the stock market and distinguished for his natural talent to sell. Jordan Belfort owned a company known as ‘Stratton Oakmont’ that he turned into a profitable venture through a number … Read more

55 Mean Girl Quotes That Will Make You Laugh

Mean Girls Quotes

Every once in awhile you find a film that becomes so awesome it develops a cult like following and Mean Girls is one of those films! There have been many over the years, like The Rocky Horror Picture SHow, Repo The Genetic Opera and Mean Girls. The latest is the one we are going to spend … Read more

50 of the Most Memorable Ferris Bueller Quotes

The movie Ferris Bueller’s day Off was released in 1986 and is still widely loved today. Cast members included Jennifer Grey, Jeffrey Jones, Mia Sara, Charlie Sheen, Alan Ruck and Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller himself. The movie was a teenager movie written and directed by John Hughes, who also wrote films such as ‘Sixteen … Read more

The 30 Most Memorable Deadpool Quotes

Deadpool Quotes

Deadpool is about a character named Wade Wilson played by Ryan Reynolds. This character was a part of the Marvel Comics. He is not a typical hero, but more of an “anti-hero” and he is very blunt and sarcastic with people. Most heroes don’t talk to people the way he talks to people in the … Read more

28 Wonderful Angels in the Outfield Quotes

Angel in the Outfield Quotes

Angels in the Outfield (1994) is a delightful Disney family film starring Danny Glover as George Knox and Tony Danza as Mel Clark. A foster child named Roger Bommon (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) believes he can be with his father again when the California Angels win the pennant. In a miraculous twist, Roger’s prayer for the Angels … Read more

63 of the Most Memorable Dazed and Confused Quotes

Dazed and Confused Quotes

The long loved teenager movie, ‘Dazed and Confused’, was released in 1993. Although the movie was released in 1993, the film was based on high schoolers and middle schoolers on their last day of school set in the year of 1976. ‘Dazed and Confused’ had quite the cast list with actors and actresses such as, … Read more

The 25 Funniest Tropic Thunder Quotes

Tropic Thunder Quotes

Tropic Thunder is an action comedy about actors filming a Vietnam War movie. The actors have to learn how to live in the jungle as if they were really at war. Talk about method acting. The director wants to place the lead actors in the jungle so they can learn what it’s like to be … Read more

43 Inspiring Conan The Barbarian Quotes

Conan The Barbarian Quotes

There are an endless quotes from the movie CONAN THE BARBARIAN that inspire positive change and help to put a smile upon your face. Most are motivational and inspiring one to do his/her best no matter what’s going on in the world outside. If you need some inner strength that lasts throughout the day, these … Read more